And the political sign destruction continues nationally …

Obviously, Rockford isn’t the only place where political signs are stolen or destroyed. Regarding presidential signs, left wingnuts are not only burning Romney signs, but also destroying people’s personal property, including a veteran’s flags or anything else that might disagree with their position on the election.


There is certainly no doubt that the election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is one of the more contentious ever. Just look at Obama’s demeanor and the things he said during the last presidential debate. He has taken that classless rhetoric to the campaign trail as well. But his supporters are even worse, now stooping to burning signs on private property and leaving Obama graffiti behind.

Police are searching for the vandals who apparently torched more than a dozen campaign signs and American flags in a Howey-in-the-Hills veteran’s yard.

William Overbay said someone ignited the flags and signs, which supported Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, that he had lined along his yard. The vandals also painted a sign on his driveway reading “Obama for life,” at his DuPont Circle home, Overbay said.

Also, The Washington Post reports, a 4 x 8 yard Romney sign was set ablaze in the yard of Jack and Libby Stevens in Virginia.


“What we saw was reminiscent of a [Ku Klux Klan] cross burning,” Stevens said in an e-mail. “And that may well have been the effect the perpetrators wished to achieve.”

So what is happening across our country? Obama’s “Hope and Change” has been replaced by his supporter’s intimidation and criminal actions. Obama has turned out to one of the most divisive presidents to ever hold the office!





  1. Sounds like this should be prosecuted as a “hate crime”, doesn’t it?

  2. Republicans and teabaggers complaining about political dishonesty and crime. Priceless!

  3. As you may know, I live in San Francisco… you couldn’t pay me enough to put a Romney sticker on my car. I would have slashed tires, smashed windows, and deeply keyed obscenities on my hood. A Republican friend of mine had a Romney sticker on her car and she drove through the Bay Area on the way to Nevada. People on the freeways honked, cut her off, flipped her the finger, and rolled down their windows to scream a word that rhymes with “brother trucker.”

    Some (not all) liberals here are knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Neanderthals. And they’re not going to be feeling very festive a week from now, believe me. But many of them will just drown their sorrows in marijuana and forget most of 2012.

  4. JRM_CommonSense

    Another attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill!

  5. Adam Faber

    Ted, plenty of Obama signs have been vandalized as well. You’re cherry-picking news articles to try to pass this off as if it’s one-sided. It is not.

    This is a campaign season. Signs will be vandalized and politicians who are running for reelection will campaign. Why is any of this news to you? JRM is right; this is just one more disingenuous attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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