Million dollar lottery winner still cashing her food stamps

Speaking of undeserving recipients of redistributed income, word came out this week that a Michigan lottery winner was still using food stamps that she had received before the bonanza.

After winning a $1 million lottery, buying a new house and a new car, Michigan resident Amanda Clayton was still using a Bridge Card worth $200 a month from taxpayers to buy food!


“I thought that [the State] would cut me off [of food stamps], but since they didn’t I thought maybe it was ok because I’m not working … I won a million, but after I took the lump sum, it dropped down to $700,000, and then after taxes, it was just a little bit over half. … I feel that it’s ok because … I have no income, and I have bills to pay, I have two houses … it’s hard you know, I’m struggling.”

Talk about an entitlement mentality, this story is astounding. Fortunately, once the story broke, her benefits were cut off.