Feds post 27,000 high-paying, non-essential jobs since sequestration!

What happened to all the furloughs that were supposed to result from the forced sequestration and 100’s of billions in cuts over the next decade? Well, the government is sure on a hiring binge for lower priority jobs even with sequestration. Nothing stands in the way of making “big” government bigger.

The cuts seem to be in the areas that primarily focus on the American people, thereby adding emphasis to the plea that government needs more money to provide services.  The furloughs are in areas like White House tours, national parks, air traffic controllers and the like.

Excerpt from latter reference:

An email from one federal agency indicated that it was intentionally placing the brunt of the cuts on critical and high-profile positions instead of low-priority jobs to lend credence to the dire warnings it had proffered to Congress in a plea for more funding.

The proof the cuts are directed at the people and not big government is in the 27,000 new hires posted by the feds during sequestration – no cuts here! High paying jobs for non-essential positions are ridiculous, considering the lack of priorities for the people who foot the bill.

Since sequestration kicked in on March 4, the government has posted openings for 4,300 federal job titles to hire about 10,300 people. The median position has a salary up to $76,000, and one-fourth of positions would pay $113,000 and up, according to an analysis by The Washington Times of federal job listings.


Altogether, the jobs will pay up to $792 million per year. Including job postings that have been open since before sequestration, the government is in the market for 27,000 employees who will make up to $1.8 billion a year.

The Defense Department is recruiting 71 bartenders and 123 waiters. If they worked full-time, these employees would earn more than $3.4 million a year. Nearly half of these positions were first posted after sequestration kicked in.

Nearly 200 positions related to Army-run bowling alleys are open.

“Golf, horseback riding, swimming, bowling, arts & crafts, and sport shooting are just some of things our employees call a job!” say some advertisements for positions open to U.S. citizens and noncitizens alike. One position in Hawaii pays up to $110,000 — plus a 12 percent cost-of-living adjustment — to oversee such recreation facilities.

At the Transportation Security Administration, which said sequestration would result in widespread flight delays, 436 positions, almost all for security officers, have been posted since March 4.

TSA also is hiring for quality assurance, logistics management, information technology and program analyst roles. Each of these jobs can pay more than $137,000 a year.

This Administration is simultaneously warning that sequestration would force furloughing and/or laying off U.S. Customs and the Border patrol, civilian Defense employees and even food inspectors, while posting 27,000 lower priority jobs that only pertain to government.