Social Security disability benefits need to be verified

According to Newsmax (3), there has been a tremendous surge in the number of Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits, something that was intended to help workers over age 50 that became physically unable to perform their job.

The disability benefits are now being used for workers under age 50, disabled spouses of deceased workers, and disabled adult children who were never able to work in the first place.

It also includes Americans diagnosed with mental impairments, and more than 30 percent of disability cases involve mental disorders, half involving mood problems.

Another factor is that less than one-half of one percent of these “disabled” individuals ever returns to work because the program lacks a simple verification of the disabled person’s current status.

Like most government programs it lacks accountability. It has also become a substitute for people who can’t find work in Obama’s recovering economy.


In 2012, 8.8 million disabled workers and 2.1 million of their dependents received disability insurance payments totaling $137 billion — an increase of 1 million new beneficiaries over three years.

In 1960, just 0.65 percent of workforce participants between the ages of 18 and 64 were receiving Social Security disability insurance payments, but now 5.6 percent get benefits, Jonah Goldberg discloses in an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times.

In 1960, there were 134 working Americans for every officially recognized disabled worker. Five decades later, the ratio is about 16 to 1.

By 2016, disability expenditures are expected to rise to $170 billion a year. And by 2018, it is projected that nearly 1 in 14 working-age Americans will be receiving disability payments, according to Pamela Villarreal, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis.

To limit these benefits to the truly needy, so the benefits do not become another source of funding for a second federal unemployment program, the United States should periodically verify that the disability for which the benefit was given to the individual is still viable. The results have been astounding in Britain.


Goldberg describes how Britain asked everyone receiving an “incapacity benefit” — similar to a disability benefit in the United States — to submit to a medical test to confirm they were in fact disabled and couldn’t work.

One-third of recipients dropped out of the program rather than be tested — nearly 900,000 people. Of those tested, 55 percent were found fit for work and one-quarter were found fit for some work.

It’s simple logic from where I sit … working.



  1. Millions more people suffer from “mental” issues, probably caused by millionaires and billionaires not treating them fairly. I know a guy that “suffers” from this and laughs all the way to the bank. (and works part-time for undeclared cash income).

  2. Who would have thought that moody people are ruining this country.

  3. I think Ted’s last sentence nailed it. It should have read: “Simple logic from where I sit. . . enjoying the fruits of a pension thanks to the military-industrial complex and grateful for Social Security and Medicare, which are perfectly fine for me, but are rife with fraud and abuse for everyone else who are just sucking off the system.”

    Keep up the great “work,” Ted.

    • Ted Biondo

      More personal attacks from the “monkey.” Nothing about the issue of waste and fraud with the Social Security disability benefits – the issue posted! That’s because it’s based on facts and deals with more government spending.

  4. Ted, it’s not always what you post, it’s how you post it. You drip with such disdain for others that aren’t like you and you fail to understand that not everyone’s personal circumstances are the same. Nor, do you seem to comprehend that in the US we are NOT all created equal and that lower-educated, lower-income, or possibly disabled, Americans can’t just simply “motivate” themselves to do better. Tackle the problem behind the SS disability program; don’t attack the people who legitimately use the program. Are you better than they are?

    By and large, Social Security and Medicare are good programs that work. Is there fraud and abuse? Of course. Any program with MILLIONS of users is going to have some fraud. That’s inherent and unavoidable but it doesn’t mean we should scrap the program. Nor should we use “fraud and abuse” as an excuse to kill a program that you apparently don’t like. Does Wal-Mart stop selling products because of shoplifting? Nope. They build it into their costs and absorb it, knowing that they’ll never root it out entirely.

    You worked for Sundstrand, right? They were guilty of systematically ripping off the US Government (the taxpayers). Right? Yet we didn’t shut down the whole company, correct?

    You’ve made comments in other posts that leads me to believe there’s some religion in our life, right? Yet, you’re very good at heaping disdain on others and judging others for circumstances that you couldn’t possibly understand. That doesn’t seem very Christian, does it? Take a breath and put yourself in someone else’s shoes; you’ll live longer.

  5. truth hurts

    Please ted liberals like monkey and JRM suffer from the “there are no standards” and “everyone must be helped the same” mentality.

    They willfully ignore the blatent waste, fraud and mismanagement of any federal, state and/or local aid and welfare programs.

    Alot has to do with tampering with their voting block, plain and simple.

    Before they cry “wheres your facts” lets look at the kidscare program in good old IL.

    As reported by the RRSTAR last year over 50 percent of those on that program are ILLEGAL aliens. That means 50 cents out of every dollar is spent on CRIMINALS.

    Now it is undeniable the liberals dont want to eliminate that waste on lawbreakers who support them over those of us who pay for it.

    We also see every year some medical doctors bilking SS and medicare millions of dollars being procecuted. But no effort to catch these people early much less punish them severely to even make a dent in it.

    If you want a local prospective just go to a currency exchange on the first and 15th of the month when welfare checks come out. Tell me how many people you see with i-phones, nice cars, hair/nails done up, and bling bling.

    Look I (and presume ted) are not saying we dont help people in need or give benefits to those who earned them.

    But to say to those who work the hours for their pay we have to support lawbreakers, cheats, and not call to task those who are supposed to police the program.

