U.S. savings and assets could be reduced by Obama

If you think taxing Cypriot bank depositors up to 10% to pay for an EU bailout was bad, an even scarier thought is that something similar could be happening in the U.S. in the near future.

President Obama is continually trying to implement the fiscal tactics of the European Socialist governments, redistribution the wealth regardless of who earns it and making the wealthy pay their “fair share” even though the top 1% pay 37% of the total federal taxes, more than double their 16.9% of total income.

The Cyprus confiscatory policy to pay for their bailout is tailor-made for Obama who continuously wants to expand the size of U.S. government.

Fox News financial host Neil Cavuto noted,

“While no one is taxing our bank holdings, thanks to ObamaCare, they are going after some of our other assets.

Remember that 3.8 percent Medicare surtax on investment sales larger than a couple hundred grand. Surprised? The next time you try to sell your house, trust me, you’ll be hitting the roof.

I want you to think about that. A tax not on your income, earned or unearned, but your assets, what you have, what you own, your tangible assets. Homes here, bank account’s [in Cyprus]. Is there really a difference? No.”

Not only that, but the Federal Reserve continues its policy of quantitative easing, which will ultimately cause inflation, which will have the same net effect as a withdrawal or tax on your savings account.

The U.S. debt is much larger than that of every European nation that already need bailouts. The U.S. government could seize every dime of the $9.3 trillion held in banks in the U.S.

It would cover just over half of our total national debt and would only operate the Obama government for just 2.5 years.

Think about that the next time someone complains that reducing the federal budget by a mere $85B due to sequestration is draconian.



  1. JRM_CommonSense

    Time will tell guys, Time will tell.

  2. I see a lot of unsubstantiated info being passed around as fact by our troll, but no sourcing to back it up. What’s wrong, did the Daily KOS and Media Matters cut off your talking points?

  3. JRM_CommonSense

    Forgot that some people here are still reading and using materials that are a couple of years old. So, to help them catch up on current events I am giving the sources of the current events I was talking about above. Hopefully this catches them up to current times.

    New 3 year medical school programs for primary care physicians:



    New OSF Cancer Center and Roscoe and Byron clinics:



    New Rockford Ortho facility and Merger with Crystal Lake Ortho:



    Republican States change mind on forming healthcare exchanges:





    Impact of PPACA on Health Insurance Companies






  4. JRM – you said “Social security is about 5% of my income.”

    Let’s do the math on that….

    You repeatedly remind us that you paid the maximum into Social Security for over 35 years.

    Here, you said that you took the “retire at 62 option” – which would have been about 2009.

    According to this table, if you contributed the maximum into Social Security and retired at 62 in 2009, your monthly benefit should be about $1,864 this year.

    If $1,864 per month is “about 5% of (your) income”, as you say, then your annual “income” (not savings or investments) is over $447,000.

    Is it possible that you are perhaps engaging in a little bit of puffery, or are you really doing that well? Because if I was doing that well, I don’t think I’d have to specifically earmark my SS check to cover my gas bill. Nor would I likely be spending my days trolling the Register Star blogs.

    Also, when did you get a “supplement”? You made it very clear here that you were on Medicare Advantage, not a supplement.

    You’ve really got to keep your stories straight (and believable), or no one on this board is going to find you credible. I’m now beginning to rethink whether I truly believe you were able to be a starter in 4 different sports per year in high school. But, given your financial success, maybe you are indeed both a jock and an honor student.

  5. JRM_CommonSense

    You are right, it is an Advantage plan, not a supplement. But, that change is being considered because the coverage is so much better and the cost is not an issue. However, I would have to move the gas bill to some other source of income for payment. Can’t move the bottles of wine since they are automatic deductions. And the annual estimate you made is just $3000.00 different then actual. Working in California with several start-up software companies can have advantages.

    Why wouldn’t I spend some time looking at this site? It is a really good source of laughs. I don’t think “trolling” is the proper term, in spite of what Snussy thinks. It is just one of the hundreds of things he is wrong about.

