Under the current contract, teachers chose their school assignments, not administrative process

The Rockford Education Association’s contract, Article 12 – General Employment Practices – Section E: Involuntary Transfer – shows how little control district administration has in determining teacher assignments to schools where certain student needs exist.

1. Any staff member who is affected by a change in assignment shall be notified and consulted by the principal or head supervisor as soon as possible. Any transfer which is not acceptable to the staff member involved shall be considered an “involuntary transfer” and subject to the provisions of this section.

No transfers, unless voluntary, shall be made after June 1 prior to the coming school year, except when necessitated by changing school enrollments, staff reductions, economic conditions or new educational programs. After August 15, involuntary transfers shall be allowed only for changing school enrollments.

2. An “involuntary transfer” shall be subject to the following provisions:

In the event that there is need for transfer of a staff member, such transfer will be based on seniority; the staff member with the least seniority being transferred first.

A staff member being transferred has the right to appeal the transfer through the grievance procedure.

A staff member shall not be assigned to a vacancy for which he/she is not qualified by certification. A staff member transferred involuntarily shall be transferred only to a comparable vacancy.

Written notice of a proposed involuntary transfer shall be given to the staff member involved immediately upon knowledge of such transfer.

A staff member transferred involuntarily shall have the right of first refusal to any subsequent vacancy arising at the site or in the department from which he/she was surplused. Said vacancy shall be offered to the staff member prior to its posting.

No staff member shall be transferred involuntarily without good cause.

3. The staff member who has submitted a transfer to the Grievance Procedure shall be maintained in the status quo during the Grievance Procedure, with specific time restrictions for administration to hear the grievance.

Section F: Staff Reductions and Recalls per contract provisions – these are normal union type contract issues.

Staff reductions and recalls are based first and foremost on seniority and all the non tenured staff must be removed before any tenured staff are removed. Certification complicates the stacking order for RIFs. Members with the most seniority are the first recalled and staff can refuse an assignment by administration and not lose their recall rights.



  1. Big Bopper

    Ted. I support this part of the contract. If a teacher is forced into a position that he/she doesn’t want, and forced to go to a building where he/she doesn’t want to be…how effective will they be?
    There is a big difference between being qualified on paper and being able truly confident and “up to the job”. I would not want my kids to be taught by a teacher who doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

  2. readingmike94

    how much does rvc pay for campus security in their budget? i read the report for crimes commited on rvc property as a person from distinctly conservative view point wouldnt services be cheaper if outsoourced to the city or other agencies rather than having your own police force given the lack of crimes committed on rvc property? have you come on out in public for such a move? would you propose such a move and use your blog as a move to snowball such proposal?

  3. readingmike94

    ted i noticed on the rvc website your phone number and address was not listed are you willing given your public bashing of harlem to have your phone number and address listed since it is a republic!!!

  4. readingmike94

    while you are covering education and am regarded as fiscal conservative and worried about budgets how about in your own backyard what are you proposing to reduce the rvc payroll that is overbudget and does not include student workers which will further increase the debt? what are you doing to curb healthcare costs while it was within budget numbers for the current month are overbudget?
    since you believe in accountability what are you proposing the rvc student plan calls for engage in ongoing assessment of student learning in rvc core classes yet 18% of the 65 assessment units have no documented assessment data!!! is this acceptable would you say this is acceptable at district 205? and yet you are the trustee what are you going to do about it?
    on a side note you approved a sabbatical at 100% of pay could you state for your reading public what a sabbatical entails? 100% of salary to conduct research no teaching responsiblities correct? so we as taxpayers are subsidizing something that they could do on their own time (i agree with sabbaticals i want you to justify this in light of your review of 205 union contracts)

  5. Big Bopper

    Hey people, did I miss something but Ted’s blog abovet has nothing to do with RVC. Ted’s post is about the arbitrary forceable transfer of RPS 205 teachers to positions and to buildings in which they have no desire to work.
    I realize that the teachers contract is blamed for all the world’s problems, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with RVC campus security.

  6. readingmike94

    my point is this there is plenty in ted’s own backyard that he claims to an expert in and outspoken advocate about taxpayer money accountability etc and he says he cant talk about rvc well i dont have a blog and if ted wants to point fingers look at his own board and correct those things before going out there reporting on things

  7. readingmike94

    hey ted I pulled up the rvc faculty contract they are also due for renewal of their contract are you willing to go on record to change portions of their contract when i pull out sections of their contract? are you willing to say current contract provisions in rvc faculty contract are totally acceptable?

