Teacher violates student’s rights of free speech and religion

It’s not as if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems, now the president of the Howell Education Association, Jay McDowell, a progressive economics teacher, kicked a student out of class after the teen made a comment against homosexuality during the high school anti-bullying day.

The student simply said that being gay was against his beliefs and the teaching of his religion and he could not condone the behavior. The teacher said his speech was a form of bullying and asked the student to leave the classroom or face suspension.


Daniel Glowacki told economics teacher Johnson “Jay” McDowell   during the Oct. 20, 2010, anti-bullying observation at Howell High School that “his religion does not accept homosexuality and that he could not condone that behavior,” according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Glowacki in federal court in Detroit.

Glowacki’s statement followed a question from McDowell on whether the student “supported” or “accepted gays.”

The judge must be in good standing with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice because even though he found in the student’s favor, he ordered the teacher to pay a whole $1 for violating the student’s free speech rights in the classroom.

Excerpt from the chief counsel for the student:

“The purpose of our lawsuit was to protect students’ constitutional rights to free speech, defend religious liberty and stop public schools from becoming indoctrination centers for the homosexual agenda,” said Richard Thompson, Thomas More’s president and chief counsel.

Many schools and especially post-secondary educators are using their authority in the classroom to indoctrinate rather than present all sides of controversial issues.



  1. Student Charged After Refusing To Remove NRA Shirt

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A West Virginia student was charged with causing a disruption at a middle school when he refused to remove a T-shirt that displayed the National Rifle Association’s logo and hunting rifle.

    Jared Marcum, 14, said the shirt did not violate Logan Middle School’s dress code policy.

    “I was surprised. It shocked me that the school didn’t know their own dress code and their own policy. I figured they would have known not to call me out on that shirt because there was nothing wrong with it,” Marcum said in a telephone interview.

    Marcum’s stepfather, Allen Lardieri, said the youth was waiting in line in the school cafeteria Thursday when a teacher ordered the eighth-grader to remove the T-shirt or to turn it inside out.

    Marcum said was sent to the office where he again refused the order.

    “When the police came, I was still talking and telling them that this was wrong, that they cannot do this, it’s not against any school policy. The officer, he told me to sit down and be quiet. I said, `No, I’m exercising my right to free speech.’ I said it calmly,” he said.

    Police charged him with disrupting an educational process and obstructing an officer, he said.

    “The only disturbance was caused by the teacher. He raised his voice,” he said.

    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/21/student-nra-shirt_n_3128715.html

  2. See more example of 1st Amendment violations by schools at: http://www.splc.org/wordpress/?cat=4

  3. To me, it’s all a ruse. Public education is failing. Rockford ranks in the BOTTOM 5% of all school districts in Illinois (schooldigger.com ranks all districts based on standardized math and english scores), yet nobody around here talks about that?

    Instead, the media focuses our attention on nonsense like “pop-tart” guns, or inoffensive t-shirts, or a 5 year old bringing a cap gun onto the school bus. I believe it’s called diversion. Instead of having hundreds of parents angry over the public schools failure, we divert their attention by violating a single kids civil rights.

    Far-fetched? Absolutely! But in this age of “Obamaphones” even the far-fetched must be considered.

  4. Steverino

    Sort of like the Kerry supporters being arrested at a Bush rally.

    • Ted Biondo

      No Steverino – they were violating Bush’s right of free speech. If they would have worn a t-shirt and kept their mouth shut, allowing Bush to exercise his First Amendment rights – there wouldn’t have been a problem. The left are the one’s who thwart discourse! There is no freedom of speech if they disagree with it.

  5. More violations……

    Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights

    A Tennessee community college professor ordered her students to wear ribbons supporting gay rights and said those who believed in the traditional definition of marriage are just “uneducated bigots” who “attack homosexuals with hate,” according to a legal firm representing several of the students in the class.

    students in a general psychology class at Columbia State Community College were directed by their professor to wear “Rainbow Coalition” ribbons for an entire day and express their support for the homosexual community, said Travis Barham, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

    Barham is calling for the college to punish Dr. Linda Brunton and order her to apologize to the students whose constitutional rights he believes were violated, according to a letter he sent to the community college president.

    “Dr. Brunton essentially turned her General Psychology class into a semester-long clinic on the demands of the homosexual movement,” Barham said.

    Read more at: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/professor-orders-students-to-support-gay-rights.html

    • Ted Biondo

      Secularism and secularist views of these teachers and professors are a religion and the courts have ruled you can’t mix the two or is that only Christian religions?

