Five teenage thieves rob two youngsters of Halloween candy

Police in Dale City, Virginia say five teenagers were charged with beating two trick-or-treaters Monday night, who wouldn’t hand over their Halloween candy. The police reported that one robber even implied he had a gun during the robbery and assault – for candy.

This act once again demonstrates the entitlement mentality of some of today’s kids, who think that everything belongs to them, whether they have earned it or not.

There is NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior, especially since the candy was free for the asking, but you had to take the time to ask.

Four of the teenagers are juveniles, ages 16 and 17, and their names were not released because of their juvenile status. The fifth alleged robber, 19-year-old Andre Diggs, is being held without bond. These criminals have been charged with robbery and assault by a mob, which is exactly what they were and are – a mob!

Who are we protecting by not parading these criminals down the street – obviously, the criminals themselves. The four 16 and 17 year olds and the 19 year old should all be indentified for the thieves they are, and their pictures publically distributed to protect law-abiding citizens from their crimes in the future.

Coddling juvenile criminals, while preventing their identification because of privacy restrictions surrounding their criminal activities, simply lead to more aggressive crimes the next time, and eventually to incarceration, paid for by the taxpayers – robbing us a second time.