Public entities have never met a tax they didn’t like!

Dennis G. Eksten, former board president, North Suburban Library District in a recent “Your Views” letter lamented the Rockford Register Star editorial board’s position advocating for passage of SB2073 Tax Cap law, which would keep revenues available to local taxing districts at their current level in a declining home market.

The board president equated that to a reduction in the revenue available to the library, because even a decrease in growth is a “reduction” to a public entity advocate.

Mr. Eksten said that this bill ignores the rising costs of everything the library uses – such as personnel insurance programs, employee benefits and wages, higher postage, etc. which is out of the control of the library. How oblivious to the taxpayers plight!

What about taxpayer’s rising costs, while their biggest investment – their home – is decreasing in value? Tax Caps allow the library and other public entities to keep taking ever higher taxes from the property owners regardless of the property’s value?

The City of Rockford and the Rockford School Distric, which account for almost 75% of local tax bills, utilize the Tax Cap Law to the max and have pushed Rockford to one of the top five taxed cities in the United States.

SB2073 doesn’t stop the taxing districts from going to the voters with a referendum, if they can justify a tax increase – that’s in the bill. However, the taxing bodies would prefer to raise taxes through an unintended backdoor referendum provision in the Tax Cap law, rather then justify their reasons for further tax increases to the voters.

Mr Eksten has urged a “NO” vote on SB2073, because public entity advocates have never met a tax they didn’t like, regardless of its effects on the property owners, who also must deal with rising costs.