Medicaid in Illinois is exactly what Obamacare will be like!

The current fiscal crisis of Medicaid in Illinois accurately reflects the future rationing and cuts to Medicare and other programs to pay for Obama’s signature legislation – Obamacare, which will effectively control one-sixth of the American economy in the very near future.

The Rockford Register Star’s Special Report on Medicaid in Illinois, “Medicaid: The unkindest cuts” is exactly what is going to happen when Obamacare is fully implemented.


Thousands of Illinoisans stand to lose health-care services because of more than $1.6 billion in cuts to state programs that serve the poorest residents.

The cuts include the elimination of payments for most adult dental services, the end of the popular Illinois Cares Rx program for senior citizens and disabled Illinoisans, new limits on prescription drugs, reduced eligibility for the Family Care program covering low-income parents, and tighter controls on Medicaid eligibility overall.

“The Illinois Medicaid system was on the brink of collapse, and we needed to identify $2.7 billion in savings to save the system,” said Mike Claffey, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. “Without solving the Medicaid crisis this spring, the program would have continued to eat into the state’s ability to fund critical state priorities, including education and public-safety officers.”

 The SMART Act’s plan to limit the number of prescriptions per Medicaid recipient to four per month, except in cases that receive prior approval from the state, won’t be fully implemented for several months, Parker said. The restrictions are estimated to save $180 million.

The Special Report is like looking at America’s future through a crystal ball, except that we can stop the implementation of over 2000 pages that will control more aspects of our lives than simply healthcare – just follow the series.




  1. JRM_oxymoron, $1.169 is my monthly premium.

  2. JRM_CommonSense

    Sam, are you the only person on that policy or is it a family policy? What don’t you understand about that question? Or are you just dodging the question because you cannot support your position with facts? Same approach Romeny/Ryan are taking in telling us what they are going to do – headlines, but no specifics.

  3. JRM seems to forget that Romney is SUPPOSED to state his positions, as opposed to the Leftist minions, who get their marching orders from the likes of George Soros. Of course, that isn’t covered in the Left’s talking points, so that isn’t discussed (by them).

  4. JRM, my point is that under “obama care” my insurance has gone up over $2,000 in one year.

    It is a family plan as if that matters. You keep drinkinjg the kool-aid while us grown folks take out the trash.

  5. JRM_CommonSense

    It is amazing that the extreme right wing complains that the current administration doesn’t provide details of what they are going to do. Yet it is alright that their candidates don’t need to provide any details of what they are going to do.

    And Sam, what do you expect, a family plan that costs 250.00 a month? Look at the rise in average family plan insurance premiums since 2000. To blame the rising cost over the last two years on “Obamacare”, which is only about 20% implemented, shows a real lack of understanding.

    Year Average Annual Cost
    2000 $6,438
    2001 $7,061
    2002 $8,003
    2003 $9,068
    2004 $9,950
    2005 $10,880
    2006 $11,480
    2007 $12,106
    2008 $12,680
    2009 $13,375

    Source: Kaiser Family Foundation; Health Research & Educational Trust

  6. Obama is the one that said my cost were going to go down not me.

    I expect our president not to be a liar.

  7. JRM wouldn’t believe the truth, if it slapped him in the face……

    Obamacare Increases Costs of College Health Plans by as Much as 1,112%

  8. And…

    Small Business on Obamacare: No Reason to Hire or Invest

    Jim Amos, CEO and chairman of Tasti D-Lite, a frozen yogurt franchise that operates in 14 states as well as globally, is certain of one thing: The ruling will hinder growth in the franchise space. “It’s going to force franchisees to shift workers to part-time to avoid the 50-employee threshold,” he said. “It will keep new owners and new openings on the sideline.”

    “This decision will be negative for future employment,” said Marc Schupan, CEO, Schupan & Sons, who provides health insurance of his employees. “We will look at hiring more closely and could increase temps as opposed to full-time personnel.”

    That concern, that businesses will not increase the number of employees if it means they will have to take on more health-care costs, is top of mind for many business owners.

    “The government is rewarding and encouraging businesses to remain 50 people or less to avoid the total payment of high health insurance premiums,” said David Greenspon, CEO of Competitive Edge in Des Moines, Iowa. Greenspon, which employs 150 people, expects this decision could increase his health-care costs by $500,000. He predicts that it will be less expensive for some business owners to pay the penalties for non-compliance than pay additional fees to insure all employees.

    Read the rest at: http://www.cnbc.com/id/48000806/Small_Business_on_Obamacare_No_Reason_to_Hire_or_Invest

  9. I am on a family plan and I pay approximately $330.00 A WEEK for insurance.
    I am thinking that paying the fine is the way to go. Then you can only pay when you need it.
    I hope it expands to car and life insurance. It would be sweet to get a million dollar life policy after you pass away. It would also be great to only get full coverage after you crash you car.
    I mean really, could it be any more fair.

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