  8. readingmike94

    Ted called up those provisions the same ones you are carping about district 205 happen at rvc imagine that!! let’s see you justify
    3.14 leave for association busineess
    3.1.5 storage of association documents
    3.3.1 assocation dues (rvc pays fair share also)
    8.2 determination of assignments
    6.14 reduction in force
    6.19 mentoring at rvc we pay for mentoring also 200 dollars the first semeste
    100 the second year and 75 the third year!
    given your statement knowledge is power are you going on record to change these provisions and dont you think people who elected you dont want rvc secrets also! are you on record to change these provisons you are on the rvc board shouldnt you lead by example???

  9. readingmike94

    sorry but ted how could you escape this one your conservative blood must boil at this are you going to change section 2.8 within 30 days after this agreement has been signed by both parties 8.5 by 11 inch photocopies of this agreement shall be printed at the expense of the college and presented to each association member now employed or hereafter employed in addition the board shall provide ten copies of the agreement without charge to the association

    am i talking distrcit 205 nope!! rvc contract provisons ted are you willing to go on record to change this provision of the rvc contract???

  10. Ted Biondo

    Big Bopper – the job is to teach children. It’s a job regardless of the merit. We all work in jobs, get paid and go on with life.

    The teachers who don’t do their jobs should be fired, regardless of where they are teaching and what their tenure. Many seem to want to teach only the best and brightest, and I understand that but all the kids have to be educated and it’s time the staff get involved with all the kids.

    The teachers should not be penalized if their class is more difficult than another teacher’s class. The teachers and administrators should be able to come up with a solution to the delima – that’s what we pay them for, not just to watch out for their own interests.

  11. Ted Biondo

    Maybe that’s why are crime is non existent on RVC campus readingmike94

  12. Ted Biondo

    You are right Big Bopper – this is not about rvc or the county board and I am not using the blog to further my elected posts. I will only comment on those subjects if there is information that I feel is valuable to the readers, and the questions of readingmike94 are not so. It’s my blog readingmike94. I’m not going to deal with closed topics such as contract negotiations and have charges of bad faith bargaining filed against RVC and I think you know that is what would happen.

  13. readingmike94

    if people wanted to comment about rvc issues how would they get ahold of you ted your phone number, email etc is not provided on the rvc site?

  14. Ted Biondo

    I get calls every day – all you have to do is look me up in the phone book in your home.

  15. Big Bopper

    Readingmike, why don’t you go start your own blog and then you can rant about RVC all you want? That is not the topic here today.

  16. Denny Wallace

    Can anyone tell me what the heck any of the following has to do with what’s in the best of student?

    Or worse how any of it can have a lick to do with

    “… If a teacher is forced into a position that he/she doesn’t want… forced to go to a building where he/she doesn’t want to be…”

    Just the beginning of the burdensome, expensive and grossly inefficient Teacher Contract Language…

    “Days” as used herein, shall mean days when the District offices are open.

    “Internal Posting” is written and dated notification of vacancies placed in appropriate staff members’ mailboxes and e-mails and copies forwarded to the Association.

    “District-wide Posting” is the posting in the District newsletter or on the District’s website sent to all staff members and the posting on the District’s website which lists vacancies, requirements, and timelines. After a mutually agreed upon date, District-wide postings will be found only on the District’s website.

    “Seniority” shall be defined in order of priority as:
    a. Total continuous District #205 employment.
    b. Total District #205 employment.
    c. Total teaching experience outside District #205.
    d. Horizontal (educational) placement on the salary schedule.
    e. Total credited hours.
    f. Unpaid leaves of absence (including time on active rehire list) shall not break seniority nor count toward seniority.
    g. Seniority for part-time staff members shall accrue in a manner prorated to that of full-time staff members. Seniority records will be kept reflecting the number of years and days accrued for each part-time staff member.
    h. All Staff members shall be on one seniority list.

    You mean to tell me any of the above focuses on the Students needs?

    As far as the blarney about being “forced into” a Teaching Job or into a School they don’t want…

    Come on… You mean to tell me a teacher for the good of the Students couldn’t forgo being in the exact job they want until to the start of the School Year?

    How many times are we actually suggesting a teacher would really be forced into anything?

    Yet such abusive contract language is very expensive and in many casy ties the hands of decision makers because of the no exceptions nonsense to job posting, notification timelines and arcane logic of calculatiung seniority…

    Where does commonsense fit in?

