Congratulations, graduates!

It is one of my favorite times of the year, Graduation week at Rock Valley College.  This is a great time to look back at where we started and orient ourselves to where are going next.  First off, congratulations to all of our greater Rockford area graduates!  It is at these times that we stop and thank all of those who have helped us reach this milestone; family, friends, instructors, and many others.  Second, graduation is really not the end, but rather the beginning of putting to use all of the good work we have just spent the last several years completing.

So what’s next?  It may be time to review, reset, and recalibrate a series of new goals that we want to accomplish.  For some, you will head off toward the next academic goal.  Others will begin searching for that elusive new job and head down your career pathway.  A few others will simply spend some time with family and friends and just relax a bit.  For those beginning to make plans to go to college, one of the first things to do is to recall how you have achieved your previous goals, be they academic, career, or personal.  Those lessons serve us well in setting future goals.  In setting college goals, it all starts with making a commitment to yourself to finish what you start and commit to completing your degree or certificate.  Most of us need a lot of help and support along the way to complete a degree, but if you can commit to do everything in your power to make it happen, others will join you in your effort.

So graduation really is the beginning!  Good luck and congratulations!

RVC Commencement-2013