Michigan soon to be “Right to Work” state?

According to the December 7th Patriot Post, Michigan is the headquarters of the Big Three auto unions, making it one of the most unionized states in the nation. That may soon change.

Republicans control the state legislature and the governor’s mansion, and the House just voted to pass a right-to-work bill that the Senate should also approve and Governor Rick Synder will sign.

Michigan will be the 24th state to do so – the nation is almost halfway to becoming a right-to-work union, pardon the pun. Right-to-work does not outlaw unions, but simply allows the workers the freedom to choose whether they wish to join the union and allow them to deduct dues from their paycheck.

Unions caused the state assembly and the governor to initiate the legislation because the unions had sought to amend the state constitution to ban right-to-work legislation, which was resoundingly defeated in this November’s election.

The Republicans effort is to increase state jobs – Right-to-work states have approximately 20% more manufacturing jobs than do states without such laws and income in those states rose faster than non right-to-work states

Obviously, big labor unions oppose right-to-work laws vigorously because it will undoubtedly cost them a large chunk of their membership and more importantly, the dues they collect before the check goes to the worker.

If membership drops, it will be due to the fact that a choice has been given to those who now work for the Big Three, where they couldn’t before because they were forced to join the union against their will in order to work. Aren’t Democrats supposed to be in favor of choice?