Highlights of Paul Ryan’s Republican convention speech

Some of the quote highlights of Paul Ryan’s Republican convention speech, and there were many, are listed below. Can’t wait for this guy to debate Joe Biden.

“I have never seen opponents so silent about their record, and so desperate to keep their power. They’ve run out of ideas. Their moment came and went. Fear and division are all they’ve got left.

Right now, 23 million men and women are struggling to find work. Twenty-three million people, unemployed or underemployed. Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty.

So here’s the question: Without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?

What did the taxpayers get out of the Obama stimulus? More debt. That money wasn’t just spent and wasted – it was borrowed, spent, and wasted.

Seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars, funneled out of Medicare by President Obama. The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare, and we’re going to stop it.

Ladies and gentlemen, these past four years we have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What’s missing is leadership in the White House. And the story that Barack Obama does tell, forever shifting blame to the last administration, is getting old. The man assumed office almost four years ago – isn’t it about time he assumed responsibility?

So here we are, $16 trillion in debt and still he does nothing. In Europe, massive debts have put entire governments at risk of collapse, and still he does nothing. And all we have heard from this president and his team are attacks on anyone who dares to point out the obvious.

They have no answer to this simple reality: We need to stop spending money we don’t have.

After four years of government trying to divide up the wealth, we will get America creating wealth again. With tax fairness and regulatory reform, we’ll put government back on the side of the men and women who create jobs, and the men and women who need jobs.

And in our dealings with other nations, a Romney-Ryan administration will speak with confidence and clarity. Wherever men and women rise up for their own freedom, they will know that the American president is on their side.

Instead of managing American decline, leaving allies to doubt us and adversaries to test us, we will act in the conviction that the United States is still the greatest force for peace and liberty that this world has ever known.

President Obama is the kind of politician who puts promises on the record, and then calls that the record. But we are four years into this presidency. The issue is not the economy as Barack Obama inherited it, not the economy as he envisions it, but this economy as we are living it.

College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life.

None of us have to settle for the best this administration offers – a dull, adventureless journey from one entitlement to the next, a government-planned life, a country where everything is free but us.

Listen to the way we’re spoken to already, as if everyone is stuck in some class or station in life, victims of circumstances beyond our control, with government there to help us cope with our fate.

I never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. I was on my own path, my own journey, an American journey where I could think for myself, decide for myself, define happiness for myself. That’s what we do in this country. That’s the American Dream. That’s freedom, and I’ll take it any day over the supervision and sanctimony of the central planners.

We will not spend four years blaming others, we will take responsibility.

We will not try to replace our founding principles, we will reapply our founding principles.”

Ryan’s speech was very pointed concerning president’ Obama’s leading the lowest common denominator of society by diminishing exceptionalism in our country and abroad, where government, not the individual, plans your life like they do in socialists countries. Ryan did a great job!



  1. Steve Noll

    George Orwell 2012.

    • Ted Biondo

      Steve – You understand finances, right? How can America continue to spend more than it receives in revenue by 40% for very long until we all go down the tubes?

      Even if you are a liberal on social issues, certainly you must see that the country is failing financially and Obama is pushing Americans down the European financial path?

      What have been the results of overspending in all the Euro countries? Can’t you see that those countries are failing and if we continue to do the same thing they are, we will also fail?

      Regardless of our compassion and feelings of social justice, and our capacity to help others when they are in trouble, we will not be able to do anything to help others until the country gets back on the proper fiscal path with growth and jobs and Obamanomics will not do that – you must be able to see that too?

