Teacher violates student’s rights of free speech and religion

It’s not as if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems, now the president of the Howell Education Association, Jay McDowell, a progressive economics teacher, kicked a student out of class after the teen made a comment against homosexuality during the high school anti-bullying day.

The student simply said that being gay was against his beliefs and the teaching of his religion and he could not condone the behavior. The teacher said his speech was a form of bullying and asked the student to leave the classroom or face suspension.


Daniel Glowacki told economics teacher Johnson “Jay” McDowell   during the Oct. 20, 2010, anti-bullying observation at Howell High School that “his religion does not accept homosexuality and that he could not condone that behavior,” according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Glowacki in federal court in Detroit.

Glowacki’s statement followed a question from McDowell on whether the student “supported” or “accepted gays.”

The judge must be in good standing with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice because even though he found in the student’s favor, he ordered the teacher to pay a whole $1 for violating the student’s free speech rights in the classroom.

Excerpt from the chief counsel for the student:

“The purpose of our lawsuit was to protect students’ constitutional rights to free speech, defend religious liberty and stop public schools from becoming indoctrination centers for the homosexual agenda,” said Richard Thompson, Thomas More’s president and chief counsel.

Many schools and especially post-secondary educators are using their authority in the classroom to indoctrinate rather than present all sides of controversial issues.