Liberals not as charitable as heartless, unfeeling conservatives

Liberals are very generous when it comes to giving away someone else’s money to those causes they think are proper, but when it comes to giving their money, liberals are far less generous than the conservatives they accuse of being heartless people with little compassion for those less fortunate.

Data from numerous studies show this is true, yet the false notion and stereotype that conservatives are harsh and do not care about others stubbornly persist. Surveys also show that opposition to wealth redistribution is not evidence that one does not care about others.

On the liberal side of the aisle are the noted contributions of Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, with a combined income of $319, 853, giving an average of $369 a year to charity during the decade prior to his election, as released in tax records by the Obama campaign. The Bidens reported giving $995 in charitable contributions in 2007, the highest amount in the past decade. The low was $120 in 1999!

As Vice President, Al Gore came under fire when his 1997 tax return showed only $353 in donations to charity. In 1995, Senator John Kerry gave nothing and Bill Clinton claimed $6 for the infamous donation of three pairs of underwear and a torn suit for $75 to the Salvation Army on his 1986 tax return.

George W. Bush gave away more than 10 percent of his income each year he was president, as he did before becoming president.


Few would disagree that free enterprise is grounded in one’s self-interest. But self-interest is not the same thing as selfishness in the sense of unbounded consumption or disregard for the less fortunate. In fact, the millions of Americans who advocate for private entrepreneurship and limited government—whether they are rich or poor—may be stingy when it comes to giving away other people’s money through state redistribution, but they are surprisingly generous when it comes to giving away their own money privately.

The data tells the story,

The most recent year that a large, nonpartisan survey asked people about both redistributive beliefs and charitable giving was 1996. That year, the General Social Survey (GSS) found that those who were against higher levels of government redistribution privately gave four times as much money, on average, as people who were in favor of redistribution.

The only evidence we have that liberals love the poor is that they consistently back policies that create more poverty, and obviously live by the motto that charity begins at home – when it’s their money.



  1. This is exactly in line with the Far-Left’s Socialist-leaning agenda, to create a cradle-to-grave nanny state.

  2. And just think of the millions Algore has scammed out of poor people with carbon credit coupons.

  3. Liberals are not just less charitable, they frequently lack the civility and compassion that they so often demand from others. For a prime example, see: http://nation.foxnews.com/gov-jan-brewer/2011/01/13/republican-gov-brewer-booed-tucson-memorial

  4. kevind1986

    Check out this story also – I carry a copy with me.


    Now, of course, our lib friends will whine that us cons are acting so superior and feel the need to point out that we give more – but we only offer this data up as a counter to the lies.

  5. Speaking of Al Gore – check out the former veep’s charitable giving.


  6. I see nutty Pat is pitchin a new infomercial on global warming…maybe trying to attract New Englanders buried in 3 ft of new snow.

  7. Juice,

    And John Wilson gives him a little IT lesson to boot. Sweet.

    He only raises GW when he needs to attract some posters. What you need to remember about GW is

    How long has GW been going on? How old is the earth. Divide the answer of the first by the second. Not to significant.

    Has any GW Kool-aid drinker ever heard of the Medievil Global Optimum?

    Finally, assume we do everything AlGore and his minions say we need to do to stop/reverse GW. How long will it take? How will we know it has work?.

  8. Milton Waddams

    While I’m not a fan of the former VP and his carbon trading scheme, what’s the deal with “Algore” rather than “Al Gore”. Is not putting a space in his name supposed to be some sort of slight? You guys seem to be partial to full names with other Democrats like B. Hussein Obama.

  9. Ted Biondo

    Milton, I’m very disappointed in your comment. When I saw it I thought I had inadvertently not put a space in between Al Gore’s name. When I checked I had placed a space in his name and realized that you weren’t commenting concerning the post about – how hypocritical most Liberals are when it comes to giving their money to the poor versus giving someone else’s money to their welfare coffers – but you were commentig on some general hangup of how some people write liberal’s names – which I did’t do – bad comment – deserves no response.

  10. http://www.algore.com

    No spaces. His choice.

  11. Milt,

    It was a smack at the Nobel Prize winner in Science. Yes I do it iften. As for B. Hussein Obama, I just call him BO – Ithink that best describes his policies.

