Michigan soon to be “Right to Work” state?

According to the December 7th Patriot Post, Michigan is the headquarters of the Big Three auto unions, making it one of the most unionized states in the nation. That may soon change.

Republicans control the state legislature and the governor’s mansion, and the House just voted to pass a right-to-work bill that the Senate should also approve and Governor Rick Synder will sign.

Michigan will be the 24th state to do so – the nation is almost halfway to becoming a right-to-work union, pardon the pun. Right-to-work does not outlaw unions, but simply allows the workers the freedom to choose whether they wish to join the union and allow them to deduct dues from their paycheck.

Unions caused the state assembly and the governor to initiate the legislation because the unions had sought to amend the state constitution to ban right-to-work legislation, which was resoundingly defeated in this November’s election.

The Republicans effort is to increase state jobs – Right-to-work states have approximately 20% more manufacturing jobs than do states without such laws and income in those states rose faster than non right-to-work states

Obviously, big labor unions oppose right-to-work laws vigorously because it will undoubtedly cost them a large chunk of their membership and more importantly, the dues they collect before the check goes to the worker.

If membership drops, it will be due to the fact that a choice has been given to those who now work for the Big Three, where they couldn’t before because they were forced to join the union against their will in order to work. Aren’t Democrats supposed to be in favor of choice?



  1. Brian Opsahl

    Your still ok with some FREE stuff as long as it hurts us Union guys, and if your abvacating working 2 or 3 jobs just to make the same pay…are you insane… The reason we even have a middle class is because of the sacrafice made by our Unions. When a Company can afford to pay one guy 95 million per year than don’t complain when we ask for a desent living…

  2. Brian–I have already told you the “free loader,” issue was created at the hands of the union, but I will try to clarify it again. I can walk you through it–line by line if you would like. “Unions created their own dilemma by initiating force against competitors, which include other unions or individual workers wishing to contract with employers separate from a union. Federal law enables unions to establish contracts granting them exclusive representation, meaning they are the only entity which can negotiate on behalf of employees. It is these exclusive representation contracts, not employee freedom, which obligate unions to represent non-members and those not paying dues.

    The solution is simple, unions can change their contracts to give up exclusive representation.”

    Unions have created their own problem and now they want to whine about it and place blame elsewhere? Good grief. It’s time the unions stand down–either by their own grace or at the will of the American people.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Where the hell are you getting the information from fox news or Corporate America. My 37 years of working and 29 of them in our Union I can tell you your wrong. We have been attacked from just about every front known to Man kind.
    The FACTS are in the right to work for less States workers make less take home pay, get fewer benefits, and the FREE coment you just don’t understand do you…
    I pay my Union due’s so the Union has the ability to represent me with the Company. If nobody pays those due’s there is NO Union, we take a vote and just like America the Majority rules, I didn’t vote for Bush but I still paid my taxes…. It’s that simple…you must be a very young engineer is that correct..?

  4. You are not very good at addressing points. I have been trying to address your points of contention, but every answer I give–you either move on to a new point or disregard the logical merits to my answers.

    Yes–it is a fact that right to work states make less take home pay (about 10%), but those states also have a lower unemployment rate (about 10%). Wages do not fit the job anymore–mostly in union positions. Over inflated wages and ridiculous benefit packages (look at the teacher’s union) all based on a contract? Not individual performance? And you don’t call that free loading?

    You mentioned cooperate America stiffs taking home large sums of money. Bonus monies are in theory a good way to motivate, but in recent years the sums have gotten out of hand and their actions as an employee do not warrant such huge payouts–I can agree with you on that. However, unions taking home inflated wages and benefit packages having no basis on individual performance is very similar in principle. Just because the numbers are different, doesn’t mean the principle is!

    I get my information from CDC, U.S Department of Justice Department of Labor, CBO, FDA, Department of Defense. I do not bother with news outlets for anything other than local happenings. All news outlets have an agenda. I have also seen in great detail the numbers behind companies– which has shown me that unions don’t understand anything other than their own movement. By all means start your own company instead of taking advantage of a company you did not create. I’m sorry but modern day unions reek of the free loader you so loathe. I have given you ample examples which are all based in logic and reality.

    I do not base my judgments on what is best for me personally. In order to sleep at night I need to make choices and decisions based on logic merit and my moral compass. Oh, and I don’t allow assumptions to cloud my mind–it’s the first thing they teach you in law school.

    In order to for me to continue with you–I will have to see more logic usage and less ‘poor me’ rhetoric.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    In order to continue with me…really !! Kudos for spending the time looking for real answers so many get there information from fox which makes me Puke when I read something they have writen and present as facts…the guy whose Blog this is will from time to time repeat something fox presents as Facts…only to be proven wrong and when that happens he will just un-plug you..

