Obama’s new immigration policy was not executive order

The Obama administration is now saying that his new immigration proclamation wasn’t really an extension of the immigration laws in the form of an unconstitutional executive order. It was simply an extension of an existing policy of prosecutorial discretion in prioritizing the deportation of certain individuals.

Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting individuals, who were brought here before the age of 16 by a parent or someone who made the decision for them, and who is under 30 years of age, has lived in the U.S. for a minimum of 5 years, who has not been convicted of any criminal activity, and place them at the back of the line for deportation.

Other criteria include those who have graduated from high school or attend college ( many on a PELL grant) or currently serves in the military (this security violation should scare all Americans).

Doesn’t the fact that someone knew approximately 800,000 illegals meet this convoluted criterion, make you question U.S. imigration enforcement?

Obama’s Dream-Lite, unilateral Act is simply a short term fix for his sagging election campaign, and does nothing to resolve the immigration issues facing this country!