Non-union utility workers turned away in New Jersey

Some utility workers who drove over 900 miles from Alabama to help New Jersey residents get power restored, after the devastating damage of Hurricane Sandy, are being denied access because they are non-union workers.

New Jersey must be kidding!


Utility crews from Alabama ready to help hurricane stricken and desperate people in New Jersey without power have been told to “stand down” and some are already headed back home. Why? Because they’re non-union workers.

Keep in mind there are still millions of people in New Jersey without power and many who have been stranded for days as a result. The crews drove 900 miles to reach the area effected by Sandy and this is how they were received.

Even though these workers were asked for their help, after New Jersey work crews found out the Alabama crews union status, they were told thanks, but no thanks.




  1. Does anybody not think that the leader of that IBEW Local got a call from Gov Christie and got his butt chewed out?

    • Ted Biondo

      I agree Terry. If the IBEW Local was the guilty party they got their butt chewed.

  2. According to a Decatur, AL TV Station (where the non-union crews were from).

    General Manager Ray Hardin appeared on Fox Business Channel Friday morning saying, “We were presented documents from IBEW that required our folks to affiliate with the unions and that was something we could not agree to.”

    • Ted Biondo

      The point JRM, is the fact that a union even brought up the union status of the workers while people’s lives were in danger is one of the things that is wrong with our society today. Your references are union officials simply trying to cover their butts. And it took a threat by Gov. Christie of New Jersey to tell the unions they don’t have the power to refuse help. The point of the post was to show how much power these unions think they have to control even at the risk of people’s safety!

      And the crap about the job being completed and their services were no longer needed obviously was a lie. They could have been sent elsewhere. Your links just prove that the post was true and these guys are lying through their teeth. Why did Christie have to threaten implementing a law to force compliance to help people in the storm’s aftermath?

  3. FEMA Out of Water, No Delivery Until Monday


    We have friends in Belle Mead, NJ
    No power until the 9th, he emailed me from a library, they have been without heat, water and electricity since Monday.

    Keep those folks in your prayers!

  4. truth hurts

    This does not suprise me in the least.

    I noticed that Terry pointed out (good find Terry kudos) that the IBEW union wanted the non-union people to “required our folks to affiliate with the unions”.

    When presented with this blatent demand to align themselves with the union they responded “that was something we could not agree to.”

    In other words simply they demanded that they join the IBEW.

    They told them nicely to go pound sand.

    Last I checked I thought people were supposed to want to join a union not forced too.

    Here is a little tidbit on unions in the south that is an “inconvient truth” aka fact that they don’t like is sometimes THEY ARE NOT WANTED by of all people the workers themselves.

    True story in the honda plants down south (you know the car company that did not need a bailout) is not union BY POPULAR VOTE.

    What the UAW doesn’t want you to know is when they tried to unionize them both times the workers voted NO. Both times they told them to go pound sand. The UAW hated that and had no legal recourse because the company (unlike wal-mart) did nothing to stop them from trying.

    Sorry Ted if I got off topic but I wanted to show that some workers other than the electricians also did not want to join a union and when confronted with attempted cohersion told them NO.

    In this case they could not hide their attempted blackmail using common people as hostages to their demands (sound like a local teachers union).

    Unfortunatly in this case there arrogance choose the absolutely wrong time, place, and press to try it.

  5. The evidence is overwhelming and clear that under no circumstances were the non-union workers turned away. Many states have “prevailing wage” laws that say all workers must be paid the prevailing wage for a given locale.

    We have those type of laws here. When I worked as a roofer any work we did for the city had to pay a higher wage.

    It has nothing to do with union affiliation.

    Ted, would you please do the right thing and post a retraction of your erroneous report?

  6. Adam Faber

    This is just one more example of Ted trying to misrepresent the truth to invent a “problem” to whine about. Surely, Ted, there are enough problems that actually exist in reality for you to be angry about.

    Todd, don’t bank on that retraction. Ted will just wait until he thinks we have forgotten about it and then try to pass it off as fact again. Look at how many times he has said that the theft of signs by criminals is a first amendment violation. Facts and reason offend him; he’s only interested in lies and emotion.

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