    RRS, whats your argument of choice…Sir, if wish to continue ?

  6. Brian – Obsess much?

    Seriously, man, it’s time to give up the Fox-bashing thing. You’ve mentioned Fox News 10 times in this one blog post alone. I’m guessing that, much like Pat, you don’t actually watch Fox News but just choose to impugn it endlessly based on what you read from the likes of Media Matters or see on MSNBC. I’m also guessing that you probably think MSNBC is the paragon of honest and unbiased reporting and that somehow their 13 straight nightly hours of far-left progressive nonsense, presidential sycophancy and endlessly predictable Republican-bashing by Bashir, Matthews and the White House-visiting Sharpton, Schultz, Maddow and O’Donnell is somehow playing it straight down the middle!

    And all of this from the one promoting the nonsense about a couple guys wearing NRA hats pulling down the AFP tent in Lansing – an account provided by union member Tom Duckworth to David Holtz, Executive Director of the progressive organization Progress Michigan. Yep, no agenda there. But you think Fox is the organization peddling BS?

    By the way, I also have years of experience dealing with the ridiculous demands of multiple unions. One union filed a grievance because the time on the factory time clocks did not match the time displayed on the time and temperature sign at a Bank down the road, “causing” union members to be late for work. It didn’t matter that the time on the time clocks was accurate because how could the union members be expected to know the Bank time was not accurate? I can see why union membership would be attractive if you aren’t even expected to know the correct time. Wish I could get back the dozens of hours I had to spend on that.

  7. Someday, Brian will learn that Leftist talking points are no substitute for reality. An example:

    Brian blathers: “The FACTS are in the right to work for less States workers make less take home pay, get fewer benefits”

    The truth:

    Nominal Wages evidence:

    Opponents of Right to Work like to point out that the average wage in Right to Work states is lower than the average wage in non-RTW states. For example, on the issue section of AFL-CIO’s website, they cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2001: “The average worker in a ‘right to work’ state earns about $5,333 less a year than workers in other states” (“RTW States Are”). Proponents of Right to Work do not dispute the above statistic, but suggest that the statistic is overly simplistic, manipulative and misleading.

    On a nominal basis, wages are lower in Right to Work states, but proponents argue, and this paper confirms, that once the above statistic is adjusted for cost of living, real spending power is at least the same and perhaps higher in Right to Work states. For example, when the National Institute for Labor Relations Research used The Economist Magazine’s data to adjust the poverty rate in 2001 for cost of living they found that this adjusted rate was 10.8% in states with Right to Work laws as compared to 12.9% for non-RTW states (“Independent Study”).

    Read more at: http://right-to-work-laws.johnwcooper.com/

  8. Brian Opsahl

    Since I have actuall experience as an Officer in a Union I can tell you that I have worked from both sides and You all keep ignoreing is that I could NOT afford a desent car or even insurance when working in the NON Union jobs, let alone qualifiy for a home loan and even think of raiseing a family on what those wages were like. You really think low wages and bad benefits are some how good for Americans..?
    As I said before we are NOT perfect workers we do have flaws just like everybody else doe’s..
    I also have many stupid storys of complete waste and ignorance when it comes to saving my Company money…One time I found a serious defect that had bad parts on flying aircraft all over the World…because I forsed them to fix the defeck the Company ended up saving a poultry 3.3 million dollars on a huge re-call….you know how they thanked me for saving them all that money and possible damadged aircraft….my boss put his hand on my shoulder and said with a gentle tap….good catch Brian…..thats it..!! and really i’m fine with that …because it’s my job to perform the best I can and thats what they pay me to do..

    The whole MSNBC Thing …? yes I do watch fox just to get the other sides arguments and try to see were there are coming from.

    What I do see is alot of trouble with the truth, and facts, Spending an entire day telling bit’s viewers that Mr. Obama has taken God out of Thanksgiving…Really..!!

  9. Brian, no one is saying that you can’t belong to a union. We simply want the ability to choose.

    As for the unions being “forced” to negotiate contracts for all workers in a business, that was a UNION demand, called the “fair share” law, written into their contract with the company. If the union would change that one part, the non-union workers could be severed from the union bargaining agreement.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    Thats total BS, That part was installed to cause the seperation from the Union and to cripple it financlly. I have seen what this division doe’s to a perfectly good working Companys

  11. “a perfectly good working Companys”

    Like Hostess , General Motors and Chrysler?

    Not to mention shutting down the ports on the West Coast.

    See: http://www.verumserum.com/?p=29024

    They have several interesting “union thug” accounts, too.

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