Obama will stop at nothing to be elected president

The Obama campaign will do just about anything to win the election in November, but suing Ohio to block a law which extends early voting for members of the military, who have placed their lives on the line for this country is unfathomable!

Tradition has always allowed for special circumstances for military personnel in voting and dates back to the civil war. Republicans traditionally have received the majority of the military vote, and with Ohio being a key battleground state, and no Republican ever being elected without its 18 electoral votes, it’s too important for the Obama campaign to allow extra consideration even for our military personnel and their families.


The Obama campaign sued Republicans DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted, contending Ohio’s two-tiered early voting process violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection under the law.

Ohio is among 32 states that allow voters to cast an early ballot by mail or in person without an excuse. In 2008, about 30 percent of the swing state’s total vote — or roughly 1.7 million ballots — came in ahead of Election Day.

In addition, state law allows families of armed forces members and civilians overseas to vote through the Monday before an election, while early voting for all other Ohioans ends the preceding Friday. The Nov. 6 election falls on a Tuesday.

The Obama lawsuit said that the latter part of the Ohio law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis” — and that all voters should be able to vote on those days. The campaign seeks a court order invalidating the statute.

Also, the military and their families vote in a higher percentage than other Ohioans.

This action taken by the Obama campaign shows what is important to this president, who has run for office almost continually, since being elected over three and one-half years ago.



  1. Brian Opsahl

    Of course it’s differnt he’s a republican …and so are you ..They can do or say whatever they want but the other guy says the same thing it’s a Constituional crisis…every single time..!!

    • Ted Biondo

      You mean like the lie Obama’s PAC is saying about Romney, that he was responsible for the steel worker’s wife’s death because Bain Capital laid off her husband – the guy in the ad – when she had her own insurance, Bain Capital saved their jobs for four additional years and she died 7 years after Romney left Bain – you mean those kind of dispicable lies by the Obama campaign. They are Democrats if memory serves me well!


      The Obama campaign Democrats are liars of the worst sort and prove the point I was making in the post – that Obama will stop at nothing to be elected president – nothing!

  2. Adam Faber

    No Ted, the point you tried to make in your post was based on complete fabrications. When caught in a lie, the honest thing to do is to man up and atone for it; instead, you are trying to justify your own dishonesty by pointing out that Democrats do it too as if that somehow excuses all of your own lies. It doesn’t.

  3. JRM_CommonSense

    So now Obama is allowed to have his own PAC? My God, (oh sorry, my secularist diety) this man is dispicable having a PAC that he is running even though that is against the law. See, Ted is right, he will “stop at nothing to be elected president – nothing!” Oh wait a minute, that is re-elected – he was elected once before……!

  4. No, Brian, it IS different. Frank, Dodd, Kerry, and Obama WERE PAID TO VOTE A CERTAIN WAY.
    Newt was hired to give advice AFTER he had left office, so no votes were bought from him.

  5. @ Ted: ” Sermo datur cunctis; animi sapientia paucis ” and “Veriteti Aliquid Extremum est, error immensus est.” 😉

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    And you are a perfect example of one of the many whose errors are endless! 😉

  7. Adam Faber

    What an odd pair to share these two quotes, especially on a post that was untruthful.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    Ted, That add is the story of what that man went trough because of lossing his insurance. When he says that his wife waited to go to the Doctor because she new they couldnt afford the bills is exactly what is happening to millions of Americans Ted …until the affordable care act

    And Ted did you see the answer that the Romney spokeslady gave for that add…hmmm Ted ..She said that if that man had been living in Massachusetts he would have been able to have coverage for his wife..thats increadable Ted she just gave a plug for the Affordable care act.

    Bain Capitol barrowed against that steel company then paid back all the investers then took there pensions fired all the workers and filed for bankruptsy handing the taxpayers the bill for there pensions TED. Nice American business practice huh Ted. The Devil is always in the details TED.

