NYC considers giving noncitizens the right to vote!

A few weeks ago I posted that the California legislature passed a bill that would make the state the first of many blue states in the nation to allow noncitizens, who are in the country legally, to serve on jury duty.

Many commenters said so what? They are here legally and if they are not citizens, “what difference, at this point, does it make” to quote our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on Benghazi.

Here is the difference that it makes – “Give a liberal an inch and they take a mile.” Now the New York City Council has just scheduled a vote for this Thursday to let noncitizens, who are legally in the country – VOTE in NYC elections!

What difference, at this point, does it make if you are a citizen or not, to be allowed to vote in American elections? What the heck is going on here? If there are enough of you out there that still care about this country, are we just going to allow this voting fraud to happen?


A City Council hearing is set Thursday on a plan to allow people who are in the country legally, but aren’t citizens, to vote. Advocates estimate that could be more than 800,000 people.

This will not be just any 800,000 people; most will probably about be Democrats, IMHO. I’m sure the reasons given for this action will be the similar to the rights given in California for noncitizens to serve on a jury. Now, we could have people on visas and green cards determining our elections before returning home, if they return home.

Will this include people vacationing in the city of New York for long periods of time? Are there no limits to what liberal progressives will be allowed to do in this country under the Obama administration?

How long will it be until “illegal” immigrants are being given the right to serve on juries and vote. Come on in, join the fun – taxpayers will pay for it – some $6.3 trillion dollars.

Will any limitation be imposed on the length of time this noncitizen voter will have to be in the country to assume their inalienable rights?


Many U.S. states once let non-citizens vote, though policies changed by the 1930s. Some Maryland cities now allow it, and the idea has been floated in New York’s City Council for years.

Supporters say immigrants who pay taxes deserve to decide who spends them. Opponents say voting should be reserved for citizens.

New York state election law prohibits immigrants from voting. But supporters argue the city has the right to set its own policies for local elections.

America has a sieve for border containment; Napolitano’s homeland security is a joke; even President Obama doesn’t enforce the immigration laws he disagrees with – so what difference, at this point, does citizenship make in this country?

What is even more disturbing is that, unlike Vegas, what happens in the liberal meccas of New York and California, do not stay in New York and California!