Another first place for the great state of Illinois!

Despite the fact that the nation’s relocation rates have dropped because job seekers are having a hard time unloading the old homestead without a tremendous loss on their investment, Illinois  was at the top of United Van Lines most recent relocation study.

It seems in 2011, 60.8% of the company’s 11,211 shipments here were customers leaving the state, the highest in the nation. Let’s keep those Chicago Democrats in charge in 2012 – they are doing such a great job with the money from the 67% increase in individual taxes and the corporate tax increase of 45.8%.

The new corporate tax rate increases the total percentage Illinois corporations pay on income, including a separate personal property replacement tax, to 9.5%, one of the highest in the nation.

That makes the corporate income-tax rate in Illinois the third-highest in the country when combined with an assumed 35% federal corporate income tax, following only Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

And just think, the powers that be in Springfield are now considering taxing retirement benefits for the first time – want to join the snowbirds permanently, anyone? I’m sure there is some warmer state in the U.S., with a lot of northern exposure, that would welcome us.



  1. It used to be a false argument, like when someone got mad and left SD205, because someone else bought the house and the district still got it’s money. They didn’t care what anyone felt. In the Obama economy, people actually just default, leave their debt to the taxpayers, and their house to the mice. And raising taxes that much is really the nail in the coffin. These liberals are really clueless.

  2. I have talked to many liberals over the years, and the one common denominator across them all is a complete and often willful ignorance about how taxes change the economy. When I point this out, these liberals get very angry at me and change the subject (usually to George W. Bush or to Sarah Palin).

    Every liberal I have known or now know believes the same myth about taxes: that they can simply be increased, just like pressing your gas pedal or turning the spigot of your kitchen sink, to arbitrarily high levels with no ill effects whatsoever. Some of the more obtuse liberals, like Obama, have even deeper delusions and claim that “the government not taking money you earn” is the same as “the government giving you money.”

    In reality, taxes are like fishing in a lake. You can bring in more fishermen to reel in more fish, but over time you damage the ecosystem by overfishing and you destroy the fish population and its ability to thrive and regenerate itself.

    Taxpayers (people or corporations) are like fish, and the laws of nature always have the last laugh. Illinois may get a bump in revenue in the short term, but over the long term Illinois is simply overfishing its taxpayers and damaging the economic ecosystem, as your United Van Lines statistics illustrate. And it’s even worse than with fishing, because fish can’t relocate to another lake, but taxpayers can move out of Illinois.

    If an Illinois legislator votes to raise taxes, maybe taxes should be raised on residents of that legislator’s district, but not on residents of districts whose legislators never voted to raise taxes.

  3. FYI, here is another #1 ranking of which we can be proud:

    UPDATED 02/15/12 5:36 a.m.

    CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Chicago alderman turned political science professor/corruption fighter has found that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the country.

    Read the rest at: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/02/14/chicago-called-most-corrupt-city-in-nation/

    Those of us outside of Chi-town need to work harder, as the State of Illinois’ corruption rating is only #3.

  4. Yes Ted I will be another statistic come April. The construction company I work for in N Dakota is practically begging me to start work for them again this season. There are plenty of high paying jobs there and few people to fill them. Housing is a little tight so my company is actually helping with that. There is no state tax or sales tax if I remember right.

    Ive been applying for jobs here for 2 years and only gotten a few interviews. I have a BA and plenty of experience, but no luck. For every job opening in Illinois there are hundreds of applications and employers are way to selective. One mistaken word during an interview and your out. I feel that Illinois is going down the tubes quick.

    I love my home and this area, but greed has gotten the best of our government. Everyone is only thinking of themselves, no matter the outcome.

  5. Ted, on another subject, how soon will District 205 institute this kind of policy?


  6. Brian Opsahl

    You could all move to Wisconsin to be closer to Gov, Walker and his highly succesful programs that all the Republicans rave about. You know like the one where his state after they went into effect lost more jobs than any State in the union and continues to loose more anybody else hmm. Or you can pay the higher income tax that Wisconsin has over our own Illinois. Or you do what i had to do when the Education in Rockford Schools was cut to bones by one School board President named Ted Biondo. I had to move my family and sell my house or pay for a private school (couldnt afford).

    The school district we ended up in is wonderful they know how to educate kids without treating them like some kind of number like Ted did. I guess i should thank Ted for pushing us out of Rockford. Funny most of my neigbors ended up moving for the same reasons…so Thanks Ted !!

  7. Brian, how will you like it when the debt built up by Illinois’ Democrats comes due? Either the State will have to go on a “bare-bones” budget, or raise taxes even more than the 67% increase that got added last year. At least Wisconsin is ADDING businesses, and has a budget SURPLUS for a change. The People’s Republic of Illinois can’t make either claim, truthfully.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    This isnt just the Dems fault and you know it. George the (prison bitch) Ryan and Blaygo deserve what they are getting for ruining our fine state and i just read where Quinn is finally going to make some cuts to get us paying our bills again. Its a start fellas we have a long way to go but its a start. It could be worse you could be living in wisconsin. lol

    • Ted Biondo

      I wish I were in Wisconsin Brian, they are now going to get out of their mess a heck of a lot faster than the Chicago Democrats in Illinois will. “Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie” Ryan was simply another Chicago RINO who made deals just like all the other politicians from Chicago!!

  9. Brian Opsahl

    You mean if Walker does not get indided or he wins the recall right. I just returned from Wisconsin Ted that is the most divided State ive ever been in. They either hate him or love him and so far I have only met 1 person that supports walker all the rest loath him like ive never seen before. Explain why after walkers programs took effect his State is loosing the most jobs of any State in the nation.