  9. Brian, that “add” is full of lies. Romney had left operational control of Bain Capital YEARS before this guy got laid off. His wife still had HER OWN HEALTH INSURANCE, before she lost her job, years later.
    Bain Capital only bought into companies that were already in trouble, and managed to keep this company open for a few years longer, until it finally failed.

    Bain had an approximately 80% SUCCESS rate with these kind of troubled businesses, but they couldn’t save them all. And, yes, they made a profit. That is what GOOD businesses do, to survive.
    They aren’t charities, or government-sponsored crony capitalist ventures, like Solyndra.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    Thats not what I found out. First cult leader Romneys name filled with the SEC says that the sole shareholder and CEO is signed by none other than Mitt the twit…seen it last night. Bain Capitol absolutly filled bankruptsy and handed the pension bill to the United States Taxpayers …Fact! and if want to defend the practices of Bain Capitol as good old American style way of doing business you couldn’t be more wrong..These vultures wipe their feet on hard working Americans and snear their noses at all the middle class.

    They ruin the lives of so many working people by their money grabbing sceems it’s down right sickening and you want to promote those ideas.. Sorry but I love ALL Americans not just some of them like you all republicans. Your just a want a be thats all !!

  11. Brian Opsahl

    And how come cult leader Romneys adds are not mentioned as false also as you no they are…hmmm ???

  12. Four Pinocchios

    Brian, it is all over the news, but not the news you watch.


    Obama’s campaign got caught in a lie.

    “Psaki was stating what was simple fact – he appeared in an ad and he was on a conference call with the campaign. The claims of ignorance yesterday were surprising, given that Soptic was an early fixture in the campaign’s Bain rollout.”
    from political

  13. IMHO, the Obama regime, and their PAC sycophants, are running the most hate-filled, fact-deficient, and dishonest campaign since Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels operated the Reich Minister of Propaganda.

  14. Correction: since Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels WAS the Reich Minister of Propaganda.

  15. Brian Opsahl

    Oh now it’s the ultimate slur…so they are Nazis. Romney will tell you something in the morning and have a completly differnt answer for the exact same question by the afternoon.

  16. Well, they are Socialists, so it is a close comparison. I doubt that they are as efficient as the Nazis. Here is their propaganda, debunked:

    Here’s the Joe Soptic timeline:

    ** Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999 to work on Olympics.
    ** GST Steel in Kansas City was shut down in 2001.
    ** Top Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine was in charge of Bain Capital at the time.
    ** Soptic was offered a buy-out.
    ** Soptic took another job but declined to purchase their insurance plan.
    ** Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance plan through 2003.
    ** In 2006, Soptic’s wife was diagnosed — diagnosed! — with very late-stage cancer.
    ** She died 22 days after diagnosis.
    ** The pro-Obama PAC Priorities USA cuts an ad blaming Romney for her death.

    Source: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/08/omg-joe-soptic-the-anti-romney-cancer-ad-steelworker-admits-bain-capital-offered-him-a-buyout-video/

    BTW, the Obama campaign said they had no first-hand knowledge of Joe Soptic’s story, despite the fact that Soptic was featured in an Obama campaign advertisement and was on a conference call with Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter.

  17. So you are upset that snuss uses “ultimate slur” but not the Obama campaign?

    Monday, March 19, 2012 By: RJC Press Office

    The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a statement today in response to a tweet from President Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, that referred to a “Mittzkrieg” of campaign ads in Illinois.

    “At a time when there is so much talk about the need for civility in political discourse, it is disturbing to see President Obama’s top campaign advisor casually throw Nazi imagery around in reference to a Republican candidate for President. Holocaust and Nazi imagery are always inappropriate in the political arena. Axelrod should apologize for his offensive language.

    Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/david-axelrod/2012/03/19/axelrod-under-fire-romney-nazi-reference#ixzz23R2KhhYs

    DNC chairman has no clue?
    “But you’re seriously going to sit there on national TV and claim that you have no clue about the party affiliation of Bill Burton? You remember Bill, right? The former White House Deputy Press Secretary?”


