DOJ continues building road blocks against school vouchers

Idaho School Choice has established a statewide educational pilot program that utilizes the belief that students should master each level of content before moving to the next. Now there is an original concept we should use in all U.S. schools – it would prevent half the students graduating from high school that can’t read or do math. at a college level.


The Khan Academy is an online-based curriculum in which students watch lectures from home and attend school to do homework and gain one-on-one instruction from teachers. This “flipped classroom” approach means students needing more time to grasp a concept can take that time while students who excel aren’t held back.

The Department of Justice continues to build roadblocks where educational success has been improved with vouchers for students in failing schools, even minority students. Recently, the DOJ dictated that private and parochial schools participating in voucher programs must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Vouchers, of course, have been wildly successful in rescuing students from failing schools — which is precisely why the Obama Justice Department stepped in. Writing to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Justice Department claims complaints by “advocacy groups” of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

After 22 years of operation and with 25,000 student participants, approximately 11 percent of whom have disabilities, the state agency that oversees the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program has received a grand total of zero complaints regarding the program’s treatment of students with disabilities,” notes Patrick Wolf, the head of a national research team evaluating the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

So, where no problem was occurring, the Justice Department created one and mandated a “solution” that will burden schools with costs that will probably mean that fewer students will participate in voucher programs. That in turn leaves fewer students with access to the educational opportunities provided by the programs. The Department of Justice? For whom? Why, Obama supporters in public unions of course!