  6. @ steverino: How many times have conservative speakers been prevented from presenting their views, due to Leftist threats and other disruptive acts?

    Campus Leftists Don’t Believe in Free Speech
    Conservative speakers now have bodyguards when they visit universities.


    I arrived in Austin, Texas, one evening recently to give a speech about academic freedom at the university there. Entering the hall where I was to give my speech, I was greeted — if that’s the word — by a raucous protest organized by a professor and self-styled Bolshevik, Dana Cloud. Forty protesters hoisted placards high in the air and robotically chanted “Down With Horowitz,” “Racist Go Home,” and “No More Witch-hunts.”

    Fortunately, a spokesperson for the administration was present to threaten the disrupters with arrest if they continued on this course. (The threat was administered very carefully, with three formal warnings before any action could be taken.) This quieted the crowd enough that I could begin my talk, which proceeded without further serious incident.

    Even so, there were occasional heckles and demonstrative cheers from the group when I mentioned the name of Sami Al-Arian ( whose organization, Palestine Islamic Jihad, is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 innocent victims in the Middle East), Black Panther Huey Newton (convicted of killing an Oakland police officer in 1967, although he was eventually released on a technicality), or when I uttered the word “communist” — even though I did so to remind the audience that communists killed 120 million people in the last century trying to implement Marx’s ideas.

    Among the organizations participating in these outbursts were the International Socialist Organization, whose goal is the establishment of a “dictatorship of the proletariat” in the United States; Iranians for Peace and Justice, supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas; and Campus Progress, the unofficial college arm of the Democratic Party.

    One of the local members of Campus Progress had written a column in the campus newspaper attacking me in advance of my talk, and defending Sami Al-Arian as a victim of political persecution. The conservative students who invited me to the University of Texas told me that organizations such as the Muslim Students Association routinely join with College Democrats in protests against the state of Israel.

    At the end of the evening, Prof. Cloud stepped up to the microphone to ask a question, which was actually a little speech. Even though the protocol for such occasions restricts audience participants from making their own speeches, I did her the courtesy she tried to deny me by letting her talk.

    She presented herself as a devoted teacher and mother who was obviously harmless. Then she accused me of being a McCarthyite menace. Disregarding the facts I had laid out in my talk — that I have publicly defended the right of University of Colorado’s radical professor Ward Churchill to hold reprehensible views and not be fired for them, and that I supported the leftist dean of the law school at UC Irvine when his appointment was withdrawn for political reasons — she accused me of whipping up a “witch-hunting hysteria” that made her and her faculty comrades feel threatened.

    When Ms. Cloud finished, I pointed out that organizing mobs to scream epithets at invited speakers fit the category of “McCarthyite” a lot more snugly than my support for a pluralism of views in university classrooms. I gestured toward the armed officers in the room — the university had assigned six or seven to keep the peace — and introduced my own bodyguard, who regularly accompanies other conservative speakers when they visit universities. In the past, I felt uncomfortable about taking protection to a college campus until a series of physical attacks at universities persuaded me that such precautions were necessary. (When I spoke at the University of Texas two years ago, Ms. Cloud and her disciples had to be removed by the police in order for the talk to proceed.)

    I don’t know of a single leftist speaker among the thousands who visit campuses every term who has been obstructed or attacked by conservative students, who are too decent and too tolerant to do that. The entire evening in Texas reminded me of the late Orianna Fallaci’s observation that what we are facing in the post-9/11 world is not a “clash of civilizations,” but a clash of civilization versus barbarism.

    Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124000847769030489.html

  7. On a related note……

    Pew: Liberals most intolerant online

    It’s a well-known fact that liberals are more tolerant than conservatives or moderates. Superior liberal tolerance is such a fact that they will scream at you if you dare to disagree or debate them, demand that your advertisers bail on you, and pressure the FCC to get you banned from the airwaves. Does that sound like tolerance to you? A new survey from Pew confirms that liberals are the least tolerant of differing opinions, at least on line (emphasis mine):

    Read more at: http://hotair.com/archives/2012/03/13/pew-liberals-most-intolerant-on-line/

    Sounds a lot like Patti-Poo, on Applesauce, doesn’t it?

  8. “The left are the one’s who thwart discourse! There is no freedom of speech if they disagree with it.”

    And yet you still have a blog.

    “Sounds a lot like Patti-Poo, on Applesauce, doesn’t it?”

