Obama seeks college vote, skipping effects of national debt

A quote making the rounds on the internet from an observer sums up Obama’s campaign strategy, as follows: “Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his own money, than what Barack Obama does with mine.”

Obama is now seeking the young college vote by going from campus to campus telling the students how he understands their growing student loan debt, which averages somewhere around $25,000 and is nearing a total of almost one trillion dollars and how Obama will fix it all by lower interest for the outstanding loans.

Obama skips the part on campus of how much he has added to their future debt in order to be reelected and its effect on the very students who today believes he is saving them money in the long term.

Rush Limbaugh summed it up the other day (April 25) on his EIB network – that’s Excellence In Broadcasting for those of you from Yorba Linda, Ca.


Obama is campaigning at some university in Iowa, and he is outraged, outraged, I tell you, that the current student loan debt averaged $25,000.  He’s outraged, fit to be tied.  Somebody needs to tell Obama that each American’s share of the national debt right now is $50,000.  To be precise, $50,038 according to the national debt clock.  What’s he gonna do about this?  Is Obama outraged by that?  Student loan debt, 25 grand, debt per taxpayer is $50,038? 

What is the president doing with these amounts of money – buying votes from  the unwashed, who aren’t smart enough to know what he is doing to their future – the students.

I remember reading about Herbert Hoover in 1928 promising that if elected there would be a chicken in every pot. Those were the good-whole-days when a  president could buy a vote much cheaper, apparently by promising a chicken in every pot.

My familty didn’t have a big pot, so we ate spaghetti and chicken pot pie – and probably didn’t vote – even for the little guy. But I did graduate from school and it only took 10 years to pay off my college loans to a private school. College was a lot cheaper in 1965!