UN General Assembly Session and Obama more than useless!

The United Nations displayed its irrelevance in the world, when it couldn’t even keep Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from ignoring their warning to avoid hate speech, in particular against Israel.

Ahmadinejad’s speech at the UN on Yom Kippur, probably the most important holiday of the Jewish year, threatened that since Israel has no roots in the Middle East and they would be eliminated. No one even threw their shoes at him, and the incompetence of this useless organization was evident.

Excerpt – a token statement from the Whitehouse for Israel is all that they could muster:

In Washington, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to Israel’s security.

“President Ahmadinejad’s comments are characteristically disgusting, offensive and outrageous,” he said. “They underscore again why America’s commitment to the security of Israel must be unshakeable, and why the world must hold Iran accountable for its utter failure to meet its obligations.”

Even President Obama didn’t stay long after his speech, in which he again apologized for the anti-muslim video, which he blames for the rioting, burning of American flags and the killing of four Americans, including the ambassador, not his foreign policy, or the fact that he skipped many security briefings, probably golfing or going on the David Letterman Show – Oh No, No, No!

Obama didn’t speak with the national leaders gathered at the UN yesterday either, in particular, Israel PM Netanyahu, who just had been threatened by Ahmadinejad at the assembly – there is obviously no threat that Israel could launch a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities any time soon.

After all, the Campaigner-in-Chief had to be “eye-candy” as he quipped for the elite thinkers on the TV program “The View”, whose hosts no doubt are a much higher priority than Netanyahu, and much better prepared than the UN to solve current world issues! They have had many crisis in their lives of this nature, Im sure.

The UN and Obama, who is always looking out for “bumps” in the road, which could divert his primary goal to remain president, will never solve the problems in the world, they are both useless except for their sole purpose to remain in power.

Will Americans vote to keep either of these incompetents for another four years? Merriam-Webster defines “incompetent” as lacking the qualities needed for effective action – boy, does that ever describe the UN and Obama.



  1. Ted, just remember this: These “useful idiots” serve as a perfect example of what we DON’T want as politicians. They are useful, in that respect.

  2. Jim Yeager

    “The UN and Obama, who is always looking out for “bumps” in the road, which could divert his primary goal to remain president, will never solve the problems in the world, they are both useless except for their sole purpose to remain in power.”

    If that’s true, then wouldn’t it also be true that the Republican party will never solve the problems in the world and is useless except for its sole purpose: to remain in power?

    Mitch McConnell flat out said that denying Obama a second term should be the GOP’s number one priority. If both Obama and the GOP are primarily focused on who is in power, then neither is capable of wielding that power appropriately. Right?

  3. Given Obama’s dismal record as President., I’d say that limiting him to one term is the primary duty of the American electorate.

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt

  4. Your headline led me to believe that you were going to praise both the President and the U.N. “…more than useless”. Then I read the blog and you say they are both useless! What a bait and switch!

    • Ted Biondo

      azguy – the headline was right on topic, both are more than useless, they are also dangerous! Useless, for either the UN or the president would be an improvement.

  5. JRM_CommonSense

    So, show me the exact words where the President “apologized for the anti-muslim video”. I have read the speech several times, and cannot find the words. Since you mentioned it in the post, I assume you can show them to me rather quickly. You gave us a link to Ahmadinejad’s speech, but forgot to link us to the President’s speech!

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    Thought so!

  7. JRM_oxymoron, can you explain this?


    Thought so!

  8. JRM_CommonSense

    So Sam starts with an insult! He directs us to a youtube video that has edited together comments made by officials condemning religious insults of any kind including a particular video against Islam. I guess he is pretending that they are apologizing for that video! And then he tries to pretend that he is fulfilling my request for proof of apology in the President’s UN speech.

    Isn’t he a cute one?

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