Obama ready to kill XL pipeline for global warming advocates

According to the latest issue of the Patriot Post, deciding whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline has been one of the toughest challenges of the Obama presidency.

However, Obama may have already made up his mind to sell out the tens-of-thousands of American jobs to the left environmentalists because it has been reported that the Obama administration is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects.

Under the current National Environmental Policy Act, federally approved projects had to consider only potential impacts like dangerous spills or air pollution, not global warming.


Directing all federal agencies to take climate change into account under NEPA will transform environmental policy in this country, putting a huge new drag on the economy in the process.

NEPA allows citizens and environmental groups to file claims against projects even after they win government approval. Obama could publicly ‘approve’ Keystone, while simultaneously handing the left the tool they need to put the project on semi-permanent hold.

Environmentalists would take the political heat, while Obama would get off by blaming them for the loss of union construction jobs in America!

Canada and China have made it clear that if the U.S. doesn’t allow the pipeline to go south, across the U.S., they’ll make one that goes west to the Canadian coast.

In other words, the oil is going to be pumped out no matter which country does it and if the left thinks they are reducing carbon pollution by denying construction in the states, they must then believe that the surface air stays only over the country using the oil.

All around the world, governments are expanding their oil and gas operations. Meanwhile, thanks to technological advances, the International Energy Agency predicts the U.S. could be the world’s largest oil producer by 2017 and a net exporter by 2030 – less likely under the Obama regime.


Whatever oil we’ve denied ourselves has been made up for by development in other countries. All that we’ve done is make oil prices higher than they needed to be and denied ourselves billions of dollars that would have stayed here rather than go to the Middle East.

Only the U.S. seems to be in a self-destructive mode by denying itself and/or the world much-needed economic growth by letting oil and gas remain in the ground. We are even bad-mouthing fracking that would eventually allow our country to become energy independent of our enemies in the Mideast.

This decision by Commander in Chief Obama would reduce the security of America by continuing to make the U.S. dependent upon our enemies for energy so vital to our country’s national defense!



  1. Ted: The National Journal reports that “Democrats and Republicans alike increasingly think that Obama will approve the 1,700-mile, Alberta-to-Texas pipeline sometime this year.”

    That stuff you quote from the Patriot Post actually comes from the right-wing National Review.

    In any event, your claim in the headline that Obama is “ready to kill” the pipeline is premature at best. I’m betting any won’t kill it.

  2. Oops. I mean I’m betting he won’t kill it. My fingers slipped.

  3. If we have learned anything from Obama, he will approve it the day after the 2014 election. But I don’t think he will. No reason for him to create jobs in his last two years.

  4. The Patriot Post is all the paranoia that’s fit to print.

  5. Fact based discussions? Please Patriot Post and fact based are oxymorons. The XL pipeline is pretty much a done deal, despite what your partisan fairly tales would have us believe. Obama is a tool of the .01%, not a progressive. Even more laughable is the fact that if you were actually in favor of free market capitalism you would be angry that the pipeline is a monument to Reverse Robin Hood Socialism. Give me the power to take away private property for pennies on the dollar or free and I could be rich also. Perhaps you can explain how using eminent domain for private gain is a win for America? When you’re done with that you can also explain how not expanding a pipeline that already runs to Missouri will harm us, especially when the extension is for export purposes?

    If you want actual fact based reporting and insights I suggest you visit my blog instead: http://democraticprogressive.net

    • Ted Biondo

      Spartacus – oil on the world maket or local still helps lower the price, plus the jobs it will create HERE!

  6. We need green energy, that would be a better investment!


  7. @ Wilson: The only “green” investments, so far, have been from the Obama regime pouring our tax dollars into his supporters’ pockets, while their companies fail, sticking taxpayers with those additional bills. Check out the following site for over a dozen failed “green energy” producers, subsidized by us taxpayers.

    Can President Obama Name ONE Clean Energy Success?


  8. snuss, no green energy is a success!
    Check out that link I posted above!

    It is all in how you choose to define success, get with the program.


  9. @ wilson: Sorry, I was in a rush, and didn’t check the link.

    Actually, the “green’ program WAS successful, in paying off Obama supporters, and giving the Chinese a bargain, allowing them to buy OUR battery technology, on which we paid the R & D costs.

    See: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57566519/chinese-firm-gets-ok-to-buy-failed-u.s-battery-maker/

  10. If Obama does kill it, that oil is going to be used, it is just going to be transported thru a pipeline to the Pacific and then shipped to China amd/or it will be railed.

    Much of that rail traffic will occur on the BNSF – owned by Obama supporter Warren Buffet.

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