Governor Walker wins big against public unions!

Most headlines Wednesday morning were variations of Walker “survives” close recall election. The actual facts are not only did Walker become the first governor to win a recall election; he improved his winning margin by 60% over his previous election only 17 months ago!

This recall election was a farce and shouldn’t have occurred. The recall was special interest groups of public employees, disagreeing with the votes of officials elected by a majority vote of the people.

The unions wanted to run Gov. Walker out of the capitol as an object lesson that trying to limit collective bargaining and mandatory dues collection for government unions will end your political career.

Walker was attacking areas that the union bosses fear the most, because it only takes one crack in their solidarity to show the union isn’t about the workers but about power.

Walker did what he said he was going to do – lower the costs of government – he converted a $3.6B Wisconsin deficit into a $154.5M surplus by fiscal 2013 without raising taxes in Wisconsin, which has the fouth highest tax burden in the nation.

He saved school districts millions of dollars in health insurance costs by eliminating the monopolistic state health insurance sold by groups associated with the unions, and gave public employees a choice to be in the public unions by removing the dues collected by the employers.

His proposals weren’t against collective bargaining, as a matter of fact the unions weren’t even debating the issue at the end of the race, and it was a losing issue with the voters. There is no way special interests, no matter how powerful, will bamboozle the entire electorate, after the results obtained thus far from the governor’s actions.

Walker has the state finances in much better shape, saved taxpayers money and created 33,000 jobs and the public union membership has dropped from 62,818 to 28,745 a decrease of over 54%.

Guess the membership didn’t like paying dues for partisan elections over their employee interests, and according to the exit-polls, 38% of the union members voted for Walker.

According to Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development, unemployment in Wisconsin dropped from 7.5 percent in 2011 to 6.7 percent in 2012 and Wisconsin has improved from a ranking of 41 on a list of the best/worst states for business under former Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, to 20th under Walker.

Governor Walker withstood the heat and retained his position as a result.


Republicans, who too often flee the political kitchen unable to stand the heat, will see that political fire can often strengthen backbones. Walker has stood against the heat of labor unions, not only in his state but from others as well, that descended on Wisconsin, occupying the state capitol for weeks last winter.

He has also withstood the media onslaught, which, with few exceptions, has favored unions and Democrats in their pursuit of unaffordable benefits and unlimited spending.

When the public is treated like adults and issues are carefully explained to them, they make decisions that are in their government’s best interest, as well as their own. The left has thrived on emotion and superficialities in selling nonstop spending and government expansion to the public.

The results of Tuesday’s election will embolden other fiscally conservative governors in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, etc. to take similar steps that will loosen the shackles from all taxpayers that are footing the unrealistic pensions and health care benefits for public unions.



  1. You are right on target. Someone should tell SEIU that they are in our gunsights and are going down next. Unfortunately, the citizens of ILLINAUSEA will be the last state to see something like this happen as the most corrupt politicians in the country run ILLINAUSEA and they will not forsake their fellow corrupt unions.

    Isn’t it interesting that your buddy, Patrick Cunningham, has not posted one blog on this election. Can’t wait to see how quiet he is when B.O. goes down in November.

  2. shawnnews

    Again, we know very well Walker didn’t stand up to public unions since he exempted police and fire unions from his laws. He also didn’t campaign on this major part of his budget reform bill at all — though it shouldn’t be a surprise.
    Since he didn’t campaign on it, and really only wanted people who didn’t support him to lose bargaining rights, we know this is partisanship rather than courage, strength or principle.

  3. SNuss

    Nevertheless, the union thugs threw everything they had at Walker, INCLUDING the kitchen sink, and still lost by a significant margin.
    Let us hope that this signals a start to ending public sector unions, as FDR intended it to be.
    Next item-NObama2012!

  4. Carol Foster

    Well we can all see not Ted, nor SNuss, or Navyflyer10 will be invited to that Brat party Gov. Walker is holding soon. Even if you lived in Wisconsin, you wouldn’t be near enough to get a wiff of the mustard.