  6. JRM is the 1%. Who knew?!?

    Of course you know that’s a load of crap and you’re just doubling-down, but whatever works for you.

  7. JRM_CommonSense

    And then again Jaybo, you could be wrong! No double down needed. The people that count know the truth.

  8. jaybo,

    Nice job on the math. And he’s a four sport letterman. I didn’t know I was debating Chip Hilton.


    I never knew cutting and pasting paid so well. Do you understand anything you just cut and paste or just obey orders from the mothership?

    How’s that economic growth doing under Obama? How about unemployment? In terms of post WW2 economic recoveries, just where does Obama’s recover rank?

  9. JRM_CommonSense

    Is that the best you got Terry? Typical!

  10. I’d bet on orders from the mothership. 😉 You notice that he ignored your questions.

    Back to the economy, let us hear from an expert, rather than a troll:

    Obama’s Agenda Is Destroying the Economy

    Jan 23, 2013: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., center, accompanied by fellow House Democrats, leads a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington to discuss the reintroduction of the Violence Against Women Act.(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    Jan 23, 2013: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., center, accompanied by fellow House Democrats, leads a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington to discuss the reintroduction of the Violence Against Women Act.(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    No one can accuse the Democrats of being the party of personal responsibility. Confronted with an economy that contracted in the fourth quarter, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blamed Congressional Republicans for obstructing the president’s agenda and creating uncertainty.

    In the wake of the financial collapse, the Democrats took full control of both the Congress and the presidency in 2009 and were presented with an historic opportunity to put their ideas into practice. Unfortunately, the newly elected President Obama and then-Speaker Pelosi treated the situation as a political opportunity to build a Democratic majority rather than an obligation to fix what’s broken in the economy.

    Shrewdly, President Obama cobbled together a broader Democratic coalition by delivering to women free health care services, to Hispanics amnesty for young adults, to younger folks overly generous student loans, to teachers and civil servants subsidies to protect their jobs, to labor unions a rebuke of Simpson-Bowles recommendation that the retirement age be raised, and to his political friends generous subsidies for solar panels, windmills and other whimsical projects. Meanwhile, he cut defense, raised taxes on small businesses, and imposed unproductive regulations on manufacturing.

    No surprise, the revolution of the takers has instigated a strike among the makers. Rather than be slaves — yoked under burdensome taxes, regulations and endless hectoring from the Left — small banks aren’t lending but instead are looking to sell out to the Wall Street barons who financed the President’s rise to power. Small businesses are not expanding, and multinational corporations are taking factories and jobs to China and other Asian venues where genuine enterprise and capitalism, paradoxically, is supported.

    Now, Mr. Obama’s tepid recovery is failing.

    When the President campaigned in 2008, he promised to address the huge trade deficits with China and oil, which together sap demand and slow growth and jobs creation, and address skyrocketing health care costs.

    Early in his presidency, Mr. Obama blamed China’s undervalued currency for slow U.S. growth and warned Chinese leaders if they did not cooperate to redress the situation, he could act unilaterally. Liberal economists like Paul Krugman, conservative economists like this author and moderates like the Peterson Institute’s Fred Bergsten all recommended viable courses of action.

    Sadly, the President talks tough in front of friendly audiences and to Republicans when he enjoys the high ground, but brings his kneeling pad when negotiating with Chinese leaders. He has simply done little to reverse the flow of money and jobs to the Middle Kingdom and other venues in Asia.

    In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the President punished the entire oil industry to gain political points and appease environmentalists. So much for substantially reducing the oil deficit!

    His most significant accomplishment — ObamaCare has turned into a massive subsidy for the health care industry and welfare program for working class voters he hopes to secure for the next generation. Health care costs 50 percent more than in Germany — where outcomes are better — and health insurance premiums and co-pays borne by business and the middle class keep rocketing.

    Government spending is up over a trillion dollars, the federal deficit is spinning out of control and the country faces a credit downgrade by Moody’s. Former Speaker Pelosi vilifies Republicans for not embracing the President’s “balanced”� approach, but he shows no interest in cutting spending and only passion for raising taxes on success.

