President Obama’s “Misery Index” after three years in office

After Obama’s inaugural address in January 2009, the president has seemed to reversed gears and started backing up the United States, in almost every facet of life. Obama owns this economy lock, stock and barrel, it’s no longer Bush’s economy and most Americans know it.

A Heritage Foundation report 2012 Index of Dependence on Government shows an alarming trend under the Obama Administration of a level of dependence on our government that has never been seen before. Today, a full 70 percent of the federal government’s budget goes to pay for housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance, with recipients ranging from college students to retirees to welfare beneficiaries.


  • Government dependency jumped 8.1 percent in the past year, with the most assistance going toward housing, health and welfare, and retirement.
  • The federal government spent more taxpayer dollars than ever before in 2011 to subsidize Americans. The average individual who relies on Washington could receive benefits valued at $32,748, more than the nation’s average disposable personal income ($32,446).
  • At the same time, nearly half of the U.S. population (49.5 percent) does not pay any federal income taxes.
  • In the next 25 years, more than 77 million baby boomers will retire. They will begin collecting checks from Social Security, drawing benefits from Medicare, and relying on Medicaid for long-term care.

Let’s compare a few more aspects of our lives from what they were in 12/08, the month prior to Obama’s reign, to what they were at the end of 2011.

1) Our national debt is as big as the entire U.S. economy at $15.23 trillion dollars compared to $10.7 trillion in 12/08. Only Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and a few others have a debt larger than their economies and they are going down the drain.

2) The highest poverty ever recorded by the Census bureau, despite the $780B stimulus – 46.2 million living below the poverty line compared to 39.8 million in 12/08.

3) People forced onto Medicaid increased by 6 million, an increase of over 13% during the Obama regime and the number of participants in the food stamp program has jumped by an unbelievable 14.6 million, from 31.7 to 46.3 million since Obama took office, an increase of 46 percent in 3 years.

4) Medicaid recipients have increased from 42.8 million to 48.6 million, a gallon of gas has increased from $1.69 to $3.42, the median price of a home as decreased from $191,975 to $169,500 and average annual health insurance premium has increased from $12,680 to $15,073.

5) From recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, despite the apparent decreases in unemployment, the people unemployed for greater than 6 months has increased from 2.6 million to 5.6 million, the average time unemployed has increased from 19.9 weeks to 40.8 weeks, the total unemployed (U-6) figures has increased from 10.5% to 15.9%, the black unemployed have increased from 12.1% to 15.8% and the number of jobs have decreased from 134.4 million to 131.9 million!

This is why President Obama cannot run on his record, but will resort to spending his $1B campaign treasure on personal attack ads against whomever the Republicans field against him and relying on the liberal media to continue to manipulate the data.