Mr. President, where are the spending cuts?

The Republicans have indicated that they are willing to make concessions on the revenue side of the president’s “balanced approach”, but where are the corresponding recommendations from the president for discretionary and entitlement budget cuts that are needed to decrease the country’s rising debt, currently at $16.25T dollars?

The president is dictating that Congress increase the taxes on those making over $250,000, which of course will not affect the middle class in any way, and he and the Democratic Senate will make spending cuts at some point in the future. Yea, right!

The president is using the same technique used by the Democratic Congress on Reagan in the 1980s, promising that if the president raised taxes, they would make future cuts in spending. It never happened.

Democrats Fiscal Cliff Offer from the Patriot Post


The Republicans need to follow the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.” This “Lucy from Peanuts” technique of pulling away the football at the last second from Charlie Brown has actually been used twice by the Democrats.

Besides, taxing only those who make over $250,000 will go just so far – about 8.5 days of President Obama’s $3.5B dollar a day addiction to overspending. It’s symbolism over substance to make his political base happy and to maintain his class envy that now divides the country.

Actually, the president is intentionally refusing to take a leadership role in picking the spending cuts, not wishing to anger his political base, so he wants the Republicans to do it, and then blame them. What a leader!

One entitlement, Social Security, has already been taken off the table by Democrats for cuts to future beneficiaries, a program that this year alone added over 11% to Obama’s deficit.

Now our dictator-in-chief is trying to take a page out of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s book on how to run a country by demanding that Congress give up its constitutional right to consent to raising the debt ceiling in the future.

Obama has also doubled down on how much he wants to raise the taxes, so that he can now pay for his overspending for almost 17 of the 365 days next year.

Not only has the president refused to mention spending cuts, but he actually wants $50B in new stimulis spending, while they are trying to reduce the deficit. OMG!

The only leadership being shown by President Obama is how to jump off the fiscal cliff.



  1. JRM_CommonSense

    Once again, unable to get an answer to a real simple question. All we get is a blitzkrieg of infantile youtube crap and right wing commentator pieces that someone hopes will hide the fact that they cannot answer a simple question.

    The question was, and is, how do the cuts that were proposed earlier in this post by Mr. Snuss, have any impact on the current deficit. Even if you get to a balanced budget (revenue and spending are equal) which even the Republican budget and spending suggestions do not do, how do you reduce the current deficit and how long will it take to get it to a manageable level?

  2. Heritage and Cato documented their findings IN DETAIL, including the savings figures that you so whiningly requested. Just because your delusional conclusions bear no relation to fact-based reality isn’t my problem.

  3. Just to give our delusional troll something else to annoyingly whine about……

    73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government


  4. JRM_CommonSense

    Oh dear SNussy, you obviously do not comprehend that the Heritage and Cato documents are the same kinds of things that the far right wing of the Republican party has been trying to sell since before Ronald Reagan’s time. And, they have failed to get any kind of traction right up to and including the last election where they got rejected again. Maybe that is why you guys are so mean and cantankerous. You just cannot believe that what you are trying to sell has found no serious buyers for a lot of years.

    You want proof? Well, look at the date on the Heritage link you gave us. It is from 1995, yes, that is right, 1995, and you want us to take you seriously? Get a grip. You are not nearly as smart as you think you are. What an absolute joke. You are selling the same old crap that people have not bought for over 20 years.

    When you try to win arguments and/or score points in todays world by presenting us with proposed budget cuts from a document prepared in 1995, you make us realize that the only trolls in the room are named SNuss. Oh, sorry, that would more appropiately named a SNussy, because that is what would try to present a serious argument with that kind of crap.

    You are not even worth another minute of my time after that BS link. So go take a hike and come back to the game when you can offer something other than dated crap that you couldn’t sell for over 20 some years. Have a nice day! I would say Dude, but Dudette is much more appropriate.

  5. Don’t feed the jrm troll! Like most Liberals, he is never satisfied with documentation, unless the source is the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, or other Left-biased blogs. Then, their words are sacrosanct. To quote Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon!”

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    So I am supposed to accept your 1995 Heritage report as the path to reducing the deficit in 2012 and going forward. Let me see 1995 where President Clinton vetoed spending cuts proposed by the Newt Gingrich led Republicans. The result was a shutdown of the Federal government. Gingrich’s most memorable statement at this time was the complaint that he made at a press breakfast that, during a flight to and from Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral in Israel, Clinton had not taken the opportunity to talk about the budget and Gingrich had been directed to leave the plane via the rear door.

    The results of this whole fiasco was that Gingrich came off looking like a petulant pillsbury dough boy and Bob Dole lost the next Presidential election when Clinton won a second term. Sound familiar? And you are trying to pass this scenario off as a solution. Well guess what, the same thing happened again just a few months ago in case you forgot.

    So in response to my pointing out that the 1995 document you provided was ridiculous as a path for solving today’s deficit crisis, you said “Don’t feed the jrm troll!” If that is the best you got to give in this discussion, then you are looking like a bigger idiot than Gingrich looked back in fanticized golden 1995. And guess what, Gingrich is still a joke, and now so are you.

    If you far right Republicans continue down this path again, you will do nothing but seal a Democratic White House for the next 12 years. By that time, you will had become more idiotic than you are today. They will be calling you guys the Cubs of the political world. And you will still be proposing the same crap you proposed back in 1996. I wish you good luck with that approach. After all, it has served you well for 17 years so far.

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