    Yet we are only getting started on reporting the wilful abuse dumped on taxpayers by way of the Teachers Union…

  17. Denny Wallace

    Why is this nonsense required? Aren’t we talking about Professionals and not hourly, meanial labor jobs?

    More Article 12 Section A “It’s about the Kids You Know!”

    “…Part-time staff members… as above defined at the middle or high school level, shall have no unpaid duties nor be required to be in a school building for more than the time which he/she teaches or supervises….”

    So we got Contract Language prohibint Teachers from Teaching more then five (50) minute class periods, can only be required to be at school 15 minutes before\after the last cow bell and not we are being told a Part-time Teacher can’t be asked to do something “productive” while they earn their $200-$450 per day paycheck?

    Yet by simply stating this obvious taxpayer abuse it somehow = bashing Teachers?

  18. Denny Wallace

    Section B: Posting and Filling Vacancies

    “… Except as provided in Section D1, no reference to experience preferences will be included in the advertisement of vacancies….”

    Ok I guess “It’s more about the Kids you know” that we don’t put anything about experience requirements on job postings? Hmmm Why should anyone care about REAL experience when we got Seniority and “Teacher Certificate” to tell us who is best qualified to Teach our kids?

  19. Denny Wallace

    Of course none of the following madness results in costly delays or costly administrative burdens… Simply a case of easy application of seniority rules so that “Teachers are… “up to the job”… or any… kids to be taught by a teacher who doesn’t want to be there in the first place….”

    Section D: Selection (of applicant to job posting)
    1. If more than one applicant has applied for the same vacancy, the applicant best qualified for that vacancy shall be appointed, and qualifications being substantially equal, seniority in the system shall control.

    Fast forward to this
    6. Grievances involving paragraph 1 of this section shall be resolved through the Expedited Grievance Procedure.

    Section F: Expedited Procedure

    ** “Days” as used herein, shall mean days when the District offices are open.

    Step 1 (possible 10 days** or two+ weeks)
    5 days = The Association shall submit a grievance in writing to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources no later than the end of the fifth day
    3 days = The Assistant Superintendent shall meet with an Association representative within three (3) days of filing of the grievance.
    2 days = A written decision shall be given to the Association within two (2) days after such meeting.

    Step 2 (possible 9 more days ** or almost two calendar weeks)
    2 days = Association shall within two (2) days of receipt of the response
    5 days = The Superintendent or designee shall meet with an Association representative within five (5)
    2 days = A written decision shall be given to the Association within two (2) days

    We now could be one month out waiting for a critical decision regarding this Grieveance over a Job Posting with a huge number of administration hurdles (obstacles) that must be overcomed… Missing on any of them will be just cause to award the Teacher (filing the grievance) retroactively the Job Vacancy, resulting in total restart of the job notification\awarding process…

    But wait… we still aren’t done yet…

    Step 3 (32 – 62 day** or 2-3 MONTHS later)
    2 days = In the event the Association is dissatisfied with the Superintendent’s disposition of the matter, the Association may, within two (2) days of receipt of the Superintendent’s response
    30 days = refer the grievance to arbitration before an arbitrator – The arbitrator may issue a verbal decision after conclusion of the hearing, followed by a written decision within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding on the parties.

    Does any of which have ANYTHING to do with Teachers “…being qualified on paper and being able truly confident and “up to the job”. Or I would not want my kids to be taught by a teacher who doesn’t want to be there in the first place….”

  20. Denny Wallace

    Enough for today… I’ve exceeded ReadingMike’s over\under number for the day… But I’ll be back later…. (:-)

  21. Denny Wallace

    Article 13 Summer School and Adult Education

    Totally useless and grossly unneccessary Contract language filled with comments such as:

    posted in each school building as early as possible
    In the event the application is not granted, upon request
    under normal circumstances not later than ten days prior to the start
    as early as is practicable.
    will, to the extent possible,
    consideration will be given to

    Why bother haggling over such contract provisions if it’s not important enough to clearly state a specific action or outcome? Isn’t this why you leave Management Rights intact to make the best judgment and move forward and skip all the arguing over the trivial or subjective?

    If it’s not a big problem…can’t people with Bachelors, Masters. Ph’D’s with scores of certification paperwork + State and Federal School Code covering even the most mundane Public School polices and practices…

    Can’t smart people figure out what is BEST without all the gamesmanship contained in the Teacher Union Rule Book?

