Brad Pitt is straight – does it matter? – No!

The big news today is that Anderson Cooper has officially announced to the world that he is gay. The LA Times headline reports, “Anderson Cooper comes out as gay. Does it matter? Yes.”

No it doesn’t! Most of the people on this planet have far more important things to think about than the sexual preference of Anderson Cooper or anyone else – gay or straight!

Most of us are concerned with the government taking over our healthcare, our retirement, our lives; worried about 15 -20% underemployed and unemployed workers, will our kids get a decent education, how will we pay our bills and taxes, the debt we have placed on future generations, etc.

Why do Anderson Cooper and other celebrities feel the compunction to announce to the world that they are gay? Why should a person even have to “come out” that they are gay? It isn’t anyone else’s business whether someone is gay or straight, and most could care less.

So, Anderson Cooper and the rest, keep your sexual perference to yourself. Most of us have a million things to worry about each day and whether you are straight or gay isn’t one of them!