  2. Steve Noll

    Balancing the budget and paying off debt in a time of low GDP is ludicrous. It just can’t happen without dismantling governement and eliminating more jobs which trickles down to all of us.The real return on Treasuries is something like negative 1%. The US can borrow money right now at an interest rate of negative 1%. The US always borrows and pays back. Now is the time to borrow and spend to replace old infrastructure which creates immediate jobs and makes the investments we need for our future and minimizes additional borrowing in the future that will surely come with higher interest rates. I know what you’re going to say, we had a stimulas and it didn’t work. Well it did, it minimized the damage. It’s time for another round. Let’s build a new space shuttle. That would certainly employ a lot of engineers in Rockford. Let’s build new schools with federal dollars instead of local taxes. Let’s invest in Hospitals in anticipation of that industry growing, lets finance research, lets pull down all those old telephone lines and replace with fiber optic, let’s expand the Rockford Airport and bring commuter rail service back. All of these things have to be done anyways. Why not now when we need the paychecks? This is not Europe. Its not even a comparison worth makeing. And its not about Obama, its about Congress and their failure to get these things done.

  3. JRM_CommonSense

    And exactly how much time did the House of Representatives and the Senate spend in doing their jobs over the last 4 years? Look up how many days these supposedly busy, busy, busy people spent in session, in Washington, doing the people’s business over that time frame. Looking at the amount of significant legislation that has been passed over the last four years, the answer would have to be very little.

    After all, John Boehner plays golf about 100 times a YEAR by his own admission.

    Now tell me how the number of times a politician plays golf has any relavance to what he/she does in office!

  4. Steve, like the Obama regime, seems to think that government spending is the answer to all economic woes. Government jobs are nothing more than counting your children’s allowance towards your family income- there is no real growth.

    In fact, private businesses are the TRUE economic engines of our economy, because they add value to the raw materials of products that they make. They add to the GDP, and the taxes that they, and their employees pay, are what really supports this Country, and pays for those “government jobs”.

    That is why the oppressive regulatory and financial burdens on businesses need to be reduced to the minimum level needed to provide safe products, and to protect workers.
    If that is done, our economy will grow, unemployment will drop, and we can work towards reducing our debt.

  5. Steve Noll

    And SNuss as ususal reveals his hatred for things he doesn’t understand.

  6. Hatred? What hatred? Oh, sorry, I forgot that rejecting the Obama regime’s failed policies for fact-based reasons is considered “racist”, by you Leftist drones. In fact, unless you are in blind lock-step with “The Messiah’s” policies, you are considered a racist. BTW, I believe there is a post about that kind of Leftist idiocy, somewhere on the RRStar blog.


    Well, JRM NO SENSE.

    “There you go again.”

    “I know common sense, and you are no common sense,” NO SENSE.

    You give a whole new meaning to NO SENSE.

    Now you just mosey on along and meander through your senseless life, NO SENSE.

    I really thought you had promise with some of your postings. However, when someone is senseless “And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.”

    So you’re GONE, NO SENSE!!

  8. JRM_CommonSense

    Typical Navyflier, zips in, drops a few two-faced bombs, denegrates anyone who tries to fight back, and then runs back to base. I wish I could say that I thought you had promise, but I can’t. You wouldn’t know common sense if it bit you on your assets. You remain true to your training!

  9. That would STILL put NAVYFLIER10’s common sense quotient at at least triple (or higher) of yours.
    And, given your personality, the family dog probably wouldn’t play with you, even if they tied a sirloin steak around your neck. The dog might just bury you (deep) in the back yard.

  10. JRM_CommonSense

    Oh Snuss, you are so funny! First time I heard that joke I kicked the sides out of my crib. Unfortunately we were so poor we couldn’t afford either a dog or a sirloin steak.

    I am surprised that you didn’t pull out your examples of the rear end fetish you have like you have done in several previous posts on this site. Or have you switched to dogs and sirloin steak now? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

    If his commone sense quotient is “at least triple mine”, then yours is obviously 100 times less than his. Probably explains the rear end, dog, and steak fetishes you seem so proud of. Glad to see that you are finally out. But be careful, the real world is much less forgiving that the cyber world. You can end up in jail wihen you say these things to people face to face, or worse! That opinion is based on significant “unreported” data.

    • Ted Biondo

      Same here – Let’s stick with the issues, guys and leave the negative comments for someone else, Ok?

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