City’s crime rate not to blame for San Jose club violence

I disagree with the position that the city’s crime rate might be to blame for the violence which took place at the San Jose Cultural Center last week.

Two people were killed, others injured, two business and a residence hit by gunfire, while the perpetrators drove down the street shooting at each other, resulting in multiple car crashes and one of the deaths.

Considering that other business venues operate in the same city, subject to the same crime rate as the San Jose establishment, why did their patrons not take similar actions?

Since the current location of the San Jose club has had numerous incidents of a similar nature, this being the worst, maybe the location and the clientele that are drawn to the clubs are the problem, not the crime rate.

Also, the club’s proprietors were accused of not following the rules established for businesses with a liquor license, especially the security requirements and there should be consequences for their decision to not hire certified security personnel.

Everyone lives with this high crime rate; we don’t all act violently because of the city we live in. Considering that fact, why would this club be any different from other businesses serving alcohol, which do not have the history of violence that seems to occur at this location?

Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs – on the people who didn’t meet state requirements for the proper security and the customers who seem prone to violent actions, for whatever reason.

When the customers are driving down the street shooting at one another, placing Rockford citizens at risk of injury or death, it’s not a harsh action to take away the establishment’s liquor license.

Not only that, since this is at least the fifth club in that location, some with violent activity, Alderman Beach is correct to say that enough is enough, and the business should not only have its license revoked, it should have been shut down, which is now being requested by the owners, thank God!



  1. Tiana Caldwell

    DONT AGREE AT ALL WITH TED BIONDO. When someone carries a gun to a business. School, grocery store, night club (San Jose) this time and is escorted out he /she if willing to use it. No body can stop him/her not even the police officers. Shootings are happening all over the city. San Jose did things they were not suppose to, like change security company and not look into if they were licensed. Not enforce they controlled the outside. But nobody can stop a person who carries a loaded gun from using it. Also I have been at shooters, Giovanni’s when there has been altercations and shooting. Note it has never been reported on the nightly news, you want to know why because they want to protect those Businesses. And that is wrong! Write about that! Protect the White mans Business and talk about the minority Business until it bleeds and falls, even if by their own hand. Change the rules and regs of the city so all small minority businesses will suffer. Control the media so we hear what we want. We live in a Community of Discrimination controlled by Rules and Regulation and Authority. What we need to do is be United by One Voice to make a Change to Stop the Violence because Bullets see no COLOR! Educate yourself on That and Bring the Community Together instead of writing why it was right on why we closed a business down you should of wrote on why we should keep businesses open and how as One Community we need to keep Businesses open and how Businesses, City Legal, Police, Neighborhoods, Mother, Fathers, the City as a Whole needs to come up with a Plan to stop the Violence and It is not the Business who cause this but the person who pulled the trigger and It will take the Whole Village the Change this and It is Time for All of Us To Stand Up!!!!

    • Ted Biondo

      You made some good points Tiana. I haven’t heard about the violence you described at some of the other East Side restraurants and bars. If it happened, then that should be reported also. I agree with you. But then they should be closed down too if they made the same mistakes as San Jose. We can’t have people driving down the street shooting at each other. This kind of situation cannot allowed to happen anywhere in Rockford – East side or the West side.

      Were any of the other clubs – Zero Gravity, Tabu, Colicum or Elixr minority clubs? They all went out of business not just San Jose!

  2. Adam Faber

    Frank Beach is a teetotaler opposed to all alcohol consumption in general; he cannot have an objective position on this. I am curious what other, more rational aldermen think.

  3. Adam Faber

    Ted, Trevor used the word “friggin'”. That does not violate Gatehouse’s terms of service. What is the real reason you deleted his comment?

  4. Yeah, Teddy Bear…..Wussup w/ dat?

  5. How do you not put the blame directly on the idiots shooting guns? Like Tiana says the problems are at all these clubs. You can close down San Jose but you can’t force the idiots that caused this trouble to stay home. They will just move to the next club and act like fools. Welcome to Rockford.

    This is why smart people have left the city and avoid these clubs. Last time I was at one of these clubs some guy wanted to fight me because i wasn’t moving out of his way. The place was shoulder to shoulder. The guy started yelling at me and all I could do was laugh. When my buddies seen what was going on they started laughing and telling the guy to get me. Lucky for that guy I’m not going to jail for knocking out some drunk idiot and remained calm. Being a bigger guy I’m use to these little punks trying to prove how tough they are by picking fights with a bigger guy. After that night I never returned to a Rockford club. Not worth the hassle.

  6. Ted: I would like to see you at an event that is hosted at one of these locations so that you know what it’s like to be in company with a large minority group. Maybe then you will see that when a verbal altercation begins, security is there and quick to break up and escort trouble out so that the rest of the patrons can continue to enjoy their time.
    I thought that being a great reporter was to go out and get the cold hard facts, not be biased about the situation that goes on.
    As Tiana said bullets see no COLOR, RELIGION or GENDER. It’s the person behind the trigger that makes one fatal mistake on pulling the trigger.
    WE as a COMMUNITY need to stop pointing fingers and work together.
    Hopefully we’ll see you at an upcoming event.

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