Americans need to take back control from politicians and bureaucrats

The blame for bigger government and more control over our lives belongs on both sides of the aisle. However, Obama is doubling the size of government in a shorter period of time, than Bush or any of the others, Republican or Democrat; giving the government and the bureaucrats the power to take my freedom to make choices for myself, confiscating what I earned over the last 45 years and distributing it to someone who has not even tried to be a success in many cases.

However, that being said, the government system is TOO big. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, politically or otherwise – even if you believe all the flawed testimony in the House hearings – “I don’t know, I have no idea who did that, it’s not my fault, etc., etc.”

Just because Republicans did the same thing as Obama, doesn’t justify this president’s actions. Two wrongs do not make a right. Americans need to cut the size of government, on both sides, to regain control from these self-serving politicians and non-elected bureaucrats.

The bureaucrats are making the rules, the laws and we didn’t even elect them – the EPA, the IRS, the FDA, etc. They are bureaucrats and they have more power than our elected congressmen and women. We need to stop them. So, if anyone is for bigger government, more rules and regulations over our lives, I’m against them and will work to vote them out of office, regardless if they are Republican or Democrat!



  1. Adam Faber

    Ted, this rings completely hollow. You have repeatedly advocated for using the government as a weapon to take away people’s freedom to make their own decisions and you want to impose your version of “morality” on everyone through enactment of laws that restrict freedom. Further, even at the local level, you engage in hyper-partisan politics. You even wrote a post about the effects restructuring the county board had on the Republican majority. To now claim that you oppose “more rules and regulations over out lives” regardless of party contravenes everything you have previously advocated.

  2. There is a day every year called “Cost of Government Day”. It represents the day the all taxes and the cost of regulatory compliance are paid for by the American worker. In 2012, this day occurred on July 15th – more than 1/2 way thru the year. It costs more than 1/2 of our GDP, that is over $8 trillion. And one wonders why the economy doesn’t grow faster?


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