Lisa Madigan thumbs nose at defending Illinois Constitution

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and her cohort, Eric Holder in Washington, must have attended the same Chicago schools, because both feel they can circumvent the law without proper adjudication.

How will future Illinois AG’s opinions compel residents to comply with her interpretation of the law, if the top law enforcement officer in the state refuses to comply with the state constitution, which she has sworn to uphold?

Twenty-five gay couples who were denied marriage licenses, filed lawsuits against the ban on gay marriage, however, both the Illinois AG and the Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez refuse to defend the cases because they feel the cases are unconstitutional under the equal protection clause. At least check with the Supreme Court.


… some legal experts who believe prosecutors are legally bound to defend Illinois law, and sets up a scenario where a judge could quickly strike down the marriage statute. Supporters of the ban say it’s unconscionable that there might be nobody in court to defend it, and some are strategizing over how to intervene.

“I took an oath when I was sworn in to defend the constitution of the state of Illinois and I believe that’s what I’m doing,” Alvarez said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m not going to defend something I believe is in violation of the constitution.”

Madigan, who did not respond to a request for comment, plans to file arguments next week in support of the lawsuits, which could be consolidated into one case.

It’s up to the Illinois Supreme Court to determine what is constitutional, not the Illinois AG or the State’s Attorney in the proper jurisdiction. Rather than defend the case, as she was elected to do, the AG plans to support the lawsuits against the state’s constitution, simply based on her opinion!

Lisa Madigan is violating her oath by not defending the people of the State of Illinois. This action provides another bypass of the state legislature, just like the Obama administration is doing at the federal level. Our elected representatives are not representing the interests of the people of Illinois who elected them!

Let the usurpers just get rid of the legislative branches at all levels of government and simply allow them and the judges run everything? We will cease to be a Republic and can just go directly to law by fiat and dictate, like they do in Russia and other socialists and communist countries.


John Knight, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Project of the ACLU of Illinois, said plaintiffs will ask the judge to rule on Illinois’ law based on their arguments and those of Madigan and Alvarez.

Isn’t the state of Illinois, near Chicago, simply the best place to live in the country, where the elected officials know what is constitutional and what is not, get a case where no one defends the case and we may even get to one day eliminate the courts and both houses of the representatives altogether – they don’t work anyway and the judges seem to have taken it upon themselved to see to the disipline meated out at the correction facilities in the manner they see fit – for once corrupt, the system must be corrupted absolutely.



  1. Carol Foster

    Are you casting stones when you are holding two offices and that’s questionable according to the County’s attorney general, Ted?
    I think I smell politics as usual here.

  2. Ted, you should really resolve that issue with the two jobs. That might actually force Carol Foster to stay on subject.

    Lisa Madigan is a typical leftist. They seem to believe that their job is to enforce the laws they like, and disregard the laws they don’t like. The recent Illinois Supreme Court decision to toss the Republican Lawsuit against the Democratic gerrymandered re-districting is a perfect example. Imagine that! Our state supreme court makes partisian decisions.

    All I can say is I didn’t vote for her…or them.

    • Ted Biondo

      John – I think that most laws by design are political and they are enforced on not, based on who is elected to the office! Lisa Madigan is just more proof of that theory. Laws are ultimately determined to be constitutional or not by the Supreme Court, not the Attorney General!

  3. Carol Foster

    The topic is elected persons, using the example of Ms. Madigan, who decide to obey the laws or thumb their noses at them.
    Now I realize you and Ted feel that’s exclusive to Democrats but I’m pointing out that isn’t true. Deciding what you’ll obey isn’t exclusive to either party’s elected persons.
    People in glass houses simply shouldn’t. Ted did. Now you may call this a case of the State Supreme Court in the gerrymandering if you like but the decision was made in the matter. So was there a decision about holding two elected positions by the County’s Attorney General, and like Ms. Madigan, his choice was to do nothing. So depending upon whom doing nothing favors is really what Ted is speaking to in the end.
    Democrats do it and it’s wrong while Republicans who do it are right, or so it goes with the writer of this blog.

  4. This sounds all too familiar: An elected Democrat not only failing to enforce a legally-written and passed law for partisan political reasons, but publicly encouraging these violations.

    Do we have a “cafeteria-style” bureaucracy, where the politicians can choose to enforce, or ignore, whatever laws they choose (anarchy), or are we a representative republic, with a system of laws, created by our legislators, and enforced by the Executive branch, as THEY SWORE AN OATH TO DO.

    IF you don’t like the law, get it changed, or repealed. Otherwise, IT IS STILL THE LAW!

    • Ted Biondo

      The point of the post, Carol – I’ll spell it out because I guess you don’t understand it – is that how does the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, expect others in the state to follow laws, when she will not defend the state constitution – her job.

      She renders opinions only – she does not amend the law based on her opinions – only the Illinois Supreme Court can do that. She is now a lawbreaker and stands in the largest glass house of all, while throwing her stones, expecting others in the state to follow the law, that she herself will not!

  5. Truth About Energy

    They should be disbarred by the ARDC for not zealously representing their client (ILLINOIS) by intent, but they won’t be because the ARDC apparently forgot about … and every other rotten egg in Illinois state government. The conservative pro bono group that exists(?) in Illinois should make a big issue out of that.

  6. Carol Foster

    ARe you saying Attorney General Bruscato isn’t doing the same thing here in Winnabago County with the law and I do believe he’s a Republican, Ted?
    Isn’t he making law by not enforcing the law for a fellow Republican?
    I don’t see any zealousness of representing the electrit of the County in this matter of a local elected person who is holding two positions.
    If you are higher up or lower, the job is the same of an Attorney General.