    America hardly lacks the technology, capital and enterprise necessary to succeed, but unfortunately, it is led by a man hell bent on building a political majority, and with little interest in fixing what’s broke in the economy.

    Peter Morici is an economist and professor at the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, and widely published columnist.


  11. JRM,

    I left you with a choice of three serious questions, do you want to try one?

    As for my best, I don’t need it debating you. Back to the kids table – PattiPoo’s Applesauce

  12. JRM_CommonSense

    As I said to you before Terry, you really do not want to have serious discussion about your supposedly three serious questions. That is clear by how obviously slanted you have phrased them. All you want is to continue your standard approach of regurgitating all of the materials that support your “not-to-be-examined” position.

    A discussion contains an element of seeking solutions. That’s not what you like to do. You prefer to lob gernades over the wall, point fingers at what you perceive to be sinister plots to take over the government, and pretend that people who do not think like you are going to rip American society apart. Having an open mind about possiblities and possible solutions are requirements for having a discussion. That is not a possiblilty with you. That is why I don’t care to waste my time pretending that you are serious about having a discussion about anything.

    If you don’t believe that, carefully read the response you will write to this response and also carefully read the responses/rants of the other members of “The Looking at the World from the Inside of a Toiletbowl Club”.

  13. JRM,

    Still can’t answer three simple questions about Obama’s performance, which you defend.

    The simple answers are: Poorly, Horrible, and dead last.

    Thanks for playing. Chip Hilton can take his $400K in retirement income and go sip his Boone’s farm in California.

  14. Better in the bowl, than down the hole, like our one-percenter troll.

    Back to the subject, I thought this was an interesting (and accurate) use of Obama’s rhetoric against the Regime’s own failed policies:

    The debt is now over $16 trillion, having risen over $6 trillion in just four years under Obama, so, using Obama’s very own words, one could say “The problem is, is that the way Bush Obama has done it over the last eight four years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 $10 trillion for the first 42 43 presidents – #43 #44 (Obama) added $4 $6 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 $16 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 $53,119.30 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.”

    His words, just the names and accurate numbers have been inserted to reflect current information, who the president is, how much the debt is and how much each man, woman and child is now responsible for.

    Now, in 2013, with over $16 trillion in debt, Obama tells ABC News “We Don’t Have An Immediate Crisis In Terms Of Debt.”

    Source: http://wwwwakeupamericans-spree.blogspot.com/2013/03/obama-abc-interview-no-debt-crisis-no.html#.UVbomiAo61s

  15. JRM_CommonSense

    It is so easy to predict how the two of you will respond to any situation. And I hit it right on the head again. You don’t have a clue about what a discussion is. Both of your responses offer nothing of value in terms of solutions, just more ranting and repetition of rhetoric that you heard someplace else. Like a couple of whiny school girls who have no ideas about how to change anything, but they want to sound like they have something to say. They want to make sure that everyone knows that it is always someone else’s fault, and it is always someone else who is not fixing the problem. Thanks for proving my points about it being impossible to have a serious discussion with either of you. And I know you will continue to do so.



    Well, there you go again. Uttering your non-sense and attacking everyone who disagrees with you, which pretty much is the entire blog. You demand open discussion but only if it agrees with you. You are a fraud.

    As for my service, there is at least one participant on this board who can vouch for it, if he wants to.

    So let’s set the record straight, Boy! I graduated from one of the most difficult colleges both to be admitted to (less than 10% of applicants are admitted) and once accepted to graduate from (less than 75%). Anyone who graduates from this college can graduate from any college in this country. However, just because one graduated from another college does not mean they will make it through my college. Probably less than 50% could make it through, and you can pick any college you want.

    “Was I a “4 sport” athlete”? I hate to tell you, but tiddlywinks, jacks, 3-man jump rope and hopscotch do not count. Still laughing that you are hung up on your childhood accomplishments.

