RSD205’s insurance plans – a very good deal

Continuing with the Rockford Education Association contract, Article 31 -Insurance Protection – The district offers Health Insurance Plans to staff members and their dependents in the amount of One Million Dollars per covered individual.

If a spouse currently under the Health Insurance Plans is ineligible for his/her employer’s health insurance as outlined in paragraph one, or due to medical conditions is unable to become eligible under his/her employer’s plan, he/she may remain solely on the Health Insurance Plans and in some circumstances may be accepted to the plan even with a preexisting condition.

The following monthly premiums for health insurance plans are as follows: the Employee pays nothing for the United HRA Plan and $25 per month for the PPO plan; (Employee + children) pays $29 for HRA and $55 per month for PPO; (Employee + spouse) pays $36 for HRA and $59 per month for PPO, and the Family premium per month is $46 for HRA and $89 per month for PPO.

In Section D, the district offers a fully paid group dental insurance plan and in Section E, a group term life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment policyof $20,000 per employee. Section F establishes an Insurance Committee of three board representatives and three association members to investigate various HMO and life insurance plans.

The district also provides a supplemental disability benefit up to 30% of pay, that when added to the Illinois Teacher Retirement Act benefit totals 2/3rds of the teacher’s current salary.

Before negotiations begin on the next contract, the board must determine the total costs of all these contractual insurance benefits and determine the portion that both the district and the association will pay in future years in our current economic environment. These benefits cost the district tens of millions of dollars, at nominal cost to the association members – a very good deal.