    • Ted Biondo

      Carol, don’t know if you spring a few bucks for the printed version of the paper, but today this little post was printed in Sunday’s paper as “Best of the Community Blogs.” I guess not everyone agrees with you, Carol.

      Wrong is wrong and right is right; I don’t need a wiff of the mustard at Walker’s Brat party, if 80,000 to 90,000 readers in this area correctly understand what Walker’s victory really meant last Tuesday to the Wisconsin state taxpayers, and what it could mean around the country, if it is repeated in other states.

  5. Actually, the stench of those “flee-bagging” Democrat cowards would make me lose my appetite, even for those delicious brats, so I would have to decline the invitation.

    BTW, Carol, that Senate seat that the Democrats won will do them no good, since the Legislature is not scheduled to be in session again until January, AFTER the next election.

    Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/politiscope/article_debae2ee-afa2-11e1-803d-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1xRGbsS00

  6. Carol Foster

    Wow, the best of the Community Blogs.
    That’s your fifteen minutes of fame you wish to point out to me?
    I understand what you want them to think Walker’s victory meant, but as usual, you missed the boat on it. Only the votes is what you are able to see so I’ve placed you in the loser catagory for defining any election.
    The rebuilding after the recall will be the only important thing that will happen and that would be the same no matter which side ended up with the most votes. Losers never get that concept and dwell on which side won the vote count like yourself.
    Your line in your post to me “wrong is wrong and right is right; I don’t need a wiff of the mustard etc.” tells it all. Loser.
    Walker didn’t just win the election, he has the potential to win so much more you feel has no importance and that’s what makes you a faux conservative. You will forever be stuck in right is right, and of course, only your right will be considered right.
    I can see why Chuck Sweeny made a point of saying people in Illinois don’t go other places and say with pride they come from this State. Your the “best” Ted and I have my doubts that’s much to want to brag about even in Rockford.

  7. Carol, what shames us most about being from Illinois is the level of Democrat corruption that permeates this State.

  8. Michael L. Farrey

    Ted I see that you have been duped by the whole Koch industry Created Tea party movement. You were sold a bill of goods that distorts your reasoning capability. The Tea Party members do not yet get the fact that they are helping only the wealthy in this country and multinational corporations. The millionaires and billionaires Won this election for Walker. This not simply about union rights, it was about many things. What would you do if your Governor tried to pass legislation allowing himself to sell with a no bid process the state own – people owned power plants and other state property via a no bid process to his corporate donors or any other person he pleased?. How do you feel about Republican members of the state assembly and senate going to workshop- vacations then coming back to their perspective states and ramming through legislation that screwed the working class and enormously benefited the wealthy and national and multinational corporations that in turn allowed them to extract the wealth of this nation and all of it’s people using these tools? This is happening nation wide and has been happening for a long time. Are you for the wealthiest multinational and national corporations being able to rewrite our laws to benefit them while screwing your friends family and neighbors? This is also what this is all about and this must stop. All good men and women need to wake up and see this for what it is. If you want to do something noble; google these key word in different combinations ALEC, Koch, tea party, AFP, Republican obstructionism & Citizens United. Do you want the people of this nation writing our laws or a few corporate owners?

    • Ted Biondo

      Michael Farrey – I assure you my reasoning capability is not distorted. What you forget is the multinational corporations and national corporations have stockholders and retirees that are invested in these corporations, if you still had some money to invest after the socialists, both Democratic and Republicans took what they wanted in taxes for their priorities!

      Also, the Supreme Court allows corporations, which are made up of many individuals, ro contribute to candidates of their choice, just like the unions have done for years.

      What choice do I have but the rich and powerful people making the laws or the Socialists who take our money and give it to someone else like Obama? At least the rich and powerful don’t give my money to someone else. I see a bigger threat to my continued level of existance from the Socialists versus the wealthy.

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