Political sign thieves are back for 2012 elections

It’s been two years, and the biennial tradition of stealing political signs is back in full force. This year, it doesn’t even matter with which party the candidate is affiliated, all the signs in our subdivision, which were small enough to fit in the trunk of a car were stolen.

Two years ago this blog referred to a similar practice and asked the question, “What were they thinking?”


It may be only petty larceny – the signs seldom cost the candidate more than a few bucks each, still it is someone else’s property, and the act of signlifting does deny that candidate their first amendment rights. It also turns into a big waste of time for the candidate’s supporters who stapled the signs to the wires, had to drive to the location to place the signs in very hard ground, due to lack of rain.

Political signlifting also is a violation of the first amendment rights of the people who have given the candidate permission to put the sign on their property, to display their support.

One of the signs that have gone missing wasn’t just petty larceny – It was a Frank Gambino sign, 4 feet by 8 feet, worth at least $100 to $120 dollars. The number of signs stolen in our area was worth hundreds of dollars more.

Too bad the car or truck used to steal the signs can’t be impounded for a certain length of time with a hefty fine required to get the vehicle back!

This is other people’s property, jerks. Can you imagine these lowlifes under the cover of darkness stealing your property? Such is the confessions of visiting professor at a local college as reported in the Huffington Post in, “Confessions of a lawn sign stealer.”

Excerpt from two years ago:

By early October, however, there were no McCain-Palin campaign signs on the eastbound stretch of Highway 19. It wasn’t because loyalties had switched, but because I pulled them out.

And that goes for the oversized 4 x 8 foot mini-billboard in front of the ranch-style farm house. It barely fit in the back of my Subaru. But I carted it away with seven other lawn signs that, like a ninja under the cover of cloudy Minnesota night, I “removed.”

The article should state that, “like a cockroach under the cover of darkness, I stole other people’s property and denied them their First Amendment rights, a violation of their civil rights!

Why don’t these damn scumbags get a life?