USA! USA! USA wins 2012 Summer Olympics!

The U.S.A has won the 2012 Summer Olympics, despite having less than one-quarter of the population of China and despite most of U.S.A. athletes financially supporting their own quest for excellence, unlike many other countries that totally support their athletes financially.

To all the apologists in the media with their columns bemoaning the U.S.A’s superiority, especially men’s and women’s basketball, as usual, you were wrong.

Where were these media when other countries used professionals in the Olympics to compete against our amateur college and high school athletes for over half a century?

As a matter of fact, the 2012 men’s Dream Team barely won gold against Spain 107 – 100 and struggled in another game, winning after trailing by 3 points with just over 5 minutes left in the game.

In the semifinals, the women’s basketball team trailed Australia at halftime and won by just 6 baskets – sounds pretty competitive to me – but then I’m not with the Associated Press.

What do they teach today’s columnists – to abhor exceptionalism – as something to be quashed because the outcome doesn’t benefit everyone equally?

Should those who excel be restrained in our brave new world, so that those who do not wish to achieve excellence still retain their self-esteem? Many Americans are growing weary of a society where mediocrity has replaced exceptionalism in many areas.

The Olympic team is a shining example of what people can accomplish when they dedicate themselves to achieve their seemingly impossible goals. And pride in one’s country is not a four letter word.

God bless the U.S.A.!



  1. JRM_CommonSense

    I didn’t know there was a winner of the overall Olympics category. I was under the impression that there were 302 individual/team competitions over a two week period. Those competitions were won by individuals/teams from participating countries. The U.S won gold medals in 46 of those competitions. That amounts to 140+ gold medals for U.S. team members.

    Should we be proud of this Olympic team? Absolutely!
    Should we claim that they won something that wasn’t even one of the competitions? Probably not!
    Who cares what columnists say? Only those who cannot think for themselves.

    • Ted Biondo

      JRM – that’s exactly what a liberal would say – no feeling of competition, teamwork, no feeling for our country just like Obama, no exceptionalism of America over any other country – just what I would expect of a liberal. Did you ever play sports or were you one of those who just watched?

  2. You need to stay away from writing about sports. Far away. This column makes absolutely no sense and I wish you had multiple examples you’d cite to prove your point that the media has been critical of the US Olympic success. This is just another example of phony right-wing outrage.

    Everything I’ve seen, both on Facebook and in media coverage, has trumpeted US success in the games. And, more importantly, you don’t “win” the Olympic Games. Medal counts are horse-race stats invented by the media to juice coverage. Sure, the medal count might be a way to measure a country’s success on the world stage. But, the Games are about individual and team competition, not about medal counts.

  3. JRM_CommonSense

    Ted, you are becoming funnier and funnier. Your response so misses my point! For you to interpret my statements as being a typical liberal response and having “no feeling of competition, teamwork, no feeling for our country just like Obama, no exceptionalism of America over any other country” shows just how warped your view of the world has become. To think that one country, any country, can win the Olympics shows how little you understand sports and the Olympic movement. The scorched earth philosophy is a rather dated approach to life and success. But it is funny to watch you continue to try to practice it.

    For your information, in answer to your childish attempt to demean my abilities. I was a 3 year starter in football, basketball, baseball, and golf in high school and a 4 year starter in football, basketball, and baseball in college. The only thing I enjoy watching is people like you practicing the “sport” opening your mouths and inserting both of your feet.

    If you feel you have to label me a liberal because I disagree with your extreme right wing nonsense, then feel free to do so. It just shows how far afield you have strayed. I know, I know, you have saved millions and millions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, but those “credentials” and a dollar will mean that you have a dollar – nothing else.

    However, rest assured, I do think that you are exceptional at what you do!

  4. JRM_CommonSense

    I have to apologize to you Ted. I have finally found the YouTube posting of the one medal presentation that I missed – the one where they awarded the Gold Medal to the U.S as the winner of the Olympic Games. They must have held it really early on the last morning when I chose to sleep in. So I guess the Gold Medal count for the U.S is really 47 for events and we really won 140+ plus another one for even member of the U.S team -making us the only team that had every team member win a Gold Medal. Now that is really exceptional.

    • Ted Biondo

      Thanks, JRM. I send money to the Special Olympics every few months, sometimes a little less if it’s an expensive time – but those kid are all winners in my book. They give every kid an award regardless of how fast or slow or how high they jump or if they can’t jump at all. That’s the way it should be on that field of honor for those kids.

      The actual Olympics there has to be a winner and one who comes in second, even one who doesn’t even finish. They are all great athletes for even making it that far, regardless of how they do during the two week event. However, the USA did the best and should be recognized for it as they were by the IOC.