    I was not a 4-sport athlete. However, I was good enough to play college level football as a freshman. But I was also smart enough to know that I was never going to starting material and decided to make it through college to reach my goal of becoming a Naval Aviator instead of possibly flunking out as I focused on football. I was still good enough though to be one of the starting CB‘s on an intramural team that won 26 consecutive games and two school championships while gathering 15 interceptions. I was also good enough to play two years as the shortstop on our fast-pitch softball team and make a play that an assistant coach on the college’s baseball team was the best he had ever seen in over 30 years of coaching.

    Nope, I wasn’t a “4 sport” athlete, but I’ll guarantee you that I was better than you at any sport, except basketball. But who really cares?

    Yea, despite your denials and words otherwise, I was a Naval Aviator. Finished first in the class during advanced flight training. Once in the squadron, there are a ton of great Naval Aviators. Not to burst your bubble, I was just another damn good Naval Aviator.
    So you are filthy rich? Sure you are. And you live in Rockford?

    My God, Rockford is being blessed with an athletic Bill Gates here. You invented the internet? Nope that was Al Gore, at least according to him. The movie “Love Story” was done about you and you collect royalties? Nope that was Al and Tipper Gore, at least according to them, even though the movie was made before they were a couple.

    You have all this money and can live anywhere in the world. And you decide to bless Rockford with your mere presence. Rockford, a city that was in the 10 worst cities (# 4 I believe) in the country. And you with all your money decide to live there! It doesn’t add up LIAR BOY.

    Now why would I assume that you live in Rockford? Easy! Who but a resident of Rockford would pull story after story from the RRStar about the insurance industry love of Rockford?

    I don’t live there anymore. I spent 6 years of my life visiting or living in Rockford to protect a Mother and her two daughters from a corrupt Family Court system that included attorneys, DCFS, children counselors, judges, chief judge and a former states attorney. Most of you think he retired because of the reasons he gave. That was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    This Mom and I were followed, photographed, threatened verbally and physically. There was one physical altercation with two guys who ended up in the hospital. The end story was that they were two friends who got in a fight. Yea, right! The police would follow us just hoping for a violation.

    JRM LIAR is asking what the relevance is. The relevance is that I spent significant six figures protecting that Mom and her daughters knowing that I may not get it back or be able to write it off on taxes. And even after I left there, I protected those two girls from a sexually and physically abusive father, who was a nobody but got a “connected” attorney, until they were 18. To this day they thank me and tell me that I’m the Dad they never had.

    I doubt that you and your self-centered all about me ego ever did anything like that.
    You see JRM LIAR, you are trying to paint me as something I am not just because I disagree with you. From the tone of all your comments, your life has always been about you and always will be. Unfortunately, there is “no greater good” in you.

    But let’s do a chronological study on your life. You claim you worked on the Goldwater campaign; doubtful but that’s what you claim. Let’s assume you were between 20 – 24 when you did that. So you were born between 1940 – 1944. That means you were way too young to have served in WWII and even in Korea. And you were on Goldwater’s campaign in 1964. You could have served in Viet Nam, but my money says you didn’t, because you would have already been in the military.

    So how does one go from being a Goldwater supporter who thought enough of him to work on his campaign to be pretty much a leftist and socialist? What major event occurred in this country that would make someone change like that? I’ll give you a hint; it’s already been mentioned.

    You are absolutely correct! Viet Nam! So here is JRM LIAR’s true story.

    JRM swung far left because of Viet Nam. To remind you, it was a war not lost by the military but by the politicians as they would not give the Joint Chiefs of Staff what they needed to win the war. And these politicians were primarily democrats who controlled both the House and the Senate the entire time of the war and had the Whitehouse for the first 8 years.

    So JRM LIAR becomes a hater of the war and in turn hates those who fought in the war. From that point forward he is a democrat who despises the military. Oh but wait, JRM LIAR has “experiences with military officers!” “One would think that he would remember that because it is taught and discussed in every officer candidate training program that I have ever been in and it is discussed quite often in staff meetings and command structure reviews.”

    JRM LIAR, tell us, just how many times did you go through OCS? Usually you get one crack and either make it or you don’t. But you are talking “every.”