  18. Brian Opsahl

    Are you serious. What the hell is wrong with you folks !! The best thing that I found out about the Joe Soptic add is that the democrats never had to pay to have the add run it was only on the internet and the republicans took the bait and did all the work for us …Thanks guys !!

    So the Ryan plan huh boys thats what the cult leader Romney has in store for us Americans ….more tax cuts for the rich and stick it to the middle class again..cut Grandmas Medicare so he can give himself a tax rate of 0.03 % under Ryans plan..hmm

  19. Brian,
    so you have no issue with them blaming Romney for killing his wife like years and years after he left Bain? Then no problem with Obama’s staff denying knowledge of the story and Soptic until a conference call with his staff came to light where they were talking to Soptic. No problem that the Washington Post (no fan of the Republicans) says that ad was false.
    Even CNN
    Ad linking Romney to death of the wife of a laid off steelworker not accurate.

    Also, it appears that using Nazi imagery is OK with you if it is used to describe Republicans.

    Ryan’s plan keeps medicare the same for seniors, Obama’s AFCA doesn’t.

  20. Brian Opsahl

    BS, Ryans plan gives vochers that wont even cover the first year. Then he takes some 700,000 out of the program to give a tax break to the gazillionares (not you) but the really insane rich like himself..also under Ryans plan Romneys new tax rate would be like 0.03 % . And your dumb enough to buy into this plan that didn’t work under Bush so now they try it even worse !!

    I have never called anybody a Nazi nor do i condone anybody else using that type of a slur. The fact that Joe Soptic told HIS story HIS way just pisses you folks off. But you know what Ive sit back and watched you republicans insult our President like I have never seen before making him show his Birth cert then when we ask for Romney tax returns you all act like we called him the Devil or something.

    I’m glad they are giving you a dose of your own Medicine it’s about time…Show us the tax reurns

  21. Brian,
    never said you did call anyone a NAZI, I just observed that that your outrage is selective since you made no comment about Axelrod’s NAZI imagery. Now since you don’t condone it, please condemn Axelrod’s slur.
    Show us the college transcripts! even one or two years will do.

    Flash, even the mainstream new is reporting that Ryan’s plan doesn’t change anything for those 55 and older.

  22. JRM_CommonSense

    Flash, even the main stream news is reporting the Romney, Ryan, Republican misrepresentations regarding the $716B “benefit cuts” to medicare in the Affordable Care Act. This has been dispproved and clearly described many times, and they are still repeating the boogey man statement which first appeared in Boehner’s inaccurate letter.

    Flash, the Ryan medicare plan has the SAME medicare cost savings items in it and Romney has stated his approval of them.

    And what is this hang up with college transcripts and client lists? Neither has anything to do with running for President or being fit for office. Just a bunch of smoke hoping they can start a fire over something that is meaningless. Would you want your college transcripts open to the public or your lawyer publishing his client list with your name on it. Ever hear of lawyer/client priviledge?

    Find some real important stuff to talk about, and make sure it is true fact befor you spit out unchecked regurgitations.

    • Ted Biondo

      Yes JRM his transcripts have as much to do with running for president as tax returns. I don’t care about either. I want to know what the candidates are going to do for the country. Both of these issues are smoke screens. The voters need to look at the issues – who is going to do what for the economy – what are their plans.

      The country shouldn’t care who’s richer. They might care who is smarter and all we have to go on with Obama is he doesn’t look too smart about the economy or foreign policy. Where are these discussions? Our vote should be based on the issues not trumped up garbage like this!

  23. “There are two other points to bear on this subject. The first is that Ryan’s Medicare cuts were solely used to extend the solvency of the Medicare trust fund, and not to fund new spending elsewhere. By contrast, Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare in order to fund $1.9 trillion in new health care spending, through the law’s expansion of Medicaid and its new subsidized exchanges.”
    “Mitt Romney’s Medicare ad is dishonest and hypocritical,” claims Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith. “The savings his ad attacks do not cut a single guaranteed Medicare benefit.”