  5. Leave it to JRM to find the cloud outside every silver lining.

    Our Olympic team did “exceptionally” well, gathering more medals than any other country, and we should applaud their efforts. But, I presume that our athletes really didn’t do it themselves. It was their teachers, the roads, and the bridges, that really allowed them to win.
    Or, perhaps Obama will take the credit.

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    Hmmm, must not have seen that the sarcasm switch was on!

  7. BTW, did you see the First Lady publically chastise gold-medal winner Gabby Douglas for rewarding herself for winning, by eating an Egg McMuffin?


    Talk about food Nazis.

  8. Adam Faber

    No Snuss, because it didn’t happen. She chided Jay Leno about how he eats. Talk about misconstruing things.

  9. The transcript is in the link.

    OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.

    DOUGLAS: Sorry.

  10. Adam Faber

    Snuss, you only cited two lines that you took out of context. Not that I’m surprised. The full exchange indicates that Ms. Obama was teasing Jay Leno, not Gabby Douglas. The meaning is altered when you intentionally exclude Obama’s playful request that Ms. Douglas to “don’t encourage [Leno]”. Below is the entire exchange, but I must ask: are you so desperate to stir up controversy that you read through quotes trying to see where you can take something out of context just for fun? That’s desperate.

    * * * * *

    JAY LENO, HOST: You trained your whole life, you win. How did you celebrate? What did you do?

    GABBY DOUGLAS: We didn’t have time to celebrate. It was team finals and had to turn the page all-around finals and event finals after that. But, after the competition, I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.

    LENO: Egg McMuffin.


    MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, Gabby, we don’t, don’t encourage him. [Laughter] I’m sure it was on…

    DOUGLAS: A salad.

    OBAMA: a whole wheat McMuffin.

    LENO: It was on a whole wheat bun.

    OBAMA: Yeah.

    LENO: So an Egg McMuffin. Very good.

    [Light laughter]

    OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.

    DOUGLAS: Sorry.

    OBAMA: It’s so hard.

  11. JRM_CommonSense

    Love the way SNuss always changes the subject/topic when he is backed into a corner and has no logical/truthful response!

  12. Adam Faber

    He’s only emulating the moderator who, through his own behavior, condones such untruthful statements.

    • Ted Biondo

      Adam is as hateful as his president! Liberals for the throat first, use class hate, racism, fear, intentional lies, etc.

  13. Adam Faber

    Excuse me, Ted? I pointed out the truth of the exchange in question; you and Snuss continually lie. Can you please explain why you think that an insistence on honesty is hateful?

    • Ted Biondo

      You said in your last comment to a response, “He’s only emulating the moderator who, through his own behavior, condones such untruthful statements.” That is a personal attack, not the issue. Why not stick to debating the issues, instead of attacking the moderator as you call me!

  14. Adam Faber

    No Ted, that’s a statement of fact. Just recently, you completely misrepresented the U.S. Forest Service’s decision to protect wildlife while fighting forest fires and the Obama administration’s lawsuit to eliminate restrictions on early voting in Ohio. You weren’t just a little wrong on a couple of points; you tried to pass off these issues as exactly the opposite of what they were. By continually doing this yourself, do you not see that you are giving license to others to be similarly dishonest?

    To be clear, by saying “why not stick to debating the issues”, are you suggesting that you would have preferred if we had let Snuss’s inaccurate comment about the exchange on Jay Leno go uncorrected? If so, that only reinforces the idea that you condone this type of dishonesty.

    By muddying the issues with misinformation, quotes taken out of context and blatant lies you have made dishonesty the issue. That you perceive having that pointed out as a personal attack rather than a notice to evaluate your practices is your own problem. Before you respond, can we stipulate that you think you have saved taxpayers millions of dollars and that you think the President uses teleprompters too much?

  15. As opposed to you Leftists, who “occasionally” tell the truth, usually by accident.
    Here are example of your “Messiah”, doing what he does best:

    Lies During Fourth Year

    “I am told that Governor Romney’s new running mate, Paul Ryan, might be around Iowa the next few days,” he said while in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “He is one of the leaders of Congress standing in the way. So if you happen to see Congressman Ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to Iowa and our rural communities.”
    House passed bill on August 2, 2012 (Paul Ryan voted yes)

    The American automobile industry has come roaring back…So now I want to say what we did with the auto industry, we can do it in manufacturing across America. Let’s make sure advanced, high-tech manufacturing jobs take root here, not in China. And that means supporting investment here. Governor Romney … invested in companies that were called ‘pioneers’ of outsourcing. I don’t want to outsource. I want to insource.
    Forbes- Outsourcer-In-Chief: Obama Of General Motors

    “You Didn’t Build that”
    A few examples
    Lies During Third Year

    I will walk on that picket line with you, if workers are denied the right to bargain.

    In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama said that American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.

    I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever
    Obama aided Islamic Extremists take over of Egypt/ Libya – Weapons pour into Gaza

    Virtually every Senate Republican voted against the tax cut last week

    “Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”
    Like Raising taxes?

