Winnebago County state’s attorney: Weber has the experience for job

There is a clear distinction between the Republican candidates for Winnebago County state’s attorney and it’s the experience in prosecuting criminals.


Glen Weber’s focus is putting criminals behind bars, and he’s not concerned about rehabilitation and alternative programs that keep people out of jail. He thinks the state’s attorney’s office needs systemic changes, and his passion for prosecution is obvious to anyone who’s ever heard him speak.

Many feel that criminal justice begins and ends with alternative programs that reduce recidivism and allow convicts to return to society as model citizens. Weber explained that for nonviolent crimes that alternative programs might prove successful but for most of criminals he has prosecuted, they will be incarcerated for decades and alternative programs were not applicable.

As a member of the Crime and Public Safety Commission, the only recidivism statistics that were made available to me for local alternative programs, the statistics clearly showed that the inmates had to be weaned down to only those who were ready for changes in their behavior, before they were even considered for the program, because the data on the general inmate population was simply abysmal.

Personal choice of the inmate became the most important variable of any successful alternative program to reduce recidivism. If that decision hadn’t been made, the program helped much fewer people.

After months of trying to tabulate the data, no one in the Justice Center could tell me what the recidivism rates were for just eight violent crimes over a period of 3 years for the local inmates and the data was already on the system. Data was simply not available to prove whether the alternative programs instituted were working or not.

BTW, the funding for those Winnebago County alternative programs have been reduced by 50% and the money directed to Criminal Justice System correction officers needed to watch the ever increasing number of inmates.

So our decision on who to support for the state’s attorney should not be based on programs that do not have measureable results, but a candidate that has proven prosecutorial track record.

Weber’s no-nonsense style really appeals to this voter. Rockford is rated the ninth most violent city per capita in the country. Alternative programs is the least of our worries at the current time with a typical 1000 inmates as our average daily attendance on any given day in the Justice Center.

Weber thinks the Winnebago County Justice system needs more accountability as to why the jail population has increased so drastically and so does 75% of the county board.

The following excerpt from the editorial is a great endorsement in my opinion:

Weber has more experience, working as a prosecutor in Winnebago and Boone counties and serving one term as state’s attorney in Jo Daviess County. He said he lost his bid for re-election because he refused to back down from charging a relative of a well-connected resident. He said he’ll bring the same approach to Winnebago County and if that means he’ll only be a one-term state’s attorney, he’s fine with that.

This is the exact kind of experience and accountability that is required for the job of state’s attorney to reduce the rampant crime in our community.

Glen Webber has prosecuted 42 murders, 10 Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assualts, 8 residential burglaries, 7 home invasions, 5 attempted murders and 16 other serious felonies including reckless homicide and armed robbery while his opponent has not prosecuted any of those type of cases.

Go to Glen Weber’s website www.glenrweber.com to see his experience and observe testimonials of crime victims that Glen has helped with the prosecution of the perpetrators of the crimes against them.

Winnebago County needs prosecution experience to get the criminals off the streets, not simply a philosophy, approach or temperament suitable for the office of state’s attorney.