Noisy cars may help Rockford balance next year’s budget

Here’s hoping the Rockford man, who is challenging the loud car stereo ordinance,  is unsuccessful in suing the city for violating his constitutional rights by impounding his car after he got a ticket for playing loud music in his car after 11:00PM.

Can you believe that anyone thinks they have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to play loud music, outside, in their car after 11:00PM, while others in the neighborhood are trying to sleep before getting up for work in the morning or trying to keep their children asleep while your car radio is blaring – talk about entitlement!

Consider playing your music at home or in an apartment, preferably with earphones, if your inconsideration of others is any indication of your taste in music.

However, it’s good that someone is challenging the ordinance, because if the ordinance is found to be legal, then inconsiderate people such as these will think twice before disturbing their neighbors with loud music in the future!

The man better hope the judge dismisses the case. It will be a lot cheaper for him, since the courts have already set the precedent that this type of ordinance is enforceable. If he thinks $477 was a lot to pay to get his car out of impound, wait until he receives his attorney’s bill after the unsuccessful lawsuit.

Just think, he and the other inconsiderate people may also have inspired the city council to vote in the affirmative next Monday night to increase the city impound fees to $500 per violation instead of $100, along with other fees. So, the lack of consideration of those who violate the sound ordinance, may actualy help the city pay up to 25% of the $2M deficit forecast for next year’s budget.

Thanks from the taxpayers of Rockford!