“Obamacare Survival Guide,” No.1 on Times Best Seller List

Breaking news from Newsmax.com is that the book “Obamacare Survival Guide” has reached a new sales milestone being ranked Number 1 on Times Best Seller List for paperback/advice.

The new first-place ranking will appear in the April 21 issue of The New York Times Book Review.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare is the first comprehensive and easy-to-understand road map of the 2,700-page law officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The book explains that new requirements, such as the individual mandate, will start next year and offers advice on how to manage that process.

According to the Washington Times in January, the Obamacare Survival Guide was #4 on the Barnes & Noble best seller list and in February the book reached #2 on the Times Best Seller List.

Obviously, many people are concerned about surviving Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act in America. This book may even help our literacy rate by trying to help everyone survive the 2700 pages of the government takeover of 16% of the American economy, while increasing, not decreasing the cost of healthcare.



  1. The Obamaphobia Survival Guide might be a better read for you Ted.

    • Ted Biondo

      Personal attacks is all you and Adam are capable of, Steverino.

  2. Steverino needs to accept the facts: ObamaCare is severely damaging small businesses and harming their employees. See the following:

    5 Effects Obamacare Will Have on Working Americans

    1. Two-thirds of American employees’ wages will decrease as employers deal with increasing costs.

    2. Loss of existing insurance coverage.

    3. Premiums in the individual market are set to skyrocket.

    4. Full-time workers turned part-time to avoid the employer mandate.

    5. The heavy burden of 18 taxes and penalties.

    Read the details at: http://blog.heritage.org/2012/11/02/5-effects-obamacare-will-have-on-working-americans/

  3. And:

    Obamacare means fewer hours for many part-timers

    To curb the costs of insuring more workers, some companies and nonprofits are shifting people to a maximum of 28 hours a week, McGuire said. “Or they’ve joined the ’49ers’ club and are cutting the number of full-time workers to 49,” he said.

    Greg Cutchall, the restaurant company’s founder and chief executive, said he doesn’t plan to cut the hours of full-time salaried or full-time hourly workers who have been with the company for at least a year. His restaurants include Burger Star, Sonic Drive-In, Domino’s Pizza, Famous Dave’s and Paradise Bakery & Cafe.

    But going forward, he said “we’re not going to be offering part-time employees more than 28 hours a week.”

    Cutchall currently offers health insurance to about 150 office and management employees, but only 65 have opted for coverage. The monthly premium for an individual plan is $400. Depending on their position, some workers pay half the premium, others pay 25 percent, and a handful pay nothing. Employees pay any additional premiums for family members.

    Each month, Cutchall Management pays about $20,000 in insurance premiums for the 65 employees with health insurance, or $240,000 a year.

    “The worst-case scenario is next year I’m going to have to insure another 300 people,” Cutchall said. He expects to pay half the $400 premium on those plans.

    “I’ve been afraid to do the math. I’m afraid the numbers would scare me,” he said.

    If all 300 enroll, the company will pay an additional $60,000 a month, or $720,000 a year in premiums.

    “That’s a large amount of our profits,” Cutchall said. “We would have no choice but to increase our prices.”

    Read the rest at: http://www.omaha.com/article/20130210/LIVEWELL03/702109902/1161

    Just what out faltering economy needs-to go into another recession.

  4. Adam Faber

    Steverino, Ted considers any valid attack on the merits of his positions to be a personal attack. Indeed, I have asked Ted to cite where I have made a personal attack and he listed out a whole long list of instances where I have attacked — handily — his positions but couldn’t cite any actual ad hominem attack. Indeed, Ted is the one who calls readers idiots.

    Just look at this thread, Steverino. I said nothing and Ted still had to bring me into the conversation. All emotion and no substance.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Thank’s for providing a list of Companys I will no longer do any business with.
    Ted, I guess you want to go back to wiping out a family if one is to get sick. or maybe those 20% rate hikes to pay the insurance or hospital executives salary that contributes absolutly nothing to fix health care problems.

    Yea,doing nothing as the Republicans did for how many years Ted. how many years did we have double digit raises for them guys while your Republicans sat on there butts and did nothing but make it worse on us little folks…like the non negotable perscription drugs BS Bush pushed through.

    Yea,Ted the old way stunk and only the rich could afford and to the poor it was free…NOT anymore.

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    Which one are you talking about Ted? There are two books with the same name by two different authors: one by Nicholas J Tate, and the other by Bartholomew C. Okonkwo.

    • Ted Biondo

      Nicholas J Tate is the author, JRM. Sorry, My link did not take in the post. I have updated it.

  7. JRM_CommonSense

    Thanks Ted!

    Tate’s was published October 1, 2012 and I have read it.
    Okonkwo’s was published Jan 19, 2013. I will take a look at it for comparison purposes.

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