19,000 Massachusetts welfare recipients – address unknown

GOPUSA reports that Massachusetts can’t account for over 19,000 welfare recipients after using taxpayer funded dollars to register more Democratic voters taken from the welfare rolls – it backfired!

Excerpt reminds us of old Elvis lyrics:

Red-faced state officials admitted last night they are trying to find as many as 19,000 missing welfare recipients — after the controversial taxpayer-funded voter registration pitches the state mailed to their addresses last summer were sent back marked “Return to sender, address unknown.”

The drive did result in 31,000 new voter registrations, mostly Democrats of course, but pointed out an alarming number of welfare recipients whose residency in Massachusetts can’t be confirmed.


“Wow,” said state Rep. Shaunna O’Connell, R-Taunton, upon hearing of the number of returned mailings.

“The fact that 19,000 of these came back undeliverable tells me DTA has no idea where these people live, obviously, and is not doing the background checks they should be doing,” O’Connell said.

“It goes to show this program is just fraught with fraud and abuse and needs a complete overhaul,” said O’Connell, who has made her name on Beacon Hill as a leading legislator for welfare reform.

The governor’s office declined to comment – really?



  1. This video relates to the issue of big government:


  2. JRM_CommonSense

    It is interesting to see that the last 4 posts on this site garnered just 1 comment each. And guess where the comment came from!

  3. That is the result of too many “low-information voters”, who drink too much Leftist kool-ade.

  4. JRM_CommonSense

    It’s probably due to the fact that there isn’t enough to keep a certain person busy in Durand.

  5. Wait, what am I missing? If they are welfare recipients, meaning they are “receiving welfare,” how can they not find them?

    • Ted Biondo

      monkey, they are sending checks to phony address – somebody., maybe the bureaucrats themselves are taking it. An official took Dixon for over $50M. I’m sure much more sophisticated urban welfare cheats would be able to abscound with a few checks from incorrect addresses, right?

  6. MA is a medium-sized state. Could one make an extrapolation of what this problem might be like on a national basis – nearly 1,000,000?

    Nothing to see here, move along

    • Ted Biondo

      You are right Terry, move along, to your homes – close the windows and lock the dorrs because truth is running loose and lurking quite close by!

  7. JRM_CommonSense

    Do the old catch the criminal trick. Stop their welfare payments and see how fast they come out of the woodwork. Pretty simple!

    If they don’t show up, you have cleared up the problem. If they do show up, you can verifiy their eligibility or put their welfare sucking a$$ in jail.

    Yhey should have to verify their eligibility each year, or get taken off the rolls.

  8. Better yet, send them a letter telling them that they may have won a 60″ HDTV, but they have to sign for it, in person. Rent a hotel conference room as the “prize center”, and verify their eligibility, or arrest them, as they arrive. The police have had great success with these operations.

  9. JRM_CommonSense

    Well, let me see! What did the Durand Denizon forget in his suggestion? They have already tried to send a letter to their addresses for the “Sign up to Vote” campaign” and they were sent back marked “Return to sender, address unknown.”

  10. So, where are they sending the checks?

  11. JRM_CommonSense

    To the addresses on file for these people, dah! didn’t you read the post?

    “after the controversial taxpayer-funded voter registration pitches the state mailed to their addresses last summer were sent back marked ‘Return to sender, address unknown.’ “

  12. JRM_CommonSense

    OR the funds are added, each month, to the recipient’s LINK card.

  13. They could always publish in in the newspaper, right next to the names and addresses of legal gun owners.

  14. JRM_CommonSense

    Another person who cannot admit that he made a mistake or dumb suggestion; so he gets snarky instead. Classic!

  15. If the addresses are no longer valid, why are they still sending checks? If they are doing direct deposits, the bank should have address records. Otherwise, void the cards.

    In any case, if they publicize the names for the TV giveaway, many of these crooks WILL show up, because they, like most criminals, are greedy.

  16. JRM_CommonSense

    LINK card addresses can be changed on line by the owner and there is no recheck of the address at that point. LINK cards are not issued by the banks and they have no responsibility for checking addresses, etc. So the money keeps flowing and the crooks keep getting it. Facts are more useful than speculation. Learn the topic before you keep spouting nonsense.

  17. Obviously, our troll is more cranky than usual today. What’s wrong, was it the billy-goats running over your bridge, keeping you awake?

  18. JRM_CommonSense

    Once again when you are incapable of discussion a point you resort to name calling and other stupid crap. Nice going again Stuart!

  19. Our local newspaper had a story about a woman that purchased 48 one-gallon bottles of milk and bragged that she was giving them to her son so he could sell them at his convience store.

    No fraud problem in the LINK card program.

  20. Yada-yada-yada. What a gormless wazzack you are.

    • Ted Biondo

      SNuss, please let’s get back to the issues about the commonwealth of Massachusetts using their taxpayers money without even checking to see if the money was recieved by 19,000 welfare recipients and weren’t even aware of it until they tried to register, at taxpayer’s expense, over 30,000 more Obama supporters. You bring up great points and don’t need to call names.

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