    • Ted Biondo

      Carol, if you knew what the hell you were talking about just one time, it would be a miracle. Please refrain from commenting on what you know nothing about. Mr Bruscato is a Democrat. He is the State’s Attorney of Winnebago county. The county doesn’t have an attorney general for God’s sake. Please become informed on the issues about which you intend to write on this blog or go elsewhere.

      You, as usual, totally ignored my last comment to you, “How does the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, expect others in the state to follow laws, when she will not even defend the laws or the state constitution – her job?”

      Please have the intellect to answer that question, Carol, or are you totally an emotiontron without any ability to read and answer a simple question? If not, please go back to sleep.

      JRM – you wanted dumb and dumber – I found the one for you!

  7. Truth About Energy

    What this does prove is that the “legal” branch is largely irrelevant, except for what we give it and what we make of it. Above all else, it produces nothing. Society has never fallen apart when the courts weren’t in session on public holidays. Last spring, we all witnessed what happens when running for office becomes lawyered. First, a certain perpetual candidate and lawyer challenged all of his opponents (Obama did it first). Second, the RVC faculty wanted to force the change of a vote that they didn’t like (that is corrupt).

  8. shawnnews

    It’s actually a terrible idea for the attorney general not to defend the laws she deems unconstitutional. Another attorney general could come in and not defend laws they find unconstitutional which clearly are. I saw a biography on Bobby Kennedy that said he had to defend loathsome segregation laws that had not been stricken. We have to follow the laws we don’t like.

    • Ted Biondo

      shawnnews – the next attorney general, as you commented, could say that they would not prosecute children who pray openly in schools, or cities that have nativity scenes on the city hall lawns, and the AG could prosecute abortionists, that kill the baby in the third trimester, etc., etc. even if state law allows it.

      We are quickly becoming a nation of men, and women who make the rules up as they go along – not a nation of laws. What goes around, as you say, may come around.

  9. Truth About Energy

    If an Attorney General prosecuted an abortionist for murder, no doubt the ARDC would act and act swiftly. Actually, that happened in Kansas (of all states) not too long ago. I can’t comprehend how the ARDC would not respond here when it has responded to far less in the past. Any credibility that has been acquired by that commission over the years will be wiped out in one fell swoop if it refuses to respond.

    “We are quickly becoming a nation of men, and women who make the rules up as they go along – not a nation of laws.”

    – You’ve got that right, Ted. I think that a lot more people around here realize that after the numerous candidate challenges last Spring. The grounds upon which most of those objections were made are so puny that the use of objections was what was corrupt. A certain ex-State Senator used objections to win office in 1996.

  10. Carol Foster

    And now you are reduced to cursing at me, Ted. Not a question but a fact. One of the few made up facts from you that is true in one of your blogs.
    You are holding two elected positions and there’s a law in place that disagrees with your legal ability to do that very thing. We have had a ruling from Mr. Bruscato’s office who wanted to wait to see if the State Leg. passed something to get you off the hook and that didn’t happen.
    Now you may have a snit as much as you like that your holding the two elected positions is all about politics and an effort to overthrow a vote, but come on, I’m not the only one who has said enough is enough in this matter.
    You are the one person with no right to throw stones at Ms. Madigan or anyone else when your house is not in order.
    So curse away at old ladies who disagree with you on many topics. Guess you just can’t help yourself where your own behavior is concerned, right?

  11. On a related note (how screwed up this State is), check out this map, rating the business climate state by state, and see how The People’s Republic of Illinois compares. No real surprises to most of us.


  12. Adam Rich

    I’ve already thrown out my opinion on gay marriage but that is not the issue here. Maybe I’m off on this one but it seems clear….the Attorney General of the State of Illinois should be concerned with enforcing the laws of this state, not taking a political/opinionated stance one way or the other. Either laws should be changed or the State Supreme Court should decide what is and isn’t constitutional.

    Now I will spend the next ten minutes trying to make out the blurry password in order to submit this comment.

    • Ted Biondo

      Sorry about the blurry password Adam. I have trouble figuring it out also, if I’m on the network. I always make sure to copy my comment before making a guess at the password, just in case, so I have other chances to submit my comment.

  13. Ted Biondo

    Adam Faber, I blog without reference to my elected positions – that is the deal. I also do not have to put up with personal attacks on my faith – you are gone from the blog – go personally attack someone else.

  14. shawnnews

    Bobby Jindal has decided Louisiana isn’t part of the US and has decided not to enforce the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. This is what I expect will happen if people decide to make uo their own laws rather than follow ones that are passed.

    • Ted Biondo

      shawnnews – you mean like Obama has ignored Congress, the laws, the constitution – Obama’s setting the example for all the others – Obama has set the new standards of a country of men and not of laws. Wait until Romney get’s in – if he does – he can wipe out all the things Obama has done – without making laws either – that’s what happens when you make up your own rules – we better get used to it!

  15. shawnnews

    As far as unconstitutinality goes I don’t believe the political parties do a great job upholding it. However, the court – which is the final authority rather than you and I or the parties we currently support — has decided that the ACA is consititutional and Jindal has refused to comply. Can you find five specific examples where the court has overturned a policy of Obama’s?
    To say something is unconstitutional requires more than just you and I thinking it is.

    • Ted Biondo

      Jindal is just following the example of our president, who follows whatever law or path he wishes – what goes around comes around. Obama is leading the way of lawlessness. So, he should expect others to follow his lead!

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