  12. Speaking of cheap liberals, here is one that didn’t get the President’s message about more civil discourse:


  13. Kevind1986

    Ted – I’m your biggest fan – but Milt was refering to Terry’s AlGore in comment #7.

  14. Ted Biondo

    Kevind – you are right. Milt wasn’t talking about the post but Terry #7 or Juice in #2 also. Sorry Milt, I look at so many comments sometimes that I get them mixed up and don’t remember which thread is being answered.

    I would say my “bad” but I don’t like that terminology.

  15. Kevind1986

    A polite correction. Not even thinkable on pc’s blog.

  16. The amount of one’s charitable giving is only one measure of compassion. Judging people on who they love, having no problem with spending BILLIONS (I think the number is about a trillion by now) on a couple of wars that will net our country nothing but dead and maimed soldiers. All this while conservatives fight against most social programs (I’ll give you some need to be fought against, but many do alot of good)
    You know…I’ll just stop… No one will listen to anything that is not from their “party”. There is no middle ground anymore…it has become “us Vs. them”. The left thinks the right is wrong AND stupid and the right thinks the left is wrong and stupid. How sad.

  17. “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”

    I tend to agree with Bill Clinton when he made this statement on February 4, 1998.

    “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”

    I also agree with Senator John Kerry when he made that statement on October 9, 2002.

    When :”them” makes an accurate statement, I’ll agree with them. Perhaps you need to look in the mirror first before you criticize others.

  18. You really make my point. You want to point fingers at a couple of Democrats who spoke “for the war”. They were wrong TOO. (and come on…it was NOT about WMD’s…it was about oil. Greenspan admitted that) Both sides are wrong on so many issues, yet the talking heads from both sides only point fingers at the other side. There is no honest debate anymore, from either side…only worst case scenario if “they” get what “they” want. What ever happened to “united we stand, divided we fall”? Oh, that’s right…we cant be united with “them”…their not as American as we are.

  19. kevind1986

    Terry – have you seen the video compilation? In contrast to Doug’s comment about a couple of Democrats, the video shows that EVERY leading democrat over the ten years prior to the war spoke about the need to remove Saddam due to the WMD’s he possessed or was creating. Guys like Doug want to forget and ignore that.

    Doug – not saying that as it turns out, everyone wasn’t wrong – dems and cons alike. Just saying that blaming the war on the Cons is dishonest and weakens any other comment you have. EVERYONE believed – and was led to believe by Saddam – that he had the weapons. EVERYONE was surprised that none were found.

    Wow – Greenspan spoke about the war and it’s causes? I really look to him for expert comments about warfare. OIL? Really? OIL? So how much of the oil have we taken? Which companies did we give the oil wells to while we controlled the entire country? Oh, that’s right – none. Yeah, keep believing the pundits without a clue – the war was ALL about oil.

    Doug – we fight against spending money the gov’t doesn’t have. We fight against more government. We fight against more regulation. We fight against letting the Dems buy more votes by instituting more giveaways. Of course, you dems want to make us look heartless for doing so, but we actually believe in our system and don’t agree with the need to throw more money at every perceived imbalance. We can’t all live in Woebegon where everyone is above average.

    Agreed – we need better politicians. But at least this last election disproved (somewhat) that the biggest war chest always wins.

  20. Kevin,

    Well said. I would add one thing, I wasn’t aware the Fed Chairman had sat in on war discussions.

    Haven’t seen the video, but this reference always comes in handy.


  21. One side first accuses the other of waste (the war costs and Wall St. bonuses) and then in return justifies their own pork spending programs as “less bad” (social hand outs, unlimited umemployment, union contracts, Obamacare). Figuring out who is less bad is impossible and debt is out of control.

  22. Kev, You missed what I meant…I do remember all the dems and repubs clamering to remove Saddam. I was talking about the amount of money spent…on a war that brings Nothing to America. (not even the oil they were after) That\’s all. I always thought the war in Iraq was unjustified.

  23. AMEN Juice

  24. Here…try this and then I’ll go away. No one wants to listen to anyone else anyway.


  25. Doug,

    If you notice Greenspan starts out saying “I was of the opinion…” It’s his opinion, not necessarily facts. If he was right then there were a lot of our Ivy League politicans, from both sides, duped.

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