Republican hierarchy goes after conservative Manzullo

According to Human Events, the SuperPAC closely associated with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) weighed in for Kinzinger by chipping in $50,000 for advertising on the freshman lawmaker’s behalf. 


Days ago, the “Young Guns Action Fund” began running radio spots in the 16th District proclaiming Kinzinger “an important part of the next generation of conservative leaders” and “a conservative rock in the fight against runaway government spending.”

As the race between the two Illinois lawmakers grows increasingly incendiary, the spot run by the Cantor-affiliated  SuperPAC also serves to accentuate a rift between some national Republican leaders in Washington and more conservative grass-roots activists. 

A Who’s Who of conservative organizations—the American Conservative Union political action committee, Gun Owners of America—along with the Illinois Family PAC and most of the local tea party groups—are firmly in the Manzullo camp.

Conservative activists are particularly upset about the Cantor PAC’s characterization of Kinzinger (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 72 per cent) after one term as somehow more conservative than Manzullo (lifetime ACU rating: 96 percent) after nine terms.

Among the votes on which Manzullo voted yes and Kinzinger voted no were those to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation, to bar funding to enforce the Davis-Bacon Act, and bar funds for a new United Nations Building. Kinzinger was one of only 21 House Republicans to favor funding for the United Nations. Manzullo also voted to eliminate the Foreign Agricultural Service, with 78 offices throughout the world.


Kinzinger is supported by the Lunchpail Republicans, which styles itself a pro-labor Republican group and has battled GOP Govs. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Mitch Daniels of Indiana in their fights to curb union power in their states.

True conservatives have met their fiscal and social enemy in this election and it is none other than the Republican House and Senate Leadership!



  1. NOTE TO ERIC CANTOR: As a co-coordinator of the Rockford Tea Party in northern Illinois, I’m shocked and dismayed at your ardent endorsement of Adam Kinzinger, putting him forth as the conservative candidate. Kinzinger and his supporting superPacs have engaged in a dishonest campaign of distortion and derision against one of the most highly-rated conservatives in congress, Don Manzullo. Mr. Manzullo has fought hard for 20 years to improve conditions for manufacturers and small businesses, for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in government. Manzullo has had the lion’s share of his support base cut from underneath him in a devastating Democrat redistricting. Kinzinger remains largely unaffected, as the bulk of his support comes from criminally corrupt Chicago, and an anti-incumbent super pac in Texas. Kinzinger’s unfair and distorted attack ads are relentless and deeply disturbing to those of us who actually know his record and Manzullo’s (by far more conservative!) Kinzinger has even been roundly criticized in the Rockford Register Star for taking their opinion columnist’s words out of context! SHAME ON YOU for meddling in what is a very personal fight for conservatism here in Illinois, and for definitely cheerleading for the LESSER conservative. If you can’t get the record right, please stay out of it. You are no longer a conservative in my eyes and I question your motives as much as I question Mr. Kinzinger’s integrity.

    • Ted Biondo

      Welcome to the blog TracyD. The establishment Republicans have done immeasurable damage to the country by opposing true conservative representatives. They want people they can control in Congress not independent conservatives like Don Manzullo!

  2. bannernews

    Didn’t Donny vote for the auto bailout? Look how many more lunchpail union jobs that’s brought to the Belv.-Rkfd. What don’t they like about that?

  3. The Manzullo-Kinzinger race is one in which even I, a staunch liberal, hope that the more conservative of two wins the primary. Having said that, however, I still think the TV spots on both sides of this contest have been grossly misleading.

  4. John M Stassi

    Does Manzullo Prefer Tyranny?

    Who are Congressman Don Manzullo’s favorite constituents: American citizens or Chinese tyrants? The answer is in his actions.

    Manzullo has met repeatedly with Red China’s top government officials, promoted their interests in Congress, and ignored their human rights atrocities and assaults upon our security. Here are just a few examples of how he has done so.

    Subsidizing Forced Abortion

    In 1997, only hours after he had voted to condemn China for its policy of compulsory abortion, Manzullo voted to continue funding subsidized loans to that country that were costing U.S. taxpayers $400 million/year.