    This is a deeply misleading statement by the campaign. It’s true that the Obamacare Medicare cuts don’t make any changes to the Medicare insurance benefit, which means that the health-care services covered by the Medicare insurance plan are technically unchanged. But Obamacare’s Medicare cuts are bluntly structured, in ways that will harm seniors’ access to care.

    Of the $716 billion in cuts, $415 billion come in the form of “updates to fee-for-service payment rates,” a euphemism for reducing Medicare’s payments to doctors and hospitals.”


    Flash, Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine


    Ryan’s plan throws granny off the cliff
    Romney did not kill Soptic’s wife

    JRM kind of reminds me of Napoleon’s Lieutenant.

    • Ted Biondo

      Good points Wilson, more proof of the hate spewed by the liberal campaigns – not issue based but hate based.

  24. JRM_CommonSense

    Another person who listens to only his/her favorite talking heads, fails to read the actual documents, shows they have little idea of how insurance companies work today, and obviously doesn’t understand the priciples of demand and supply that are at work in the health care industry. More demand for services from paying customers provide more revenue to the suppliers, and as a result, prices can be reduced.

    Just testing how smart the “generals” of the extreme wing of the Republican party are. Found out that they are all “generals”, and they have no idea what the real facts are.

    Maybe this will help people understand better. Then again, the spin off this should be fun to listen to.

    “Since the Romney campaign wants to run against President Obama’s cuts to Medicare, it’s something of a problem for them that Paul Ryan’s budget includes those very same cuts to Medicare. And so they’ve come up with a somewhat confused and confusing argument to distinguish the two plans.

    Obama’s cuts to Medicare are different because Ryan “keeps that money for Medicare to extend its solvency” while Obama uses it “to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call Obamacare.”
    This is basically a misunderstanding of how budgeting works. Or, at the least, it’s predicated on the listener misunderstanding how budgeting works.

    What they’re doing is switching between two questions very quickly. The first question is: “How much money are you cutting from Medicare?” The second question is: “How much overall deficit reduction is contained in your plan?” And the second question isn’t getting answered.

    Here’s what everyone agrees on: Ryan and Obama include the same cuts to the Medicare program itself. So if you’re an insurance company participating in the Medicare Advantage program, you’re getting the same cut no matter who wins the election. So the answer to the first question is, “the same amount as the Obama administration.”

    What Romney/Ryan are saying is that they then take the money saved from their cuts to Medicare and put it toward deficit reduction while Obama takes that money and spends it on health care for poor people. The argument here is that by using the money to cut the deficit, Romney/Ryan make future cuts to Medicare less likely.

    But Romney/Ryan also add a trillion dollars to the defense budget. And they have trillions of dollars in tax cuts they haven’t explained how they’re going to pay for. So those decisions make future cuts to Medicare more likely. Meanwhile, Obama cuts defense spending by hundreds of billions of dollars, raises about $1.5 trillion in new taxes, and puts all that money into deficit reduction. So that makes future Medicare cuts less likely.

    So if the argument is that Romney/Ryan protect Medicare by putting the $770 billion in cuts towards deficit reduction, Obama protects Medicare by twice as much by putting the $1.5 trillion in new tax revenues towards deficit reduction. So far as the deficit is concerned, there’s no difference between a dollar from Medicare and a dollar from taxes.

    Which just leaves us where we began: Romney/Ryan want to do more of their deficit reduction by cutting social services while Obama wants to do more of his deficit reduction through raising taxes. Deciding whose plan makes more sense requires making judgments about whether Romney/Ryan will ultimately pay for their tax cuts. But deciding who is cutting Medicare by $700 billion just requires looking at who is cutting Medicare by $700 billion. And at the moment, that’s both Obama and the Republican budget.

    The Romney/Ryan campaign is aware of the difficulties in their argument, and so they’ve introduced a new wrinkle. They told Avik Roy, who also serves as a health adviser to the campaign, that “A Romney-Ryan Administration will restore the funding to Medicare.” If that’s true, then their budget math just got completely impossible.”


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