    Snuss your act on pats blog before you got banned was a joke. You just went there to troll. I come here and disagree with just about everything Ted says. But I don’t disrespect his house. You showed no respect for Pats house and were asked to leave. How long you going to cry about it?

    You have to give the right credit. They wait till after to spew there hate.

    “Preceding the president’s speech to a gathering of House Democrats, thousands of protesters descended around the Capitol to protest the passage of health care reform. The gathering quickly turned into abusive heckling, as members of Congress passing through Longworth House office building were subjected to epithets and even mild physical abuse.

    A staffer for Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told reporters that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) had been spat on by a protestor. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a hero of the civil rights movement, was called a ‘ni–er.’ And Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was called a “faggot,” as protestors shouted at him with deliberately lisp-y screams. Frank, approached in the halls after the president’s speech, shrugged off the incident.”

    Or how about Joe Wilson? You know congressman Joe Wilson who couldn’t help but yell out during an Obama speech. Does it get worse then calling the president a liar while he gives a speech to congress? Has that ever happened to a republican president?

    Or how about the daily caller reporter that had a question that couldn’t wait for obama to finish speaking?

    But ya the left are the only ones that violate free speech. And when they do violate free speech it is always those on the right they violate. We won’t talk about the code pink lady, or lane hudson, or the group of black folks that went after obama.

    • Ted Biondo

      Joe, show me the video of the man being spat upon or the hecklers saying those terrible things. That falsehood has never surfaced with proof or facts, yet you use it here. Prove it or leave it out of the argument. There must have been some IRS or NSA people around. How come I haven’t seen it on the national news media. That would have been shown over and over again if it had happened.

      BTW Joe, the president is at least a hypocrite, if not an outright liar and I know the people on this blog can prove that!

  9. Even if the accounts were accurate, the severity pales in comparison to the physical manifistation of the Left’s vitriol.

  10. Marcus

    It’s nice to see that Ted supports “present[ing] all sides of controversial issues.”

    • Ted Biondo

      Marcus, many professors and teachers are forcing their liberal views on these students in the classroom. There are other teachers who let the students debate both sides of the issues. Academic Freedom doesn’t just apply to the educators – it also applies to the students in their classrooms. The educators who force their political ideology on the students without allowing differing views should be fired. That is both sides of the issue, Marcus!

  11. Some legal clarification….

    In Tinker v Des Moines (393 US 503 [1969]), the Supreme Court ruled that students wearing black arm bands to protest the Vietnam War could not be forced to remove the arm bands by school officials. As written in Tinker, “It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”

    Finally, the Supreme Court has recognized the importance of the free flow of ideas in schools: “The classroom is peculiarly the ‘marketplace of ideas.’ The Nation’s future depends upon leaders trained through wide exposure to that robust exchange of ideas.” (Keyishian v Board of Regents [385 US 589 {1967}]).


    Under the First Amendment, schools may not implement speech codes that are overly broad or vague.

    Some recent “anti-bullying codes” fall into this category. As the Pennsylvania case of Saxe v. State College Area School District demonstrates, schools may not create speech codes that forbid all offensive or hurtful language.7 As the Supreme Court has pointed out, one of the foundational principles of the First Amendment is that “the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable.”8

    In essence, this means student speech that expresses ideas about values, morality, religion, or politics may not be restricted without some clear evidence that such speech interferes with the rights of another.

    Read more at: http://www.firstamendmentschools.org/freedoms/faq.aspx?id=12995

  12. Ted you have youtube? The video is there. Did the man spit on him on purpose? Only he knows. Hard to deny the man was spit on. Either way I don’t need it to make my point. I gave more then one example. You made the claim the left are the one’s who thwart discourse. It was easily proven both sides lack manners and respect for the other side.

    “BTW Joe, the president is at least a hypocrite, if not an outright liar and I know the people on this blog can prove that!”

    Not sure why you threw this fun tid bit in. Do you see me on your blog defending obama? I think my last post that include obamas name was one were i said flat out that I don’t like him. As far as him being a hypocrite. You expected something different out of a politician? Of course he is. It isn’t a field honest people go into. What bugs me about the whole system is when people start thinking one side is all about being honest and the other side is all about lying. If a politicians lips are moving their is a good chance he is lying about something.

  13. wilson

    Joe, provide a link, funny that no one has claimed the 100,000.00 reward for proof.
    I watched it I heard only kill the bill and also saw no one intentionally spitting on anyone.
    Do I have the wrong video?

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