    Since then China has disguised but continues to cruelly enforce its compulsory abortion policy. Currently, China collects at least $4 billion/year in subsidies from American taxpayers while earning huge profits from the “free trade” low-tariff import policies that Manzullo still supports.

    American stores are now flooded with Chinese goods. How many were made by parents who have been forced to surgically exterminate their beloved unborn children?

    Absolving Chinese Espionage

    As part of his public response to the news that China had stolen our nuclear weapons secrets, Manzullo told the National Journal (29 May 1999) that the blame for that was mostly America’s for having made it so easy for China to do so!

    Blame America First: Is this how Manzullo is working to protect our national security?

    Dishonoring the Victims of 9-11

    Immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, China ’s state-controlled media set off an orgy of anti-Americanism by producing and marketing a wildly popular series of books, films and video games that gleefully celebrated those attacks and delighted in their death toll.

    Even Chinese President Jiang Zemin joined in the ghoulishness and “obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre.” (The Daily Telegraph, 4 Nov 2001)

    Was Manzullo aware of these state-sponsored insults when he visited President Jiang in January 2002, shook his hand, called for improved Sino-American cooperation, and returned home encouraged by what he had seen and heard in China ?

    Sharing China ’s Values

    In a speech ten years ago, Manzullo presented his vision of America : a nation of “one culture, one people, one ideology, one voice” (Northwest Herald, 19 Jan 1996).

    Between 1949 and 1987, Chinese Communists murdered over 35 million innocent Chinese citizens in an effort to impose upon them an identical national vision.

    Has Manzullo been smitten by the wit and wisdom of Mao Tse-Tung? Shouldn’t he finally tell us all just what the heck he was talking about?

    Is Manzullo properly representing our interests in Congress?

    Manzullo has sworn to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Considering his apparent affection for Chinese tyranny, can you believe that he is effective in doing so?

    Despite the fact that nearly 100,000 American servicemen died fighting Communist tyranny in Korea and Vietnam, Don Manzullo just can’t seem to stop himself from repeatedly fraternizing with communist tyrants in China and legitimizing their crimes against humanity. Is this any way to honor our veterans?

    If not, then please cast your vote against Congressman Don Manzullo on Primary Election Day, March 20, 2012.

    Don’t Vote For Tyranny!
    Don’t Vote For Manzullo

  5. Carol Foster

    How about really disgusting is more like it Pat.
    Kinzinger get the thumbs up from me as top disgusting dog in that race when it comes to political ads.
    Guess the local Tea Party’s choice doesn’t go with the boys in D.C. but than Cantor is a world class political jerk.

  6. leatherneck

    Ted: I am a Rockford voter and I am voting for Adam Kinzinger hands down. Are you aware that liberals actually want DonManzullo to win because they know that Don is a do-nothing and he’s politically harmless. They know he’ll sit back and stay out of their way and retire in a couple years. Adam on the other hand, is a bigger threat to liberals because 1) he will actively work to rebuild the GOP in Illinois. 2) He might run for higher office himself in the future, with success. I don’t impress easily, but Adam is articulate and he has the charisma and intelligence to win. Get used to saying “Congressman Kinzinger” because that is who will be representing you, Ted!

    • Ted Biondo

      Do whatever you think is right, leatherneck – at least you are interestted to become informed of the issues and are voting, which is more than I can say for the overwhelming majority of nonvoters tomorrow.

  7. Ryan Reilly

    Manzullo has built a career on delivering federal largesse to farmers in his district… that’s not a conservative. That’s an entrenched incumbent, of almost 20 years, who spends each term focused on re-election.
    If Cantor had endorsed Manzullo and sent some money his way, it is doubtful that Manzullo would be complaining about Cantor taking sides.

  8. shawnnews

    You guys soubd surprised that a political party would throw a loyal member under a bus.

  9. Ted: I read that no Democrat is running against Kinzinger this fall? District 16 is rated as Cook PVI R+2, which isn’t that conservative.

    (I live in a district that is D+35, and we still get GOP candidates to run. They lose, of course.)

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