ACLU ends RI Father/Daughter dances, other gender events

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has now successfully stopped the Cranston Rhode Island Public Schools from holding father/daughter dances and mother-son baseball games because, in their opinion, it violates the state gender discrimination laws!

The school board simply acquiesced without appealing to see if the state laws actually force children with fathers and mothers, to cease their traditional activities, because one mother, for whatever reason – death, divorce or separation – cannot provide a father for her daughter at the event.


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has now successfully stopped gender-based events from unfolding. An effort to halt these practices took form after a mother, upset over the fact that her daughter doesn’t have an active father in her life and, thus, feels left out of the aforementioned dance, complained to the civil rights group.

“I acknowledge that many of these events have long traditions and for many parents, these types of gender-based events are not an issue,” (Superintendent) Lundsten wrote in a letter to school groups. “However, this is a public school system and under no circumstances should be isolating any child from full participation in school activities and events based on gender. Please be all-inclusive when planning your events.”

So, because one mother’s daughther doesn’t have an “active” father in her life, all other children are anchored to the politically correct, lowest common denominator once again? What type of leaders would allow this travesty of justice without at least going to court to verify the ACLU’s warped view of traditional gender discrimination?


ACLU Executive Director Steven Brown has commended the school district for banning gender-based events and has called them inappropriate. Rather than serving as positive and traditional events that members of the community enjoy, Brown claimed that these initiatives play into gender stereotypes (i.e. dances being for girls and baseball games for boys).

If the ACLU had its way, all Americans would be living their lives to the lowest common denominator. What are the ACLU attorneys trying to accomplish with this attack on anything that is traditional, successful or religious in America?

What kind of society will America become when the exception becomes the new normal, forced on everyone else by the actions of the few and a school district that doesn’t even feel it necessary to validate the interpretation of the law by the political correct ACLU?



  1. Roger Baldwin, the founder of ACLU, stated, “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself. … I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

    Sounds like someone else we know.

  2. The ACLU fights for all Americans including free speech for the Tea Party.

  3. Steve Noll

    The lowest common denominator? So, in your opinion, single parents are the exception, a small group. They are less, in all ways, than two parent families?

    • Ted Biondo

      Steve, I used to tell people, “there are no stupid questions” – I was wrong!

  4. When are the “Ladies days” or “Ladies’ nights” going to be eliminated as a result of this kind of idiocy?

    The ACLU fights for a world lacking in common sense, with rare exceptions. They defend NAMBLA, a group that not only PROMOTES, but TEACHES other perverts on how to find, and then sexually abuse, young boys.

    Read how they force changes in laws by filing frivolous lawsuits, forcing communities to choose between bankruptcy, by defending their principles, or caving in to their demands:


  5. Do boys have a right to play girls volleyball? Do girls have a right to plays boys football? I think we know the inconsistant answer. Is the NAACP acceptable racism and the KKK not? I think we know the inconsistant answer. Can a woman play on the PGA golf tour? Can a man play on the LPGA golf tour? I think we know the inconsistant answer.

  6. I guess we know why the ACLU was too busy to defend the people that produced and distributed that anti-Muslim movie from being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and interrogated by the Feds.

  7. Did you notice the Obama regime’s lack of apologies for any attacks on Christians, and other religions? But, insult Muslims, and they can’t publically proclaim their abject sorrow for such insults any faster or louder.

    Perhaps if we burned cars and/or trashed buildings and parks (like the OWS anarchists), they might respond in a similar manner.

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