  10. The ones that hate Walker are the public sector unions, and their bretheren across the country, because he cost them millions of dollars, by shutting down their medical insurance scams.
    Had another Democrat been elected, Wisconsin would now be billions in debt, following in Illinois’ staggering footsteps. Check out the following:


    Wisconsin is positioned to grow, while Illinois’ Democrat kleptocracy is driving us into a fiscal death spiral, just like “The Messiah” is doing to the Federal Government.

  11. I already posted this on another thread, Brian, but it bears repeating. On the job situation in Wisconsin, you are simply wrong.

    The facts can be found here:


    Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is 7.1%, 20th in the nation.
    Illinois unemployment rate is 9.8%, 44th in the nation.
    California’s unemployment rate is 11.1%, 50th in the nation.

    The states that are suffering the worst are the ones doing precisely what you’re advocating–turning control over to the public employee unions and letting them run roughshod over everyone else. By comparison, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is below the national average.

    If the voters in Wisconsin are indeed stupid enough to follow Illinois and California into bankruptcy, their unemployment rate won’t stay below the national average for very much longer.
    But then again, the public employee unions don’t care about the suffering of others, just so long as they get theirs.

    I guess when it’s about lining your pockets, getting your facts straight is just too much to ask.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    How wrong you are!! You act as if all the unions are the millionares not the other way around. In Wisconsin the Unions took all the cuts that were asked of them. Then the Dicktator showed up with his big lies and give aways to all his campagin donors.

    I have never met a rich teacher,snowplow driver,road worker,ditch digger,plumber,electrican, But I do know a few whos pension was ripped off by a company called Bain capital. After gutting the company and putting everybody out of work the GOVERNMENT had to bailout the pension for Bain capital.

    Why dont you complain about all the taxpayer money walker used to give to his political friends before he said his State was broke. Oh yea hes a Republican and nothing they do is ever wrong right just ask em.

    I know Illinios is in a bad financial mess created by both partys NOT the UNIONS for many years they did not fund these pensions they kicked the can down the road and know were all paying the price. To jmrc: i dont look at Republican sponserd web sites sorry

  13. No wonder Brian is spouting nothing but the Left’s talking points. He probabaly won’t read these items, either, and will continue to be blissfully ignorant of the facts.



  14. Brian Opsahl

    I can pullup web site after web site that shows just the opposit of your web. Fact is I have worked in both non union and union shops and you dont have a clue what your talking about other that a bunch of talking points from the Lintballs and fox news.

    Again I have never met the millionare Teachers,labores,cement workers,snowplow drivers ECT, That you seem to think exist. And to snuss im sure you dont look at the web sites that show you all the opposite to yours do you !!

    If you want to go to a Right to work for less State go ahead and move its still a free Country unless somehow the Republicans win the next election.

    Why do you Republicans want to work for less anyway ? your new motto should be were shoting for the bottom so the rich can do even better ? WOW

  15. Would you care to dispute that the Teachers’ union medical insurance scam cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars? Or, that since the unions lost control, those same schools have saved a lot of money, utilizing more reasonably-priced insurance? See:



  16. Another day, another inane post from Brian. The site I linked to above is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency of the federal government. I guess I should have linked to this site first:


    You would benefit from a little time there, Brian.

  17. Brian Opsahl

    Snuss: Yes they are saving money,Duh, Some of what they are doing will work im not arguing that. What this walker guy is doing to the workers of that state is wrong on so many levels. he is NOT a dicktator to take away their collective bargining rights for no other reason than to crush his opposition is pure bullsh#t.

    I have spent alot of time in Wisconsin over my 50 years and have never seen them so divided, WHO divided these folks and why is the real question. And the answer is clear

    Kill the union, supress the poor vote means re-election. And your all for this crap !! SORRY

  18. FDR, hardly a conservative, opposed public sector unions because of their incest-laden relationship with politicians. The public-sector workers were asked to contribute a LITTLE more for their medical care, far less than most private-sector workers do. BTW, those public-sector workers aren’t poor, compared to a majority of the taxpayers who pay for their salaries., as the following describes:

    The standoff in Madison on collective-bargaining rights largely has overshadowed that state employees effectively will be taking a significant pay cut under Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

    But by any measure, as Walker has noted and most state employees acknowledge, the state will continue to provide rich health-insurance benefits compared with the private sector, where nearly 40% of employers don’t offer health benefits at all.

    Under Walker’s bill, state employees – including elected state legislators, who receive the same benefits – would pay about $600 more for single coverage, raising their share of that cost to about $1,000 a year. For family coverage, they would pay $1,476 more, raising their share of the cost to about $2,500 a year.

    The proposal would increase their share of the premium to 12.4%. But that would still be well below the share paid by employees in the private sector, who by one estimate pay an average of 19% of the cost for single coverage and 29% for family coverage.

    It also is less than the 28% of the premium paid on average by federal employees.

    Read the rest at: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/117034068.html

  19. Brian Opsahl

    Ok , So now that his programs are taking affect and that State is loosing jobs faster than any other State in the Nation and that is somehow good ? Again the Union already offered to take the cuts that were presented. So stop ignoring the fact that he is supressing the poor vote and attempting to kill off the unions just becuse they vote AGAINST HIM

    He is also a dirty polatician that might be indicted on a felony charge and he is YOUR GUY really !! That State was NOT divided before he was elected. FACTS..

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