Obamacare’s legal battles against religious freedom continue

The December 21st Patriot Post continues to report on the battles against religious freedom that Obamacare is starting in America. The freedom that individuals and groups are seeking will eventually wind up in the Supreme Court.


Courts in New York and Washington, DC, have ordered in separate lawsuits that the Obama administration must make good on its promise to create rules exempting religious institutions from the ObamaCare contraception- and abortion-coverage mandate.

Up until now, all religious groups had to go on was a vague promise from the president early this year that they wouldn’t be required against conscience to offer contraception and abortion coverage to their employees.

… As Judge Brian Cogan of New York noted two weeks ago in the Archdiocese of New York’s case challenging the mandate, “There is no ‘Trust us, changes are coming’ clause in the Constitution.” Cogan ruled in favor of the Archdiocese, ordering the government to start making good on its promise.

And more of the same,

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit reinstated two lawsuits challenging ObamaCare’s contraception mandate this week, overruling two lower district courts that considered the lawsuits “premature.”

The Obama administration conceded under questioning that it planned to issue a new rule on the religious exemption, a concession the court took as a “binding commitment.” The court has ordered the administration to develop a new rule exempting religious institutions from the mandate by March 31, 2013.

The administration also has to file progress reports every 60 days.

Even the courts doubt the value of the president’s word,

And finally,

These rulings could come as welcome news to Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, who recently filed his own suit against the mandate. Monaghan currently offers his employees health insurance that does not cover contraception or abortions because both run counter to his Roman Catholic beliefs.

He believes, and rightly so, that being forced to comply with the mandate violates his First Amendment rights. His suit is one of the higher profile challenges to the mandate to come from a non-religious institution in the private sector.

Unfortunately, a similar suit from Hobby Lobby was rejected Thursday by the Tenth Circuit Court, which ruled that a secular, for-profit business doesn’t have a First Amendment right to religious liberty. The craft supply chain faces fines of $1.3 million a day if it doesn’t comply.

Our government at work – destroying religious freedom!



  1. “a similar suit from Hobby Lobby was rejected Thursday by the Tenth Circuit Court, which ruled that a secular, for-profit business doesn’t have a First Amendment right to religious liberty”

    That is the important part =)

    I hope a muslim owned/run organization forces every women in their employ to wear a full burka. Or a jewish organization forces everyone to keep a kosher diet on the premesis. Or a Jehova’s witness to refuse to cover any biologic or blood products on their insurance. I wonder how people – and by peopel I do mean the Christian wignuts leading this charge – would feel about religious freedom then.

  2. But Catholic males can still pop an insurance covered viagra pill for procreation. Oh that’s fair.

    • Ted Biondo

      Steverino – it’s about choice. Maybe the father-to-be has ED and needs the drug to be a dad. Also, most insurance does not cover Viagra, just for your information, and even if it did, who pays for the insurance should be up to the Catholic business whether it’s provides or not.

  3. dogrescuer

    Religious freedom is alive and kicking. Catholics still have the right to allow their lives to be governed by men wearing dresses.

    • Ted Biondo

      Way to knock someone’s religion, dogrescuer! You would be the first to say there is no war on religion, right?

  4. And Liberal Democrats have the right to allow their party to be governed by arrogant, incompetent Socialist/Marxists. But they shouldn’t have the ability to drag the rest of us into their idiocy, and be forced to pay for the “privilege” .

  5. JRM_CommonSense

    Hobby Lobby is not a Catholic business. It is a hobby supply business owned by a Catholic. Domino Pizza is not a Catholic business. It is a pizza business owned by a Catholic. Both of these business pay taxes because they are not Catholic businesses, not religious businesses. Both of these businesses can and do make contributions to political parties and candidates. These are choices they make. Both of these businesses have the choice to respect the rights of their employees or not; but they do not have the right to define what those employee rights are.

