Rejection of Boehner’s Plan B, still Republican’s fault?

The following is a statement issued by the president’s Press Secretary today rejecting House Speaker John Boehner’s plan B, which raised the tax rates on millionaires to stop the plunge over the fiscal cliff.

The President has put a balanced, reasonable proposal on the table that achieves significant deficit reduction and reflects real compromise by meeting the Republicans halfway on revenue and more than halfway on spending from where each side started.

That is the essence of compromise.  The parameters of a deal are clear, and the President is willing to continue to work with Republicans to reach a bipartisan solution that averts the fiscal cliff, protects the middle class, helps the economy, and puts our nation on a fiscally sustainable path.

But he is not willing to accept a deal that doesn’t ask enough of the very wealthiest in taxes and instead shifts the burden to the middle class and seniors.  The Speaker’s “Plan B” approach doesn’t meet this test because it can’t pass the Senate and therefore will not protect middle class families, and does little to address our fiscal challenges with zero spending cuts. The President is hopeful that both sides can work out remaining differences and reach a solution so we don’t miss the opportunity in front of us today.

Let me see if I have this straight. If plan B doesn’t pass in the Democratically-controlled Senate, then it’s the Republicans fault, because they don’t agree entirely with President Obama’s plan?

Where’s the president’s balanced approach. He has proposed massive tax increases on the successful in our country, but where are his spending cuts?

Since the Republicans have only offered few cuts in entitlements, and Obama is too chicken to tell us any of his cuts, because he wants the Republicans to take the hit for the hard decisions – that’s also the Republicans fault?

The House should pass their budget, something Harry Reid hasn’t done in over three years, including the entitlement cuts and the tax increases for millionaires and send it to the Senate and wait for their action. If no House/Senate Conference is forthcoming, then the fiscal cliff is just as much Obama’s fault as the Republican-Controlled House!

If neither side agrees with the other, how can it be only one side’s fault? Just ask the mainstream media, of course.



  1. Update Ted; Boehner’s plan B finesse move never got called to a vote in the Republican controlled House because Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor couldn’t control the teanuts like they assumed. I wonder if they’re starting to regret inviting the Tea Party into the Republican tent. Maybe they should have been left as a 3rd party. If enough people were drawn to their ideas on government they would have rose on their own to be a major party. If the American people get the idea, rightly or wrongly, that the Republicans with the help of their Tea Party buddies drove the country over the “cliff”, Lord help them in the next election.

    • Ted Biondo

      azguy, the Republicans already passed the bill to avert the fiscal cliff in the summer. We can’t keep spending money we don’t have and Obama refuses to cut anything so, Geronimo!

  2. Given the massive debt, and the Obama Regime’s refusal to propose any significant spending cuts, this “fiscal cliff” is little more than an appetizer for what will soon be shoved down our throats, when our economy collapses.

  3. truth hurts

    Boy o boy is everyone blind or just afraid of having to deal with reality.

    WE ARE ALREADY OVER THE CLIFF. We went over that cliff YEARS AGO.

    You cannot spend more than you take in and continue to run up a debt on the taxpayers credit card before you hit the bottom.

    It is now not when we hit the bottom of the canyon (keeping with the theme) but how hard we go SPLAT.

    There is NO RECOVERY GOING ON, unemployment is still high dispite the best book cookers available, the national debt is going up by TRILLIONS, unfriendly governments have our debt, the housing market is in the tank (just drive around to see), and there is no real growth in jobs.

    There has to be DEEP CUTS IN SPENDING, closing welfare loopholes (stop giving refunds to those who DONT PAY TAXES), closing tax loopholes (like GE and Buffet are using) , and going to a flat tax so (per liberals words) EVERYBODY PAYS THEIR FAIR SHARE.

    The reason Boehner is failing is not the republicans or tea parties fault. It is 49% for not LISTENING to what the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS TELLING HIM.

    The rest is (inspite of the media spin) that obama has NOT COMPROMISED ON SQUAT.
    He continues to insist that the overspending continue, tax the “rich” and if not its the republicans fault.

    It is time the republicans LISTEN to the conservatives in the party and grow a spine.

    It is time to TELL BOEHNER this is our proposal and either you give obama our best deal or get the heck out of the way and let someone who REPRESENTS THE REPUBLICANS NOT OBAMA in.

    Then when (not if) obama rejects it and starts campaning/spining (with help from the media) get off their duffs and go on a media blitz.

    Buy time, go on social media, and web pages telling what THEIR PLAN IS, how it helps, and what obama’s plan will do.

    Keep hammering the point and MAKE obama stand on his plan.

    Before azguy you start the “lord help them in the next election” spin remember this.

    Regan won two terms with a landslide dispite being one of the most hated presidence by the liberals and support/air time by allies in the media.

    Remember the contract with america and how dispite all the polls/air time by the main stream media that CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS took control of BOTH HOUSES.


    Remember all the mocking and air time by main stream media against the tea party HOW MUCH THEY WON.

    To refresh the REPUBLICANS TOOK CONTROL OF THE HOUSE and reduced the democrat majority to less than 10 in the senate (from their fillibuster proof majority).

    When conservatives stay the course and KEEP HAMMERING WHAT THEY ARE DOING home the liberals loose.

    In closing if the conservatives don’t do this we will make spain look like a good thing.

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