Ok to take political signs in parks, according to local writer

Reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s defining response to Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential debates, “There you go again,” more Romney signs were stolen, this time a full truckload.

Excerpt from GOPUSA:

Four men were arrested in Ohio for stealing Mitt Romney signs. The men were arrested early in the morning on Friday after the F-150 truck they were driving was filled with the campaign signs. The truck is registered to the Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 in Parma, Ohio.

At least these thieves were arrested for receiving stolen property.

However, in today’s Rockford Register Star, one local letter writer, “Keep our parks beautiful” suggests that people may politely and neatly remove private property (political signs) from public parks, if they so choose, to preserve the beauty of the parks.


After all, no one who owns the parks was asked permission to have the signs placed. Without disrespect, we are all free to remove those political signs that have been placed on city or Prk District land.

Private property and First Amendment rights don’t seem to have the same value they once did in America, do they? The “Entitlement Mentality” to do what one wishes to do, when they wish to do it, has replaced the law!

Excerpt from GOPUSA:

People should be on the lookout in these closing days for anything suspicious regarding illegal voting activities… or in this case… flat out theft.