    If these Catholic owners want to follow their Catholic traditions and as a result decide not to provide health insurance to their employees because the insurance covers birth control, then that is their choice. But, they then have to live with the consequences of those choices. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, even for Catholics.

    You are absolutely right Ted, It is about choice. And they have choices they have to make, and they have the right to make those choices. However, they are not the only ones that have choices to make. Everyone has choices and they also have the right to make those choices. AND all those who have the right to make choices, have an obligation to live up to the consequences of those choices.

    • Ted Biondo

      The owners are free to close up shop too, JRM. Obama hasn’t taken that power away from businesses, YET.

      And there is a war on religion and your buddy Obama is leading it! No freedom to chose what you will provide in benefits, or how or what constitutes a religious belief because there are too many damn lawyers and too many damn liberals in Washington DC telling everybody what to do and what to think and you helped elect this jerk.

      It isn’t about the business being Catholic or Christian, it’s about what the owner’s religion, who is forced by our government to pay for murder!

      Besides it’s not just the Catholics, it’s all Christian religions or does Obama still allow any of us to say “Christ” anymore?

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    If you want God in your life and in your world and don’t have that because of the supposed “war on religion”, it is no one’s fault but your own.

    Just because someone else takes action and gets the dressings or trappings of religion out of the public domain does not mean that God has been taken out of this world.

    You have the freedom to keep God in every aspect of your life, and no one can take that away from you. God is not the things that people use to represent him, nor is he subject to the whims of those who do not believe in him.

    Just because there is no manger scene in the town square; just because every school child doesn’t stand up and pray in his/her classroom every morning; just because there are fewer people saying Merry Christmas does not mean that God has been removed from this world. All it means is that some of the ways we demonstrate that God exists are not publically visible. None of these things have been forced to disappeared from your churches, your lives, or the world.

    If the owners of Domino’s, Hobby Lobby, or any Catholic, Christian, or Religious owner decides to cut off his nose (and income) by closing his business as a result of what he believes in the “war on religion”, then he/she is not a very bright business man. If you want to keep spouting that “boogieman” platitude thinking others will believe it, that is your choice. IT JUST AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!/ But if some owners are silly enough to do it, there are many other more enlightened business owners who will quickly take their place.

    Maybe some of you religious zealots have grown so used to wearing the hairshirts, trying to be martyrs, and being treated as more special than others that you really do think you are better than others. Well, guess what! Your God created all men equal. You ain’t no better than anyone else. Get over yourselves and become part of the solution to things rather than the ones claiming they are being persecuted or are the only ones that know God’s will.

  7. I bet you lefties would be all bent out of shape if these same businesses offered Christian religious training as a “benefit” for their employees, and expensed it across the board, whether they wanted it, or not.

  8. JRM_CommonSense

    If they offer it fine! If they demand that all their employees, even those of other faiths had to take the training as a condition of continuing employment, they would have a problem. How is that for an answer to another one of your dumb, supposed situations that you think will help you prove a completely different point. The snussification of the truth continues.

  9. shawnnews

    Abortion is now considered a basic part of women’s health care.
    If there was a war on religion the religious people wouldn’t even be able to bring suit. They’d be busy sweeping up ashes of churches. To confuse criticism of religion with a persecution really does no service to people who are actually persecuted. Persecuted people don’t get legal rights like voting or their votes count less or the government makes it difficult for them to vote. Persecuted people have laws set specifically against them or their groups.
    There is no war on religion. However, people recognize that some laws have been made solely to enforce someone else’s religious beliefs. I think people are getting rid of these laws to enjoy freedom.
    I think if religious people want to try to stop provisions in the health care law, they are free as citizens to do so. They might not get their way in court but it shows that they have full access to the courts like any other citizens.
    BTW, churches can opt out of ObamaCare. They’re getting special favors because the government believes in free religion.

    • Ted Biondo

      People with religious beliefs may not show their religion in public, now government is controlling their businesses -still a war on religion. Religion doesn’t stop at the church doors, Shawnnews.

