Congress passed it, Nancy – did you find out what’s not in it?

Obamacare fines employers $2000/$3000 per employee per year when the employer doesn’t provide affordable health insurance at the workplace and the employees have to avail themselves of the state’s subsidized health insurance exchange – usually an extended Medicaid plan set up by the state.

So, after the bill was passed, Ms. Pelosi, legal experts have found something that wasn’t in it – if a state doesn’t set up a health insurance exchange, Obamacare doesn’t have provisions to mandate fines be assessed against employers for not providing insurance. Fines may be assessed only in those states that have set up an exchange.

Legal battles will ensue, wasting more tax dollars because the specifics of the bill weren’t properly vetted by the Senate in the dead of night on Christmas Eve. Four Supreme Court Justices have already commented that the provision means what it says – if states don’t set up exchanges, the fines don’t apply.

Also, there are no provisions in the Act to stop states from assessing the fines in their health insurance exchanges, not only on the companies with 50 or more employees, but may mandate that the fines apply to all companies, even those with only one employee!

The Supreme Court had to rule that Obamacare is essentially a tax, to make the Act constitutional, even though the Obama administration kept insisting that the Act wasn’t a tax, because that would break another Obama promise that no family earning under $250,000 would have their taxes raised a dime with him as president.

Consider that promise broken many times over.

Remember,  Obama promised that if you liked your current insurance, you could keep it. Provisions of the Act does not state that specifically, as many employers will be forced to drop their insurance coverage, since the primary goal of Obamacare was never to reduce costs, but was to eventually replace private health insurance as noncompetitive, with the one size fits all national government health insurance plan supported by taxpayers.

Another provision of the bill that was discovered, after it was passed, is that once a state agrees to provide a health insurance exchange, the federal government has to give the state permission for the state to opt out of the exchange if they change their mind at some future date.

Also, typical of government programs, billions will be paid initially during the implementation of “Affordable” Care Act, but after the specified number of years, the states will have to pick up costs.

Where is that money going to come from in the case of almost bankrupt Illinois with pensions and healthcare being the primary contributors to state debt? It’s going to come from both the taxpayers making over and under $250,000, that’s where it’s going to come from.

The Democratic Congress and the administration should have found out what was in the bill before they passed it, Nancy!



  1. Many of us knew what the ultimate goal of ObamaCare was (socialized medical care), and fought it, tooth and nail. But the Obamunists, and their minions, rammed it through, against the will of a majority of the American people. And now, to quote Obama’s favorite minister, “the chickens have come home to roost”.

  2. Pelosi would need pictures in the bill to understand, she’s an idiot. Dumbest Speaker in American history.

  3. Oh that big bad Nancy she made us pass healthcare for everyone in the middle of the night. Waaaaaaaaaa!

  4. I just heard you have to fill out a 60 page form to see if you qualify.
    To sign up it is 15 pages for a 3 person family.

    H&R Block may have to work all year.
    I wonder if steverino will qualify for a pacifier.

    This seems simple enough to follow


  5. “The Obama administration is planning new cuts to Medicare, a federal regulatory filing reveals, cuts that could mean higher premiums or seniors losing their coverage altogether.

    The new cuts come in the form of a planned reduction in the reimbursement rates the government pays to insurance companies that operate Medicare Advantage plans, ”


  6. Just another income redistribution scheme. People paying for their own healthcare will pay more, and millions will receive it for free. Just more welfare for the lazy.

  7. Guess what? You veterinarian’s bills are going up, thanks to ObamaCare!

    Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office

    Dog owner Lori Heiselman was surprised where her veterinarian posted a warning on Facebook.

    The notice read: “Because medical equipment and supplies will be going up in cost, that extra expense will have to passed on to the customers.”

    Why the increase? Its part of a new 2.3-percent federal excise tax on certain medical devices that just went into effect. The tax will help fund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, intended for people, not pets. Manufacturers pay the tax, but a recent survey found more than half plan to pass it along.

    Some vets say they can’t afford it. Dr. Mike Hatcher is one of them. He explained, “I’m extremely concerned how this is going to be a hidden tax to our consumers that is going to be passed on.”

    How does this work? Medical devices used only on animals are exempt. However, items including IV pumps, sterile scalpels and anesthesia equipment, which are medical devices that have a dual use, meaning they can be used on people and animals, will be taxed. Hatcher said, “Putting off an equipment purchase is something that can terribly affect our clients’ ability to have quality care.”

    The American Veterinary Medical Association represents 82,000 vets. At this point, they don’t know how much this new tax will indirectly cost them. The organizations members are waiting to hear from more device makers.

    Read more at:

  8. SNuss,

    Since you hate socialized medicine soooo much, why have you failed to fight against it for our veterans for all of the decades of your life? They all get that evil socialized medicine, ohhh noooo! My grandpa saves so much money it is so brutal! Thousands of dollars a month on his rheumatoid arthritis drugs through the VA system! The agony!

    Oh, and in regards to increased costs to get your dog some shots or spade. If it pays for medical care for AMERICAN CITIZENS, you are really gonna get mad if the price goes up 2.3% at a maximum if they pass along all of the cost? Seriously?

    It is amazing to me that you care more about the pocketbook of a woman who owns 3 yorkies than for the person sick and suffering because they do not have access to quality healthcare regardless of their circumstances.

  9. A VA benefit is a repayment for military service, and has nothing to do with civilian medical care. Also, VA treatment CAN be refused by the patient, if they wish.

    I am also sick of all the lies used to force ObamaCare through, and those are being displayed with ever-greater costs and fewer doctors participating.

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