    Obama met highly qualified out of work teacher Robert Baroz
    He wasn’t out of work and Obama never met him.

    GOP Responsible for Obama Jobs Bill Not Passing
    Dems Rejected Jobs Bill

    You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. So the notion that somehow the American people aren’t sold is not the problem
    Gallup Poll: Only 69%

    These are obligations that the United States has taken on in the past. Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills.
    Looks like it’s been incurred mostly in the years of Obama

    Jobs Bill Paid for
    Seems not so much Paid for

    Then you’ve got their(GOP)which is dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance
    Barack Obama, campaiging in Asheville, NC, 10/17/11

    I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

    USA producing more oil than ever before
    Petroleum Insights

    Fence between US and Mexico is “Practically Complete”
    Department of Homeland Security says 5%

    Rich doesn’t pay their fair share.
    National Taxpayers Union

    Mitt Romney would deny gay people the right to adopt children.
    Cnn Interview

    Read more at: http://obamalies.net/list-of-lies

  16. Adam Faber

    Snuss said: “As opposed to you Leftists, who ‘occasionally’ tell the truth, usually by accident.”

    That’s it? That’s your explanation when you’re caught in a lie about Ms. Obama? Then you call the President a name? You know you were caught lying again.

  17. JRM_CommonSense

    That’s why he tried to change the subject again. It is his signature move to get away from the lie. It is call an extreme right, double flip, triple twist, two foot mouth insertion dismount!

  18. The First Lady chided Ms. Douglas, who then apologized for “setting me (Ms. Obama) back”. That is a fact. Why would she apologize, if she believed it was just a joke? I can only imagine that she was intimidated by the First Lady.

    You probably think “Plugs” Biden was “joking” about Republicans “putting chains on” African-Americans, too. Too bad that he forgot that DEMOCRATS fought to KEEP them in chains.

  19. Adam Faber

    Snuss, can you not read the text of the exchange? Ms. Obama was clearly talking about Jay Leno’s diet, not Gabby Douglas’s.

  20. The First Lady chastised Ms. Douglas for announcing that she had treated herself to an Egg McMuffin, because that undercut her effort to act as a “food NAZI” to Jay Leno.
    She should have supported Ms. Douglas for only eating fast food as an occasional treat, not a steady diet.

  21. Adam Faber

    No, Ms. Obama clearly did not chastise Gabby Douglas for eating an Egg McMuffin. This can be determined from reading the transcript. Just because you would have preferred her to say something different does not grant you license to misconstrue what was actually said.

  22. If your boss said “You’re setting me back” during a meeting, would you take it as a joke, or as criticism?

  23. Adam Faber

    That’s a ridiculous attempt at a comparison. This was on a late-night talk show, not in a stoic business meeting. Did you even watch the clip and observe the tenor of the lighthearted conversation or just take two lines out of context and try to turn it into something it clearly was not? No matter how you try to distract us with what you wanted them to say, Joe Biden or comparing this to a business meeting, the fact remains that you completely misrepresented this and got caught.

  24. This is a teen-aged girl being rebuked by the First Lady. Adult versions of “humor” don’t always translate well to impressionable youths. They might actually think that you meant what you said.

  25. Adam Faber

    Repeating the same wrong thing over and over, Snuss, will not make it true. In no way did Ms. Obama rebuke Gabby Douglas. Anyone who actually watched the clip and is not on an irrational witch-hunt can see that she was teasing Jay Leno. You were wrong and now you have tried to change the subject to Joe Biden, conflate the Tonight Show with a business meeting, call the President a name and still you can’t come up with anything to redeem yourself. That’s because it’s indefensible to lie and you’re desperate to escape responsibility.

  26. And Romney didn’t kill that steelworker’s wife, nor commit a felony, as Leftists claim. Nor is Paul Ryan pushing Granny off a cliff, among hundreds of other Democrat lies.

    So, how do you like having Saul Alinsky’s tactics used against you, for a change?

  27. Adam Faber

    You can keep changing the subject when you’re caught in a lie, but it’s still a lie. You evaded my earlier question: are you so desperate to stir up controversy that you read through quotes trying to see where you can take something out of context just for fun?

  28. Yada, yada, yada………

  29. It was a rebuke. The First lady COULD have stated that Gabby was a good example, because she only ate fast food as a “treat”, not a steady diet, as Jay was being accused of doing.

    She, Bloomberg, and their ilk ARE “food NAZIs”.

  30. Adam Faber

    This has nothing to do with Mayor Bloomberg. It was clearly not a rebuke; repetition does not alter the fact that you are misrepresenting this entire exchange and trying to turn it into something it was not. Since you didn’t answer my question after two posts now, shall I assume that you didn’t even bother to watch this clip?

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