Harriet Tucker

Harriet Tucker, Rockford Register-Republic, July 7, 1938, p.2

Harriet Tucker was born June 30, 1834 in Kentucky as a slave. As a young girl, she refused to be sold as a slave, and jumped off the auction block. The children of the man who purchased her taught her to read and write (at a time when slaves were not permitted to learn to read.) Sje was proud that she could read her Bible.

After the Civil War, the Tucker family came to Rockford. She lived at the corner of Greenmount and Prospect Streets in northeast Rockford. In addition to the house, the property included a barn and chicken coop. Mrs. Tucker also tended her garden and kept a cow. She was cook and housekeeper for Major Elias Cosper. Harriet Tucker died July 6, 1938, at the age of 104, and was buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetery, not far from where she had lived.