  22. Denny Wallace

    Covered Article 14 and 15 elsewhere… Now Article 16 Staff Authority and Maintenance of Discipline

    Section A & B – mean nothing so why have them? More example sadly of Teachers talking the talk but not willing to (apparently) walk-the-walk…

    Section C “talks-the-talk” yet for the life of me I don’t understand why the Teachers haven’t demanded specific Procedures be included in the contract…

    “…Section C: Since the staff’s authority and effectiveness in their
    classrooms is undermined when students discover that there
    is insufficient administrative backing and support of the
    staff, the Board recognizes its responsibility to give all
    reasonable support and assistance to staff members with
    respect to the maintenance of control and discipline in the

    After all the years of complaining about Teachers have no control of their classrooms and how abusive Students can be WITH TEACHERS HAVING LITTLE TO SAY OR DO ABOUT IT… Why on earth haven’t Teachers gotten together and drafted their own school\classroom DISCIPLINARY ACTION POLICY?

    i.e. I absolutely agree Teachers must be supported FULLY and never allow their “…authority and effectiveness…” to be undermined due to lack of support by ALL School Administration.

    YET RATHER THEN JUST COMPLAIN… What haven’t Teachers done something about it?

    Every contract teachers can propose any contract language they desire…
    HAVE THEY EVER PRESENTED A COMPLETE DISCIPLINARY ACTION PROPOSAL drafted and created by Teachers? The answer NOPE! All we’ve ever gotten is complaints.

    Other then wages, can there be anything else more important to the quality of your work life as a Teacher then having an effective Classroom\School Disciplinary Action Plan?

    Why haven’t Teachers DEMANDED that disruptive students be removed from the “regular” classroom?…. (Or is another pay differential category more important?)

    Why haven’t Teachers DEMANDED the Union Contract Right to refuse admitance to their classroom of any chronically disruptive and even abusive student WITHOUT ADDITIONAL RESOURCES PROVIDED OR EXPENDED on behalf of the Teacher to support the Education effort of the other 90+ % of kids who want to learn (or would) absent the chronic troublemaker? (or are maximum seniority rights, consequences be damned more important?)

    Why haven’t Teachers DEMANDED “combat pay” differentials for those most difficult and challenging classrooms where all too often neglected students are warehoused (even criminally abused) …. Yet the Teacher Union whistle’s the tune ALL TEACHING ASSIGNMENTS\JOBS ARE THE SAME…. (or is it more important that we continue the iron-fisted demand of 2 planning periods for every Teacher everyday regardless of “planning demands” if you are a PE Teachers, School Nurse or School Librarian… or at the opposite extreme an Honors Math, Science, English, History Teacher with 150 Students paperwork to manage…)

    Get the point?

  23. Denny Wallace

    Sections D, E, F, G talk about important issues but really say nothing… So again – why bother putting them in the contract? i.e. How can anyone determine if the contract provision was violated? The way they read now you are just asking for an endless arguing whenever a teacher chose to raise hell (Maybe just to leverage or deflect attention from another act or ommission… (Nah the Teacher Union would never raise hell just to get their way…. WOULD THEY?)

    Yet here is the best the Teacher Union can negotiate when it comes to the super important topic of DISCIPLINE?

    Section H: Discipline
    1. Students while on suspension from school are prohibited from the building, and from attending all classes and all other activities held at school. Prior to the reinstatement of the suspended student(s), the staff member may request a conference with the administrator handling the matter. (MAY REQUEST?… I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BIG PROBLEM SO WOULDN’T YOU EXPECT TEACHERS TO ALWAYS REQUEST A CONFERENCE + SPECIFIC CONTRACT LANGUAGE STATING WHAT WOULD TAKE PLACE IN SUCH A CONFERENCE?)

    Students removed from ISS due to disruptive behavior will not be allowed to return to their scheduled classes for the remainder of the day. (OK BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE STUDENTS?)


    It is expected that Discipline Referral forms will be returned to staff members within 48 hours unless circumstances prevent the timely return, in which case the administrator will so inform the staff member.

    Next up… The Abbott and Costello comedy routine ARTICLE 17 – EVALUATION PROCEDURES

  24. Rockford2020

    These people are the most “liberal” in the world until they actually have to teach every child. Their resistance towards teaching all children typifies their real motivation: redistribution of everyone else’s wealth to them and welfare for the people that they refused to teach. What a shame. Their contracts should be terminated.

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