    My God, you are the civilian Colin Powell!! Unfortunately, JRM the numbers and your “blanket” statements tell the truth about you. You never served in the military or came anywhere close to the military except when you met ex-military during your life.

    But you keep on pretending that you are indeed Colin Powell.

    Oh and what a businessman JRM LIAR is!! He “worked with several start up software companies in California. Really?

    Let’s do the chronological math again. One can trace the computer and software explosion to the mid-1990’s. So let’s call it 1994. Our JRM LIAR BOY WONDER is now 50 – 54 years old and getting called by start-up software companies for his tech expertise. One may ask what did he do between the ages of 24 – 54 to develop this renowned tech savvy reputation. Especially, when the facts are that most computer-related breakthroughs are being developed by college kids or kids out of college who have majored in computer sciences.

    Sorry JRM LIAR, it doesn’t add up. But nice try.

    Let’s once again try a little honesty in a career. See, I’ve had a moderately successful career, but nothing that would rival your LIE. I’ve worked my up to being in charge Strategic Sourcing for a many many many many billions dollar company. Strategic Sourcing spends many many billions of dollars. And as of two days ago, I have the company’s manufacturing reporting to be on a dotted line basis. The nut of it is that I’ve been very fortunate to have great people work for me and accomplish phenomenal things. Routinely, Strategic Sourcing as a team saves the company between $ 2,000,000 – $ 400,000,000 per year due to their ability, their hard work, and their relationships with suppliers.

    Now what is really going to urine you off, is that this team enjoys working for and with me, despite my military background. You see, they are empowered and valued as professionals. We set annual plans and go after them as a team. Many have gone to my boss and told him that I am the best boss they have ever worked for. As one man who recently retired said: “I really liked working for you. You treated me fairly and with respect and kept raising the bar on me.”

    But you JRM LIAR say that I am just like the military I that I walk lockstep. Well, dam there must be a disconnect between reality and what you think.

    But as opposed to you, JRM LIAR, I don’t think that I am someone special and superior to everyone else. Nope; I’m just an everyday guy trying to make a living. I was blessed with great parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and brothers who have stuck with me every step of the way. I have been blessed with great mentors and coaches throughout my schooling and my military and business careers. I have also been blessed with great co-workers, and, more importantly, a great group of professionals who have worked for me. It is all of the above people who have allowed me to experience whatever success I’ve had.

    But not you! You are a self-made man. Every comment you make is about you, you and you.

    One more thing that I’m sure will make you piddle on yourself. This company I work is in the oil and chemical industry. I can’t wait to see your tirade on that. Plus I now get to live south of the Mason-Dixon and enjoy great weather, beaches and water.

    Bottom line, JRM LIAR. You are not a has been. Because in order to be a has been you had to have been a been. Nope, you and your story is a NEVER WAS.

    The only truth is that you are a pathetic delusional lonely old man who has squandered his life and is now trying to make himself into something he is not and never was so that when his life is extinguished people will miss him.

    Just by your many conflicting statements, you are a self-absorbed selfish person who probably is divorced and whose children want very little to do with him. I mean come on, you are filthy rich from your days in California and you move to Rockford to live out your last years.

    That says it all about you JRM. You are nothing but a LIAR. You hide on your computer all day long waiting for human interaction. Sounds a little bit like those mass murderers. For those of you who live in Rockford, you may want to have the police find JRM LIAR. He kind of fits the profile.

    JRM LIAR, you have a nice day and a great Easter. Go outside, look at the sun and enjoy what’s been created by God Almighty. Please, though, leave your guns inside.

  17. JRM_CommonSense

    And now we add number three to the list. Wow, talk about delusional. All we get is a “break-your-arm-patting-yourself-on-the-back” rant about how perfect and successful you are as a defense of your hatred of me because you think I am a liar. Pathetic and juvenile.