  10. shawnnews

    I get the argument that people don’t want their money going to abortions. I think bring pro-life is valid and moral. This is why we have courts to determine constitutionality — not right or wrong — on an issue.
    However I think it’s very convenient to bring up that the Democrats are making people allegedly violate their religion with including abortion coverage in policies. The same complainers are usually pro-death penalty which is another teaching the church finds a sin or at least immoral. In this way people shed crocodile tears over women’s health but pay mind to religion when they find it doesn’t suit their actual beliefs.
    Truthfully, I’m sure I do this too. I think picking and choosing the things we can follow is the only consequence of text-based religions.

  11. @ shawn: One significant difference is this, the victims of abortion have committed no crimes, have never had a trial, or any defense of any kind, just a death sentence.

    I do believe in having a death penalty for convicted murderers, but I would like to see the standards for its use further restricted. No “circumstantial” case should ever use this penalty, and there should be multiple types of physical evidence produced, including DNA.

  12. shawnnews

    Sure. I believe when death penalty proponent talk about wanting it they actually want guilty people put to death. There certainly is no deterent to crime if like in the state of Illinois we have had the wrong people on death row. I also get not wanting to pay for abortions if you believe the life cycle begins at conception or never ends.
    My point is there is no intentional war on religion if you frame an issue like the liberals do. The liberals want to expand access to women’s heatlth care. Abortion is considered part of women’s health care. So if you want to expand access to women’s health care that would include abortion.
    Liberals also don’t believe in government sponsored religion and see it as a threat to personal liberty. The current examples are — any Muslim theocracy. Any Christian African banana republic like Uganda where they want to kill homosexuals for not fitting into the book — short answer. Any Protestant or Catholic country that relegates other Christian denominations to second class citizens — Northern Ireland.
    We don’t have these problems of the government harassing entire relgions here because we don’t have a religious government. Also we don’t frame our laws to favor or discourage a specific religion and shouldn’t. But that means in the case of abortion, that if your religion is against it you might have a problem with the current law. That’s why we have courts and I’m glad religious people can take their complaints to court. But of course, since religious people have this right there is no specific war on religion.
    We also know war and the death penalty are against many people’s religions. I’m saying the only reason people are clinging to their religion now is because they don’t want to spend money or make Obama look like some sort of secular tyrant. This is pathetic since the same people now clinging to religions are sometimes all for wars and the death penalty and liberals have to pay for these with their tax money. Conservatives have been violating religion time and time again, telling people they were weak and soft if they didn’t go along with them, and others have been paying for it. Complaining now is insincere or at least inconsistent.

  13. JRM_CommonSense

    “People with religious beliefs may not show their religion in public, now government is controlling their businesses -still a war on religion. Religion doesn’t stop at the church doors”

    Let’s check this out.

    You can write your opinions about religion in any newspaper, magazine, or internet blog in this country and many other places in this world.

    You can build churchs and attend them in this country and many other places in this world.

    You can put up your manger scenes in your front yard at Christmas time, you can say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Easter”, “God Bless You”, or “Jesus Loves You” any place you want at any time and to anyone you want in any place in this country and many other places in this world.

    You can get down on your knees and pray any time you want and in any place you want in this country and many other parts of this world.

    You can carry your bible and/or quote it any time you want in any place in this country and many other places in this world.

    You can stand on any street corner in this country and preach your religion’s message or hand out fliers for you religion anytime you want in this country and many other places in this world.

    Every person has the right to promote their religion anytime and any place in this country and many other places in this world without getting arrested and/or imprisioned, just as anyone has the right to question or be critical of someone elses religion anytime and any place in this country and many other places in this world.

    So much for your “war on religion”. If there is one, there are very few, and very ineffective soldiers. Maybe it is just another boogieman under your bed.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless You! May you find peace and happiness in this world rather than worry about the boogie men.

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