No good deed goes unpunished, especially if a gun is used!

As reported in the Washington Post, an 11-year-old boy was riding his bike when he ran into three unleashed pit bulls.  The dogs began attacking the boy, sinking their teeth into his stomach, legs, arms and chest.

A neighbor ran into his house, got his gun, came back outside and shot one of the dogs. A policeman on bicycle patrol, heard the shot, came upon the scene and finished off the other two dogs.

Is the neighbor a hero? Not on your life or anyone else’s life apparently! This is Washington DC with strict gun control laws and unless you are a Congressman or some bureaucratic official, who have security guards to protect them, you must stay within your property line if you want to use your gun for self-protection.


D.C. police said they are reviewing the incident and have left open the possibility that the neighbor could be charged with violating the District’s gun laws.

A police spokesman would not say whether the gun was legally registered. Even if it was, using it on a D.C. street is illegal. But David Benowitz, a defense lawyer who handles D.C. gun cases, said prosecuting such a case could be problematic because the attack appeared to have occurred near the shooter’s property line.

Assuming no jury in their right mind would find the neighbor guilty, there is still the expense of defending yourself against government “gun control” run amuck!

Talk about no good deed going unpunished!

To draw more attention to how often Americans use guns in self-defense, The Cato Institute has published this paper and created this self-defense map.




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  1. I guess that, if I was a Leftist Liberal, I would have yelled “BAD DOGS!” repeatedly, while waiting for someone else to actually do something.

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