    In case it did not dawn on you, one might come back to Rockford to retire because it is kind of central to where our family live. Brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, and other assorted relatives and friends all over Illinois and Wisconsin. To not even come up with that as a possibility is surprising for someone that has graduated from “one of the most difficult colleges both to be admitted to (less than 10% of applicants are admitted) and once accepted to graduate from (less than 75%)”. But, why would you not spout out the name? Hmmmm! Pathetic and juvenile.

    It is really interesting that someone so smart would try to denegrate me by saying he was “Still laughing that you are hung up on your childhood accomplishments” and then proceed to write two paragraphs about your childhood atheletic “accomplishments”. Pathetic and juvenile.

    And then there is your strange habit of trying to justify your logic of calling me a LIAR by starting with that “chronological math” trick. What is really funny is that you are dead wrong on everyone of those “chronological math” tricks. And therefore you are dead wrong on the assumptions you make based on them. And what is really very funny is that you will never believe that you could be wrong. Pathetic and juvenile.

    Oh, that’s enough of this. You refuse to believe a word I say, so there is no sense wasting any more of my time talking to you. Have a nice day!

  18. O.K. JRM, let’s adjust the “math trick” to account for what you yourself have revealed about your age.

    12/25/2011 – “I know that my 65 years of life” – easily implies born in 1946, since it was said in late 2011 so you likely turned 65 that year.

    7/20/2012 – “I have read in the last 66 years” – easily implies born in 1946.

    2/27/2013 – “I have been retired for 4 years now, having taken the retire at 62 option” – easily implies born 1946, since this was said early in 2013 so you will likely turn 67 this year.

    So, NAVYFLYER guesses that you might have been born as late as 1944, and in actuality you were almost certainly born in 1946. He was off by 2 years, and you characterize his guess of your birthdate and subsequent assumptions as “dead wrong”. He guessed you were as young as 20 during the Goldwater campaign. You were 18. That’s “dead wrong”? He guessed you were as young as 50 during the earliest years of the software start-ups. You were 48. That’s “dead wrong”?

    I can almost hear the conversation at your home:

    JRM’s daughter: Dad, what year did you graduate from East High School – 1966?
    JRM: You are DEAD WRONG! How pathetic and juvenile. It was 1964.

    You are a sad, strange, little man.

    • Ted Biondo

      I have come to the conclusion that YOU are the problem, JRM. It seems that I am not the only one who interprets your replies and comments as personal attacks. You attack everyone on the blog, who has an opinion on anything that differs from yours. These commenters have taken a lot of time and pain to respond to your negative comments about them, just as I have done in the past until finally giving up.

      JRM, even when you make a good point you attack the person’s intelligence, intent, or something personal, rather than discussing the issues and everyone on this blog site knows it. Go do your business in someone else’s sandbox, and leave the commenting to those who try to convince you or others by sticking to the issues, providing links, etc. and not always personally attacking a person’s integrity when trying to make their points, even when they disagree!

  19. JRM_CommonSense

    Okay Ted. I am the problem to you and the others, because you are all of the same ilk. I raise issues about how you present positions that are based on only part of the truth, and/or your blind hatred of the President and the Democratic party. It seems to me that I am the one attacked when I raise those issues and the attacks are usually personal attacks and name calling. Go back and do some research.

    Since you guys cannot stand to be called out for incomplete or inaccurate statements, then you deserve to sit around and pat each other on the back for all the brilliant ideas you have. Hope you accomplish something by doing that. I will leave you alone in your sandbox. I just hope you don’t all get buried by the big cat of truth. Bye-Bye!

  20. JRM (Chip Hilton),

    Those three questions are still out there for you to answer. The investment genius you are, you must have some clue about recessions and economic recoveries.

    I think Ted has hit the nail on the head about the problem here and you are the common denomiator.

  21. JRM_CommonSense

    Last thought to you Terry. You are also involved in all the discussions, therefore, You are also a common demoninator. But I know you think you are the positive side of the equation and can do no wrong, make no mistakes, and have all of the right answers. If that keeps you happy, then I am happy for you.