    As for monkeys “lower-educated, lower-income, or possibly disabled, Americans can’t just simply “motivate” themselves to do better” PLEASE SPARE ME.

    Why should the taxpayer who works hard, works sick, gets education, and (most importantly) PAYS THE TAXES be expected to continue to help those who have the ability to earn, work (in some way), and/or strive for better but CHOOSE NOT TO?

    Easy money is an enabler to lack of effort.
    Cut that off and see how many suddenly find the will to work.

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    I love it when these people think they have others all figured out. And yet, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Sorry truth hurts, but I do not believe in “there are no standards” and “everyone must be helped the same” mentality.

    I happen to agree that there are large amounts of waste and fraud in most government programs, not just the “give aways”. While this post rants about the “give aways”, it fails to rant about the waste and fraud in the military/industrial complex, in the tax world, and in every area where the government has to purchase something or give people money. BUT, suggest that governmental programs need to clean up their acts and put money into making sure that the taxpayers money is spent correctly, and the rants of more government oversight, regulations, and more costs rises to the top and nothing gets done. Cannot have it both ways guys. Unless the thought is cut out all these programs and there will be no waste and fraud.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    Truth hurts: On your way home tonight stop by blackhawk island and please come back and tell me again how good all those poor folks are doing living off of you as you say. People like you make me sick. Read your Bible and stop watching The liars at Fox.

    Jesus stood with the poor NOT the rich. We are Americans and in America we don’t let people starve.

    Not one time have I ever read anything from you wingnuts about Corparate welfare …which cost billions more than a food program.

    I pay taxes for crap I don’t think is fair all the time but to denie food or shelter while you give billionares tax shelters (Bahamas,Switzerland) yea thats ok….but do NOT feed a hungry person…Really..!!

  8. Trust me, Truth Hurts would be the first one lining up for government aid if something were to happen to him and his family. A catastrophic illness. A layoff. A house fire. Most of the wingnuts are all about NOT helping others until they themselves are the ones who need help. And, they’re also the ones most likely to look the other way at corporate welfare or the amazing boondoggle of the military/industrial complex. But, when it comes to helping “people,” wow, the religious right fires away. Always enjoy that hypocrisy.

    Go back and read my post Truth. I’m all for rooting out waste and fraud and abuse. And the government’s role should be giving people a “hand up” instead of a “hand out” for sure. But, what you, Ted and the wingnuts never seem to have it empathy for others who aren’t like you. Focus first on yourself.

  9. Brian Opsahl

    Well said Monkey..they call that hypocracy, do as i say not as i do.
    I have many Republican friends who hate the thought of Obama care but when they couldn’t get insurance before because of a pre-existing contition but now…they can and according to them it was comming anyway…yea right..!!

  10. The number of people on SocSec disability has nearly doubled over the past decade and yet liberals just want to keep their head in the sand and think there is no problem when the data suggest differently.

  11. truth hurts

    First JRM if you mean what you say than I will gladly give an apology for saying your not for rooting out waste and fraud.
    Does that mean you are now for (as in my specific IL example) requiring that NO ILLEGAL aliens get aid and for limiting how may children (as done in MN) a person can have on welfare?
    Those are two things that could be done on a local and national level immediately that would make a dramatic and immediate impact.
    If not than I stand my my statement.

    Monkey are you saying that someone like me who has PAID FOR these programs all though my working life (over 25+ years) is not entitles (IF THE SITUATION JUSTIFIES IT ) to the benifits?

    Tell you that monkey how long do you think you could support all those on welfare who don’t deserve it (or even those who do) if we practiced what you are preaching and did NOT put our money into the programs and kept it for our own use/investment?

    Funny when such things come up (school vouchers for example) you liberals start kicking and screaming how it is not fair we don’t all pay our fair share.

    Now to all the name callers I am a CONSERVATIVE. I don’t support anyone from any party that is not such and call anyone out who does stupid stuff (so save the bush supporter talking point).

    As for such cracks as “not like you” and “not very christian” do you really believe the bs you pump out with those points?

    Is it not like me to expect if you can work you SHOULD WORK. Even if it is hard, menial, or beneath your skill/education/whatever if it puts food on the table?

    Is it unchristian to hold people responcible for CHOICES THEY MAKE?
    Like continuing to have more kids if you cannot support the ones you have?
    Not choosing to have sex as a teenager untill you can AFFORD to have them without welfare?
    To expect welfare to be temporary (if able body)?
    To expect families NOT TO BE multi generational welfare?

    Or those who use a link card for food (which is what its for) but then buy with cash alcohol, cigarrets, have cable, Iphones (with data plans), bling bling, done up nails, ect?

    Seems to me if you have money for all that (save the occational cakes for kids talking point) then why in blazes do you deserve welfare?

    Or how about realizing the rest of us who work hard HAVE NO MORE MONEY to give to support increased welfare?

    Or how bad we are for wanting to use OUR EARNED MONEY for OUR OWN FAMILIES.

    The cold hard truth is there is MORE THAN 50% (as shown in IL kidscare alone) that is going to those who DO NOT DESERVE IT.

    How about it is not christian or right to TAKE FROM THOSE who work to give to those who dont.

    let the vitrol fly

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