Part Two – Illinois Medicaid precursor of Obamacare

One would have to be pretty dense not to see that the current state of the Illinois Medicaid program, as provided by the state and federal governments is the precursor of Obamacare as posted on this blog in September.

As many as 200,000 men, women and children will be subject to a potential four prescription limit of their medicine as part of budget-cutting legislation signed into law by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, as reported in today’s Rockford Register Star, “New policy cuts people off from vital drugs.”


SPRINGFIELD — Thousands of low-income Illinoisans are going weeks without essential medicines, and some are ending up in emergency rooms, because of Illinois’ new limits on prescription drugs for Medicaid patients, doctors and other advocates say.

Even though state officials say it shouldn’t be happening, essential medicines are being denied by the state, and patients sometimes are being asked by pharmacists which four drugs they want to receive and which they can do without, according to doctors.

… hundreds of patients who use Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’s family-medicine clinic in Springfield have had to wait for weeks for blood-thinning medicine and drugs for high-blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart failure and breathing problems.

Some patients may have been denied because doctors aren’t informed by the state whether their pleas for more prescriptions have been granted …

Read the rest – it’s simply the government at its efficient best, but healthcare – OMG!




  1. But Romney said lack of health insurance doesn’t kill people in America.

  2. But BAD healthcare DOES kill people.

  3. On a related note, Obama just stuck Federal taxpayers with $100,000,000 of Crook County’s medical bills.

    Cook County lands $100 million federal waiver

    Cook County hit a $100 million jackpot over the weekend.

    In a little noticed but crucial decision announced Friday night, the federal government signed off on a request by county board President Toni Preckwinkle to enroll 114,000 low-income people a year early in the Medicaid program.

    For the county, the decision is worth as much as $100 million a year, since its network of hospitals and health clinics already is serving most of the patients free of charge. The tab now will be picked up by federal taxpayers under a provision of Obamacare, rather than by Cook County taxpayers alone.

    “I am so pleased to see this result after many months of hard work,” Ms. Preckwinkle said in a statement. Winning approval of the waiver plan first in Springfield and then in Washington was “the top legislative priority of my administration,” she added.

    County health CEO Ram Raju said the 144,000 now will get “a medical home,” with preventive care, primary care physicians, case management and other actions designed to heal them and keep them healthy.

    Under Obamacare, the 114,000 would have had to wait until 2014 to gain Medicaid eligibility. Moving them into the program now means the county will have to start covering a portion of the total cost a year earlier than otherwise. But it also means that, as soon as they are enrolled, the county no longer will have to provide uncompensated charity care on its own dime.

    Winning the waiver is a key item in Ms. Preckwinkle’s proposed fiscal 2013 budget. If it had been denied, she’s conceded, the county had no fallback plan and would have had to scramble to patch a huge budget hole.

    Source: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20121029/BLOGS02/121029821

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