Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing bolsters Obama’s failing economy

The Federal Reserve has been distorting the economy for years by propping up the failing Obama economy, creating money out of thin air at a rate of almost 3 billion dollars a day – $85B a month with Quantitative Easing to buy treasuries and other securities.

During the last 12 months, over $1.02 trillion new dollars has been printed by the Fed’s Quantitative Easing to stimulate the economy – 1.9 million new jobs were created during that time equating to about $536,000 per job. Obviously the Fed has the securities but the economy is not improving anywhere near what was forecast or hoped for.

Bernanke says that he will continue this policy as long as the inflation remains low but he is placing the economy at risk in the long term with higher inflation and higher interest rates as the economy begins to fall under the weight of its debt.

The government is buying its own IOUs with new money it is printing at the Reserve with the hope that the economy will improve and the securities can be redeemed at market value in the future.

This is a house of cards that cannot stand. The only reason it has worked somewhat to this point is that the mainstream media, including stock analysts on CNBC keep pushing a rosy outlook.

Even when analysts criticize Europe or worry about central banks faltering, etc., they state the U.S. market is still good by comparison and investors should keep on buying stocks if they don’t want to miss out on a good thing.

Obama and Bernanke can do no wrong, according to the media, and many in the market say they need this continuous stimulus because it is good for the market and their finances of course. People, who are risk averse, have nowhere to invest but the market because the interest rates are being held at an artificially reduced rate of 0 to 1/4 percent.

These market analysts have computer triggered buy and sell programs and can rapidly sell their positions if the house of cards begins to collapse leaving people saving for retirement, for college for their kids and the retired who rely on their investments left holding the bag.

One thing is certain, this bond-buying enables Congress and the president to avoid dealing with looming fiscal problems by giving them a handy buyer for the nation’s ever increasing debt and covers up the underlying economy. It’s also risky economic policy that ties the independence of the Federal Reserve to the political gain of the Obama administration.

The Fed could have printed the trillion dollars, given 10 million people $100,000 each to spend and probably would have done just as well boosting the economy, or even better, allow the people of the U.S see that there is nothing actually holding up this economy except a bunch of printed paper!