Growing exponentially! RC Radio finds niche with local businesses

The independent and student run radio station at Rockford College has been around in some form or fashion for more than 40 years. Always small, always independent, and always student driven, the radio station has served as an outlet for creativity and a bit of revelry.

Rockford College Radio with Vince Chiarelli

In studio with Vince Chiarelli of Rockford College Radio

Students this year, led by senior and Rockford native Vince Chiarelli, have taken RC Radio(previously known as WRCR) to a whole new level; thanks to an exceptional amount of drive, passion and technology to broadcast via the Internet, programming has skyrocketed. Included are an eclectic mix ranging from Vince’s show, “Rockford Originals” featuring a mix of music and interviews with Rockford-based musicians that have written or produced music, to the new “Getting Down to Business” hosted by Kryptonite owner Chris Wachowiak who will be interviewing and highlighting Rockford area entrepreneurs. Chris’ first weekly show airs Wednesday, November 16 at 2 p.m. Check out Chris’ blog to learn more about this show and  two more he has in the works to feature local artists. Original programming has climbed to more than 2o shows hosted by students, college staff, and now community members.

The Rockford College Radio Facebook  page is the best place to keep pace with the growing programming. Just a few months in the making, “Likes” are on the increase. Listeners from across the country and the world are tuning in and identifying with what they hear. Vince recently heard from a listener in Luxembourg and has reconnected with alumni and friends from nearly every corner of the United States.

We invite everyone to tune and check it out – it’s certainly a Rockford original!