  22. JRM, when everyone else thinks you are the problem, it is time to take a good, hard look in the mirror, and try to see yourself as others see you. If not, I suggest you post on one of the subversive Leftist blogs, where you will be lauded often for your “insightful” commentary.

    Of course, these are the same kind of people who falsely decry the TEA party as racist and violent, yet celebrate the “Occupy” rabble, who have a proven record of debauchery and untold numbers of criminal actions, including riots. Cognitive dissonance will only take you so far, before the cold, hard hand of reality slaps you across the face. If you seek civility, you must first be civil. If not, expect an in-kind response.

  23. See how else the Obama regime policies have hurt millions of Americans:

    5 Groups Of Obama Voters That Are Being Crushed By Democrats

    Hollywood, the mainstream media and the public school system are all almost entirely controlled by people and groups friendly to the Democrat Party. Yet and still, even with that almost overwhelming advantage, Democrats can’t do any better than a rough parity with the Republicans. If the tables were turned and the GOP controlled what you see on TV, in the news and what your kids are taught at school the same way the Democrats do, the Republican Party would win every presidential election and would permanently maintain unassailable majorities in Congress.

    So, why aren’t the Democrats running away with every election? Because selling Democrat policies is like Coca-Cola’s marketing team trying to sell the public on rat spit in a bottle. Since they can’t sell their product, they spend all their time convincing the public that the little Republican girls down the street selling lemonade probably spit in it when their mothers aren’t looking. Sadly, this tactic works pretty well and a lot of Democrats end up voting for people who are ruining their lives.

    Read the details at: http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2013/03/30/5-groups-of-obama-voters-that-are-being-crushed-by-democrats-n1553230/page/full/

  24. JRM (Chip Hilton),

    Last thought to me? In order to have a last thought, there had to be a first. You haven’t cleared that bar yet.

    Answer the questions!!!

  25. I want to congratulate everyone on surviving the first month of the federal sequestration. I know it has been as rough as President Obama said it was going to be, but if we hang in there the ever-giving President Obama will increase gov’t spending back to those levels that led us to a comfortable life of leisure (and trillion dollare deficits).

    Nice job suffering everyone!

  26. wilson

    “Definitive Proof that Obamacare Raises Costs and Kills Jobs

    A reader who heads an investment group came across this disclosure in a prospectus issued in connection with the recapitalization of a family-oriented restaurant chain. This isn’t a political statement, it is a legally-mandated disclosure to prospective investors, which renders the issuer liable if it isn’t true:”
    “I have the same problem with my other insurance policies. My homeowner insurance doesn’t cover the cost when my gutters need cleaning, and my car insurance doesn’t cover the cost when I need to fill the tank with gas. Instead, the policies cover only catastrophic events, like my house burning down or a major accident. Now that the Obama administration has fixed the health insurance system, I trust they will soon move on to solve these other problems.”



    In your rush to come after me, you missed two but very apparent points in what I wrote.

    1. When I was talking aobut athletic ability, I ended the point with “But who really cares?” It is a very important as it states that it really doesn’t matter to anyone as each of us have accomplishments in our lives that most other people, certainly those on this blog, do not care about.

    2. When you accused me of “… a “break-your-arm-patting-yourself-on-the-back” rant about how perfect and successful you are …” and totally ignored the entire paragraph of:
    “I don’t think that I am someone special and superior to everyone else. Nope; I’m just an everyday guy trying to make a living. I was blessed with great parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and brothers who have stuck with me every step of the way. I have been blessed with great mentors and coaches throughout my schooling and my military and business careers. I have also been blessed with great co-workers, and, more importantly, a great group of professionals who have worked for me. It is all of the above people who have allowed me to experience whatever success I’ve had.”

    But in your blind hatred of any who oppose you– just like the behavior of most dems, progressives, liberals, etc. — you rush to bully, bad-mouth and insult instead of reading or listening to the entire facts. Look at all the protests by the libs, dems, progressives over the past many years and observe how many include destruction of people, property, rape. pillage, etc. and ask yourself why they behave like that.

    The truth is they are child like bullies who either bully to get their or throw tantrums to get their way.

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