Followup on Illinois Medicaid rationing to 4 prescriptions

Democrats, President Obama, and others who think government can control universal healthcare costs, are doing so in Illinois by rationing Medicaid prescriptions to four. Anyone with common sense, logic and the most basic comprehension of mathematics would have predicted this outcome!

Rationing will also be the ultimate result of Obamacare, since expanded state Medicaid is the medical care of choice by the federal government trying to force state governments to take over the feds one-size-fits-all national healthcare system for the uninsured.

The Chicago Democrats control all of the branches of government in this overwhelmingly BLUE state. They are the ones who are trumpeting the no pre-existing condition keeping anyone from insurance, while cutting the costs of their state Medicaid by rationing drugs to the sick.

Since state Medicaid will be the insurance covering most of the uninsured in this and other states, my previous post was simply pointing out that the liberal politicians are already rationing Medicaid to cut $2.7B from their deficit, even though the uninsured have not been added to it yet! Could states file bankruptcy like three California cities have thus far?

Obamacare will result in an even a more separated, two-tiered healthcare system than we have now, although I suspect the European Socialists currently running this country may eventually forbid even those who can afford private care from obtaining it – you will be fined (taxed, according to the Supreme Court) if you go outside their medical system.



  1. JRM_CommonSense

    Someone needs to go and revisit the Supreme Court ruling which made significant changes to the State Medicaid expansion requirement of the PPACA. States do not have to participate in the Medicaid expansion if they chose not to. Those who chose not to do so, do NOT lose Medicaid funding for what they already have, but will not get the funding for the expansion that they decided to forego. Nuff said!

    • Ted Biondo

      Sure nuff, JRM. We need to stuff the national health care system altogether! This action will sure level the playing field.

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