California students without vaccinations sent home

Even tolerant San Francisco turned away middle and high school students who hadn’t received the whooping-cough vaccine as required under a law passed last year after a spike in cases of the potentially fatal disease.

The law passed in October, initially required all students entering the 7th grade through high school to get vaccinated by the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Lawmakers even passed a 30-day extension this summer as districts worried many students wouldn’t meet the deadline. The students still didn’t get vaccinated.

It’s about time someone takes a stand against parents who do not know about or ignore laws meant to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. What’s wrong with parents that disregard the safety, not only of their own children, but those of unsuspecting parents, who do not think that allowing their child to attend school could prove fatal because of uncaring, irresponsible “parents.”

The schools notified everyone of pending consequences of not following the mandate, and on Thursday, the San Francisco Unified School District began sending students home who arrived without proof of vaccination.

The district estimates about 2,000 students, or 10% of the student body, are still unvaccinated. How many uncaring people live in San Francisco? The district held a free vaccination clinic at its offices Thursday and was providing shots at individual schools on Friday. These parents are on another planet or just too damn lazy to do anything for someone other than themselves, even their own kids!

In Sacramento, some Northern California districts were defying the law by allowing unvaccinated students to come to school. District spokespersons say they will not withhold educations from their students – yeah right. What these “educators” really mean is we are not going to give up our state aid because these unconcerned parents don’t get their kids vaccinated.

Some 1,000 students had not complied, but instead of being sent home, these students were allowed to receive separate instruction in the gym. Parents aren’t the only detached adults in this equation.

State education officials said allowing unvaccinated students on school premises at all broke state law, but the state law has no teeth against non-compliant districts. The state law specifically states that these students have to be excluded from school. And excluding doesn’t mean housing them in the gym.

If children become ill because parents were negligent, the legal system should make examples of them, or the other parents should file a lawsuit against these people and the districts that allow such negligent behaviour.

The parents can’t use poverty as an excuse either, since the shots were distributed for no cost – but society is left to determine the potential cost of the apathy and the uncaring parents toward theirs and others children.